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File: 1476208727032.jpg (430.13 KB, 1800x2768, 1.jpg)


Just read Moonshine. Holy shit was it good. I really like the art, especially in the wooded areas, where Risso (Artist) does a fantastic job of knowing what to emphasize, and what blends into the background.

I don't think I can do it much justice, so here is a link and intro to a review.


When a comic company gives you the opportunity to read a new series by a team who won multiple awards with their last big project together, you bite their hand off. The comic in question that won all the awards was 100 Bullets, this comic I’m about to review is Moonshine by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.


This was a great first issue, the art was very evocative of classic film noir and sepia toned photographs. Plot wise this feels like a mix between Boardwalk Empire and Deliverance as written by Raymond Chandler. Looking forward to the next issue


File: 1481588217472.jpg (2.17 MB, 1987x3056, Moonshine 0….jpg)

Issue #2 left me wanting more; #3 comes out on Wednesday


File: 1481588302981-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 1987x3056, Moonshine 0….jpg)

File: 1481588302982-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.57 MB, 1987x3056, Moonshine 0….jpg)

File: 1481588302982-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1987x3056, Moonshine 0….jpg)

File: 1481588302982-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1987x3056, Moonshine 0….jpg)


File: 1481589614417-0.jpg (35.44 KB, 427x640, 1582287_xl.jpg)

File: 1481589614417-1.png (70.28 KB, 585x900, Moonshine_0….png)

There are two covers for 3. I like them both, but the one with the empty bottle looks really neat to me.

File: 1481508414809.jpg (818.88 KB, 1800x1200, MarvelLogo4….jpg)


Publisher sales for November.





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that was formatted a lot better before it was submitted.


File: 1481510346629.png (78.82 KB, 250x250, 13633644319….png)


>Dark Horse getting BTFO by Image and IDW


File: 1481510539591.jpg (1.79 MB, 1988x3056, Detective C….jpg)


When they say Batman's super power is money, they're actually talking about the monthly sales figures


Perhaps Batman is simply a way of brainwashing people that Capitalism works and no matter how bad it gets the top 1% will take care of things.


File: 1481512256317.png (5.07 KB, 148x50, RelativelyT….png)

I believe it

The Christopher Nolan movies are a good example of this

Also Superman is a metaphor for Jews in America

File: 1481288138239-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1988x3056, Justice Lea….jpg)

File: 1481288138239-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1988x3056, Justice Lea….jpg)

File: 1481288138239-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1988x3056, Justice Lea….jpg)


Villains coming out of the woodwork as a rogue AI has placed a huge bounty on the JL's heads

File: 1481052939560.jpg (187.48 KB, 972x1515, actioncomic….jpg)


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File: 1481057324310.jpg (167.71 KB, 975x1500, 690369_b603….jpg)

>Reggie And Me #1

>Archie Comic Publications: December 7, 2016 Writer: Tom DeFalco Art: Sandy Jarrell Cover: Sandy Jarrell

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76281647449810011 Diamond ID: OCT161179 GCIN: 962204

>There is no one more loved, revered, admired and adored in Riverdale than? Reggie Mantle? Well, at least Reggie doesn't think there's anyone as loved and admired as himself. And his best friend can back that idea up-his best friend, of course, being his dog, Vader. The unstoppable duo is known around town for pulling the funniest pranks, getting the hottest dates and throwing the best parties. And if anyone even dares to compete with them, there is going to be hell to pay. Come take a look at the life of your hero, the handsome, hilarious Reggie Mantle.


File: 1481057466024.jpg (48.38 KB, 400x610, aug160999.jpg)


>Star Wars Poe Dameron TPB Vol. 01 Black Squadron

>Poe Dameron, former Republic flyer turned Resistance fighter, is the best pilot in the galaxy. Hand-picked for the resistance by General Leia Organa to lead a squadron on a top-secret and vital mission, Poe sets off to investigate sites of historical importance to the Force - revealing backstory leading directly into The Force Awakens!

>Follow Poe and his X-Wing squadron on covert missions against the First Order, brought to you by writer Charles Soule (STAR WARS: LANDO, DAREDEVIL) and artist Phil Noto (STAR WARS: CHEWBACCA, BLACK WIDOW)!

