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Any fans of Marvel's Netflix series?


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I liked the first season of daredevil and the first half of season 2.

Other than that I'll stick with the DC shows (other than supergirl, obviously [spoiler]although I did like the musical crossover[/spoiler].


I watched Supergirl for a very short amount of time, mostly to see her legs.

They lengthened the skirt and changed the ethnicity of characters to virtue signal and I started losing interest.

I watched Jessica Jones for the first season. It wasn't good. Way too many episodes or way too boring writing. Pick one. I didn't watch Daredevil but heard good things about it. Iron Fist was so bad I couldn't even force myself to watch the full season.


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>I liked the first season of daredevil and the first half of season 2.


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>Astonishing X-men #1

>Marvel: July 19, 2017 Writer: Charles Soule Art: Jim Cheung Cover: Jim Cheung

>Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 75960608731000111 Diamond ID: MAY170806 GCIN: 973194

>ONLY THE X-MEN CAN SAVE US! An ancient evil is attacking the world's most powerful minds. It will have them by the time you finish this sentence, and a moment later, it will have us all. A band of X-MEN discovers the truth behind the threat, but there is no time left. PSYLOCKE, OLD MAN LOGAN, BISHOP, ARCHANGEL, FANTOMEX, ROGUE and GAMBIT will attempt to save a world that hates and fears them. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE X-MEN. From blockbuster writer CHARLES SOULE and joined by a roster of superstar artists beginning with JIM CHEUNG. ASTONISHING X-MEN. It's the X-book you need. Rated T+
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>Batman 66 Meets The Legion Of Super Heroes #1

>DC Comics: July 19, 2017 Writer: Lee Allred Art: Michael Allred Cover: Michael Allred

>Cover Price: $3.99 Diamond ID: MAY170289 GCIN: 972951

>In pursuit of the time-traveling criminal known as Universo, the super-powered kids from the 30th century travel back to the 1960s to enlist the aid of the 'greatest teen superhero ever' - Robin, the Boy Wonder! But Batman's hard-boiled nemesis Egghead has stolen one of their unattended time bubbles and taken off to the Legion's own time period. Looks like Batman has to head to the far-flung future with one group of heroes while Robin stays in the swinging sixties with another. Holy time-travel paradox!


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>Aquaman #26

>DC Comics: July 19, 2017 Writer: Dan Abnett Art: Stjepan Sejic Cover: Stjepan Sejic

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76194134183502611 Diamond ID: MAY170203 GCIN: 972993

>'UNDERWORLD' part two! Enraged by rumors of Arthur's survival in the slums of Atlantis, the ruthless King Rath orders the use of ancient Atlantean techno-magic to track down the Aquaman at all costs! But the ex-king Arthur can't hide for long when his fate collides with that of a mysterious young woman on the run from Rath's own secret police. Her name: Dolphin.


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>James Bond Kill Chain #1

>Dynamite Entertainment: July 19, 2017 Writer: Andy Diggle Art: Luca Casalanguida Cover: Greg Smallwood

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 72513026017801011 Diamond ID: MAY171413 GCIN: 973224

>When a counterespionage operation in Rotterdam goes catastrophically wrong, James Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of a plot to smash NATO. Someone is assassinating allied agents, and 007 is the next target in the kill chain. Having kept the peace for decades, the old alliance is collapsing, pitting MI6 against its former ally - the CIA! Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents the return of writer Andy Diggle (James Bond: Hammerhead, The Losers, Green Arrow: Year One) and artist Luca Casalanguida (James Bond: Hammerhead) as they plot the return of James Bond's oldest and deadliest foe: SMERSH!


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File: 1500507641960-1.jpg (690.87 KB, 1031x1716, 701634_sist….jpg)

Image has been shilling Moonstruck pretty hard lately. The first 6 pages or so have been in the back of a few of their comics, and I think it was also printed in the Previews catalog. I didn't like it. I think it's aimed at fat lonely girls to be honest. You can read the preview here - http://www.comicbookcritic.net/moonstruck-1-ellis-beagle-image/

If anyone liked the show Sons of Anarchy they might want to check out Sisters of Sorrow. Same people working on the book that worked on that TV show.

Nothing much for me this week. Just Courier #4.


Zenescope Entertainment: July 19, 2017 Writer: Ralph Tedesco Cover: Drew Edward Johnson

Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 65334102354400411 Diamond ID: APR172217 GCIN: 971036

After a daring escape Eve and Franklin are on the run from the Specters but with a bad tire, they don't know how far they'll get. Eve must think quickly in order to save their lives and comes up with a bold but extremely dangerous idea to lure some Primals into the mix as a distraction.


File: 1500554092548.jpg (52.4 KB, 460x460, 13582639140….jpg)


>I think it's aimed at fat lonely girls to be honest

That was my initial impression as well

File: 1491176565871.jpg (352.34 KB, 900x1384, FQ-Cv1-ds-c….jpg)


Future Quest


Picked up the trade; it's on my 'to read' pile


wheres race

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Has anyone on /co/ watched Cybersix? All the episodes are on youtube now, it's well worth it. One of my favorite cartoons growing up.

Essentially cyber nazi vampires with surreal Batman Beyond-esque imagery.


I've never even heard of it. Did it ever air on television. That screenshot also has a bit of Gargoyles flair to it.


Aired on cartoon Network and 4kids

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Marvel… oh Marvel… you are a dirty bitch.

