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Anybody watched K-On?
Im more of a music fan than an anime fan, but i really liked this clip, and wondered if it was worth watching? Is there a dub thats any good?


For context the only anime ive watched front to back is Cowboy Bebop, and i enjoyed that


cant really say you'll like it or not, but give it a try. i hate to be the guy who's like "subs are better", but the sub is probably better and less annoying. if you can't pay attention to subs though (not judging), i think k-on has a dub. it's an alright anime but it's not amazing.


It's not on any of my anime streaming sites, or at least searching for "K-ON" doesn't yield any results. I was going to watch a couple episodes and give you some feedback. How did you discover it?


If you're not annoyed by the cute girls doing cute things genre I'd say give it a watch.


I use twist.moe for when I stream. https://twist.moe/a/k-on/1


oh man, this anime always brings me back. was my first. have since pretty much grown out of the genre but will never forget how great it was watching it for the first time. i'd recommend you do

i'd recommend torrenting anime instead of streaming it. better viewing experience overall. nyaa is a great place to find these, here's a link for k-on:


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not even once

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