>Rated T


File: 1481057592561.jpg (52.06 KB, 400x600, jun160339.jpg)

>Flash by Mark Waid TPB Book 01

>In 1990, Mark Waid's legendary writing career began when he scripted his first issue of THE FLASH. Waid would continue to work on Wally West for nearly a decade, building a world that would keep the character running for years.

>In this first volume of a new series, Young Wally West is quickly in danger-not only from The Flash's enemies, but from powers that he doesn't know how to control!


File: 1481166647089.jpg (404.15 KB, 1335x524, IMG_2016120….jpg)

I picked up a book or two.


>new marvel comics

Have fun getting woke.

File: 1480554318992.gif (50.79 KB, 348x246, 13722067583….gif)


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File: 1480563373820.jpg (437.42 KB, 1345x1800, 690245_d72a….jpg)

Direct Currents #1

DC Comics: November 30, 2016 Cover: Jason Fabok

Diamond ID: OCT160289 GCIN: 961996

Direct Currents is the new, FREE quarterly magazine that brings you into the world of DC with exclusive sneak peeks of every title-starting with the top-secret Justice League/Suicide Squad crossover event coming in December! Plus: Get a first look at the all-new SUPER SONS series starring the offspring of Superman and Batman, and new info on the second wave of Rebirth titles!


File: 1480563430887.jpg (182 KB, 776x1200, 688604_a132….jpg)

Tales From The Crypt #1

Papercutz: November 30, 2016 Writer: Gerry Conway Art: Robert Hack

Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 04301604219001 Diamond ID: AUG161840 GCIN: 960607

Presenting a Trio of Terror Tales inspired by the Root of All Evil-Money! This issue's main attraction is 'Opening Fright,' in which we discovered Alexander Hamilton was literally turning over in his grave regarding a particular award-winning, Hip-Hop Broadway musical. That's right - Alexander Hamilton has risen from the grave! Plus: An evil landlord intends to maximize the profit potential on his property in New York City's Financial District in a mad get-richer-quicker scheme in 'Fi-Die Another Day,' and doesn't everyone want to make a big killing in the stock market? One Broker hopes to do just that in 'Maul Street'!


File: 1480563477381.jpg (248.1 KB, 976x1500, 689069_29dc….jpg)

Seven To Eternity #3

Image: November 30, 2016 Writer: Rick Remender Art: Jerome Opena Cover: Jerome Opena

Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 70985302225100311 Diamond ID: SEP160751 GCIN: 960845

The last Mosak charge headlong into battle against the Mud King and his terrifying guardian, the Piper. Will Adam join the fight, even though the Mosak were the cause of his family's downfall?


File: 1480563531305.jpg (318.04 KB, 1186x1800, 689033_6b2c….jpg)

Batman Annual #1

DC Comics: November 30, 2016 Writer: Tom King Art: David Finch Cover: David Finch

Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 76194134835300111 Diamond ID: SEP160231 GCIN: 960791

'SILENT NIGHT'! A hush of winter snowfall has fallen over Gotham City?but a quiet night in this place is never truly quiet. Batman and his allies-and his many foes-stalk the streets in this icy showcase of top talent.


File: 1480563612086.jpg (400.65 KB, 1186x1800, 689231_06b4….jpg)

Mask Mobile Armored Strike Kommand #1

IDW: November 30, 2016 Writer: Brandon Easton Art: Tony Vargas Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards

Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 82771401190600111 Diamond ID: SEP160411 GCIN: 961052

Launching from the events of REVOLUTION! The M.A.S.K. team streaks into a dangerous, unstable landscape of dark wars, high intrigue and non-stop action where they'll encounter the nearly unstoppable threat of Miles Mayhem and his black ops squadron known as V.E.N.O.M. How will an untested Matt Trakker lead M.A.S.K. through a complex new world order where nothing is what it seems? Join writer Brandon Easton (Marvel's Agent Carter), artist Tony Vargas (Rot and Ruin) and cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards for an exciting 21st century spin on the classic series where 'illusion is the ultimate weapon!' Part of the new Hasbro shared universe torn from the pages of Revolution! Featuring variant covers by Sonny Liew (Dr. Fate) and Paul Pope! Special back-up material in every issue written by Tommy Lee Edwards!