So this Marvel Legacy line that they have been hyping for the last few months, promising fans that they are going to give us what we want, isn't what anyone wanted.

52 new books, 48 of them will be continuations of the current characters. Yes, you read that right, Amadeus Cho is no longer the Super Amazing Hulk, but will become The Incredible Hulk. The same goes for all the other characters fans were hoping would be replaced with the originals. Riri Williams is still the star of Invincible Iron Man, etc.

Apparently all that art they've been showing with the classic characters is just cover art.

RIP all hopes and dreams.


File: 1499542812580.jpg (50.79 KB, 250x387, nu52.jpg)

>52 new books
Where have I heard this before?

File: 1498691669257.jpg (577.69 KB, 769x1114, paper dolls.jpg)


It's Wednesday!

Check out all the new books (distributed by Diamond Distributors) that released today @ http://comicslist.com


File: 1498691811811.jpg (225.75 KB, 1200x1823, eleanor.jpg)

The only thing I grabbed that actually released today is Eleanor and the Egret #3.

Below is everything else I got today.

Reborn #6 (of 6) Cvr A Capullo (MR)

Gft Day of The Dead #5 (of 6) Cvr A Pantalena

Courier #3 (of 5) Cvr A Capprotti

Stained #2 (of 5) Cvr A Morris

Cannibal #6 (MR)

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Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1

>Marvel Comics

>(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Adam Kubert

>Spider-Man Returns To The Friendly Neighborhood! The webslinging, wallcrawling wonder returns to New York City in the all-new Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man. A companion series to the best-selling Amazing Spider-Man series, Peter Parker is going back-to-basics for big heroics in the Big Apple. Featuring adversaries old and new, be there as Spider-Man returns to his friendly neighborhood for his never ending battle against crime and the dreaded "Parker Luck."
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File: 1497974474337.jpg (119.26 KB, 500x759, 195850_1106….jpg)

Crosswind #1

>Image Comics

>(W) Gail Simone (A/CA) Cat Staggs

>Fan-favorite creators Gail Simone and Cat Staggs make their stunning Image debut with this mind-bending new ongoing series! A slick and ruthless Chicago hitman. A smart but downtrodden Seattle housewife. When an inexplicable event strikes these two random strangers, their bodies, souls, and lives are switched to potentially deadly effect. It's Freaky Friday meets Goodfellas! Mature Readers.


File: 1497974593859.jpg (109.6 KB, 500x759, 195850_1106….jpg)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #11

>IDW Publishing

>(W) Rich Douek (A) Aaron Conley (CA) Freddie Williams II

>Man Ray and Sally Pride journey to New Jersey to investigate rumors of a mysterious monster… who happens to be new mutant Dreadmon!


File: 1497982216882.jpg (171.58 KB, 500x769, 195850_1107….jpg)

Superman #25

>DC Comics

>(W) Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason (A) Doug Mahnke & Various (CA) Ryan Sook

>"Black Dawn" part six! The extra-sized finale to "Black Dawn" reveals the villain tearing the Super-Family apart and destroying everything the Man of Steel holds dear!


I feel like there should be a dead pool no pun intended for books like this that marvel comes out with. They keep cancelling them SO fast, and I know this one isn't gonna stick around.

Although I will say that hulk wolverine thing looks pretty cool


I'm in. Every book published by Marvel will get 6 issues and then canceled.

Of course we would have to keep track of the books they are playing games with. Like bringing back Venom but starting with #150.


Apparently Adam West was in an episode of Powerless before he died. Which begs the question: Was this show so bad it killed him?


File: 1497790430567.jpg (40.21 KB, 640x480, 683616.jpg)

In my medical opinion: yes


File: 1497829747361.gif (2.52 MB, 480x360, 345544.gif)



File: 1497669362120-0.png (172.46 KB, 661x690, comic-sales….png)

File: 1497669362120-1.jpg (138.77 KB, 872x869, comic-sales….jpg)

File: 1497669362120-2.jpg (153.18 KB, 869x853, comic-sales….jpg)

File: 1497669362120-3.png (66.99 KB, 800x463, may-2017-do….png)

File: 1497669362120-4.png (68.17 KB, 800x463, may-2017-un….png)


It's the time of month where we go back in time and look at the sales for last month.

Marvel brought in the most dollars. Even though it seems like nearly everyone hated The Secret Empire, the first book still sold more than anything else. Will be interesting to see if it goes down in the following months.

Looking at the charts, Marvel's strategy of releasing a bunch of books with #1 on the cover is working. Marvel had 6 books in the top 10, DC had 3, and Image had 1. To battle the barrage of first issues from Marvel, DC was able to stay in the Top Ten with their Batman/Flash crossover event "The Button". The power of Watchmen is strong in 2017. Images only book in the top ten was The Walking Dead, coming in at #10.

The other publishers don't even show up until IDW lands a spot at 95 with Neil Gaiman's American Gods issue 3.

Check out the data attached. It's got some interesting, exciting, and disappointing information.

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File: 1497658618847-1.jpg (98.21 KB, 600x944, 4316694.jpg)


I only got two book this week that were just released, but I did pick up a haul of older books also.

For the new ones I got Black Cloud #3, and Rose #3. I've posted their synopsis here before, but if you want to learn more here are some links.



Now to list the big haul.

Youngblood Vol 1 Issues 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

What The ~~!? Issue 23

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File: 1497658787978.jpg (29.91 KB, 500x375, futurama-fr….jpg)

Was supposed to be a reply to >>775

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