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tfw no waifu
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What's up everybody? I'm Negi Springfield. It's nice to meet you all. Without sounding too crazy, I would have to guess that you've probably seen me somewhere. I used to post on 4chan's /a/ and /x/ boards. Still go to /x/, even though I haven't been to /a/ in a good while. That's where I first started using the name Negi and found a lot of people enjoyed the manga Negima. Since then I've been all over the internet and made a bunch of friends and acquaintances. I've posted on small imageboards too. Tohnochan, Uboachan, 789chan, 7chan, and Wizardchan all were at some time an off and on haunt of mine. I also have been active on Encyclopedia Dramatica's forums. Youtube was another place I put time into. I'm very happy I found this place though. I have quite the collection of Mahou Sensei Negima images and want to give you guys some of them. Hope you find something you like.




Nice to meet you, i hope you enjoy it here. Whats that anime about?


7Chan brings back memories. I remember splitting off from there with some friends and moving to 711Chan.


>What's the anime about?
The first anime followed a similar plot to the manga. That was made by Xebec studios. The second anime was made more in the style of another manga created by another author. The second one was slightly better because it had a better animation budget. What stuck out for me in the first anime was the OP and ED. It will always have a special place in my heart for that reason. The plot wasn't all that good for either one. Without nostalgia goggles it's pretty bad on both counts. That's why the manga is what I remember most fondly. Also the previous work of Akamatsu-sensei…Love Hina.


7chan is part of my internet history, even though I didn't post there really. I forgot to mention that. As for 711chan…it was a nice place. Can't forget 420chan either. I always saw 711 as the stoner snack spot for 420chan.


I see the Marvelous Interactive logo on one of those screenshots. Did they make it into a video game also?


Maaaybe…I forgot to mention that. I didn't play it though. There were several though. One for Gameboy Advance and I forgot which one the others were on.

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