File: 1481148197829-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)

File: 1481148197829-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)

File: 1481148197829-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.25 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)

File: 1481148197829-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)


In this months issue:

>The SJW Avengers vs. radical Islam

>Muh third wave feminism
>Hulk gets some action
>dat cliff hanger


So, aside from being overhanded, and unfortunately I saw Nova in there (just bought Issue #1 of the Marvel NOW Nova), I have a question.

Why is Hulk being Hulk while making out with someone? Is that Bruce Banner (I assume not)? Is dat a permanent Hulk?

Marvel has to really get out of this SJW funk if they want sales to increase. Pandering is worse than not having diversity.


File: 1481166352742.jpg (3.43 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)


>Why is Hulk being Hulk while making out with someone?

Because they were playing truth or dare in costume, 'natch

>Is that Bruce Banner (I assume not)?

It is not! This new Hulk is Amadeus Cho, young hip Asian genius teenager and former sidekick to Banner as well as Hercules


File: 1481166469926.jpg (1.63 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)

This series has that 'written by a middle aged man trying to emulate youth culture poorly' vibe.



ok. So are all the characters teenager versions of established characters?

I am assuming Spider-Man is Miles Morales. You said Hulk is some chink. Define the others in that last page.


File: 1481172023594.jpg (1.79 MB, 1988x3056, Champions 0….jpg)


Robot girl is Vision's teenage daughter and tumblrina

Ms. Marvel is a Muslim and afaik Nova is just a white male shitlord

File: 1481148899730-0.jpg (1.28 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1481148899730-1.jpg (4.31 MB, 3976x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1481148899730-2.jpg (2.03 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)


hell yeah motherfucker


File: 1481149355191.jpg (2.08 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

>emoji doomsday cult


File: 1481171028181-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.64 MB, 3976x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1481171028181-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1481171028181-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.88 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1481171028181-3.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.68 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1481171028181-4.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 1988x3056, Predator vs….jpg)

File: 1480379826424.png (1.44 MB, 1335x596, Untitled.png)


We didn't have a new release thread this week (probably because of thanksgiving), but attached are my gets.

MPH - this book collects the whole series by Mark Millar.

Chew Vol 2 - Chew just released issue #60, which is the final issue. It's about a detective that can see peoples past by eating them, so when there is an unsolved murder, he eats the victim to gain insight into their death. I really liked the first 6 issues.

Monstress Vol 1 - Monstress has been talked about a lot, and it topped Amazons list of the best comics in 2016. I wanted to pick it up earlier in the year and never got around to it.

Lady Killer issues #1-3 - Josie Schuller is a picture-perfect homemaker, wife, and mother—but she’s also a ruthless, efficient killer for hire! Heard some really good things about this series, so decided I would buy the first 3 issues and check it out.

Frostbite #3 - Even though I dislike that art in this comic, the story is very intriguing. I've posted here about it a few times, so I wont bore you guys with the details.


I need to get caught up on Chew; I only have the first trade


The series has just ended, so I've decided to get back into it. I don't really know why I stopped, I thought it was a perfect book. Just enough "bat-shit crazy" premise balanced with rules of the world.

File: 1480134304912.jpg (63.16 KB, 433x600, superman2-d….jpg)


If you haven't seen this version of the movie, you are cheating yourself. Far superior to the theatrical release.

For those that don't know, there was some craziness involved with Superman II, which caused the director to be removed from the project after shooting 70% of the film. Another director was brought in that made the movie much sillier. It's an interesting story, and amazing that the studio let Richard Donnor come back 20 years later to finish his movie.


File: 1479787389664.png (213.24 KB, 670x420, 2016.png)


Amazon has announced their list of the best comics and graphic novels of 2016. They have Monstress at number one, and then the rest aren't really ranked.

>Our editors' number one pick: “Monstress Volume 1: Awakening” by Marjorie Liu. See the top 20 in best-selling order below.

I haven't read any of the books on the list. If anyone has read one of them, a review would be great. Monstress has been one of those I always look at, but never pulled the trigger on.

List is here - https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=as_li_ss_tl?rh=n:283155,n:!2334088011,n:!2334119011,n:10207069011,n:10207117011

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