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File: 1504825386495.jpg (172.87 KB, 777x738, d7n5lYj.jpg)


Any other comics accurately predict the future?

Judge Dredd is still going strong.


File: 1504829908430.jpg (68.08 KB, 525x263, x-towers.jpg)

X-Men predicted 9/11


File: 1504842145949-0.jpg (79.37 KB, 535x468, 35016.jpg)

File: 1504842145949-1.jpg (10.59 KB, 366x244, 35017.jpg)

File: 1504842145949-2.jpg (71.74 KB, 292x443, MarvelTeam-….jpg)

Marvel Team-Up #60 released the week of the Manhattan blackout

File: 1504049510857.jpg (283.65 KB, 1200x1821, 702551_9e9b….jpg)


>Go Go Power Rangers #2

>Boom! Studios: August 30, 2017 Writer: Ryan Parrott Art: Dan Mora Cover: Dan Mora

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 84428400637800211 Diamond ID: JUN171318 GCIN: 974484

>The team explores the added everyday benefits-and drawbacks-of being a teenager with Morphin powers, while Rita concocts a plan to uncover the Rangers true identities!


File: 1504049623913.jpg (406.84 KB, 1200x1857, 702555_4955….jpg)

>Trumps Titans #1

>Keenspot Entertainment: August 30, 2017 Writer: John Barron Art: John Miller Cover: Bill Blankenship

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 70712974103500111 Diamond ID: JUN171740 GCIN: 974488

>Enter an alternate reality just slightly to the right of our own, where President Donald J. Trump is not only the most powerful man in the world, but the most powerful being in the universe! Newcomer comic creator John Barron, who is most definitely not Donald Trump (he wishes!), invites you into this 'alt-right' universe where amazing technology lost since the Reagan administration is re-discovered after a raid of the White House's secret science lab. What happens next is terrific, tremendous and big league huge, believe me!


File: 1504049731279.jpg (322.68 KB, 1186x1800, 702684_9aa1….jpg)

>Darkseid Special #1

>DC Comics: August 30, 2017 Writer: Mark Evanier Art: Scott Kolins Cover: Chris Burnham

>Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 76194135202200111 Diamond ID: JUN170374 GCIN: 974663

>Mark Evanier, longtime Kirby associate and biographer (Kirby: King of Comics), tells a tale starring one of Jack's greatest villains. The latest daring escape from the orphanage of Granny Goodness leaves an infuriated Darkseid determined to capture and punish the escapees. The Lord of Apokolips puts his best hunter on the case, but one of Granny's students is unlike anyone he's encountered before. Plus, an untold tale of Omac by Humphries and Rude and a classic Kirby Fourth World tale!


File: 1504049784625.jpg (495.87 KB, 1186x1800, 702685_a054….jpg)

>Black Racer & Shilo Norman Special #1

>DC Comics: August 30, 2017 Writer: Reginald Hudlin Art: Denys Cowan Cover: Denys Cowan

>Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 76194135201500111 Diamond ID: JUN170375 GCIN: 974664

>Shilo Norman has taken up the mantle of Mister Miracle, following the example of Scott Free by cheating death on a daily basis. But when he pushes himself to the limit, the Black Racer comes calling. Now Shilo is literally running from death itself and a cosmic chase leads both target and hunter across the universe. Also featuring a Fourth-World era reprint!


File: 1504049961807.jpg (174.45 KB, 600x911, 708148_secr….jpg)

>Secret Empire #10

>Marvel: August 30, 2017 Writer: Nick Spencer Art: Steve McNiven Cover: Mark Brooks

>Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 75960608662701011 Diamond ID: JUN170877 GCIN: 974569

>Can there be any redemption for Captain America as the SECRET EMPIRE starts to crumble? Rated T+

File: 1503360091235-0.jpg (343.97 KB, 1186x1800, 702695_254d….jpg)

File: 1503360091235-1.jpg (252.18 KB, 1149x1800, 702696_55db….jpg)

File: 1503360091235-2.jpg (225.26 KB, 1000x1518, 710546_gene….jpg)

File: 1503360091235-3.jpg (257.23 KB, 1186x1800, 702697_3381….jpg)

File: 1503360091235-4.jpg (232.21 KB, 990x1503, 710547_gene….jpg)


>Generations Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor #1

>Marvel: August 23, 2017 Writer: Jason Aaron Art: Mahmud A. Asrar Cover: Mahmud A. Asrar

>Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 75960608711200111 Diamond ID: JUN170842 GCIN: 974677

>HER HAMMER, HIS AX: A WORTHY APOCALYPSE. When a battle goes south, Thor finds herself in ancient Egypt - facing a young Odinson! A misguided party of Vikings has bitten off way more than they can spear. But when the prince of Asgard answers their cries for help, he ends up in a fight no axe alone can win! And Apocalypse is not one for mercy. Can a not-yet-worthy god and a time-lost hero take on one of the world's most powerful mutants at the height of his empire? And what does their encounter mean for the future of two Thors? Rated T+


File: 1503360295123.jpg (309.07 KB, 1186x1800, 702716_4ce0….jpg)

>Nightwing The New Order #1

>DC Comics: August 23, 2017 Writer: Kyle Higgins Art: Trevor McCarthy Cover: Trevor McCarthy

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76194133987000111 Diamond ID: JUN170338 GCIN: 974708

>NIGHTWING: THE NEW ORDER is the story of a future world without 'weapons'-where superpowers have been eliminated and outlawed. The man responsible? None other than Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, now leader of a government task force called the Crusaders who are charged with hunting the remaining Supers. But when events transpire which turn the Crusaders' aim toward Grayson's own family, the former Boy Wonder must turn against the very system he helped create, with help from the very people he's been hunting for years-the last metahumans of the DC Universe. Don't miss this bold new vision from the team behind the New York Times bestseller BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM!


File: 1503360487829-0.jpg (353.4 KB, 1140x1800, 702730_b8bc….jpg)

File: 1503360487829-1.jpg (488.89 KB, 1031x1566, 710550_pete….jpg)

>Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man #3

>Marvel: August 23, 2017 Writer: Chip Zdarsky Art: Adam Kubert Cover: Adam Kubert

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 75960608672600311 Diamond ID: JUN170924 GCIN: 974728

>Spider-Man and the Human Torch are following a trail of terrifying tech, and the trail takes them to? WILSON FISK?! The former Kingpin of Crime is still quite a force to be reckoned with?but what is HIS connection to all this? Rated T


File: 1503360664079-0.jpg (150.69 KB, 988x1500, 707640_secr….jpg)

File: 1503360664079-1.jpg (275.48 KB, 1186x1800, 702765_df1b….jpg)

File: 1503360664079-2.jpg (232.58 KB, 990x1503, 710422_secr….jpg)

File: 1503360664079-3.jpg (161.83 KB, 1186x1800, 702764_2d5f….jpg)

File: 1503360664079-4.jpg (332.92 KB, 1186x1800, 702763_d1c4….jpg)

>Secret Empire #9

>Marvel: August 23, 2017 Writer: Nick Spencer Art: Leinil Francis Yu Cover: Mark Brooks

>Cover Price: $4.99 UPC: 75960608662700911 Diamond ID: JUN170871 GCIN: 974772

>UNITED WE STAND - against the SECRET EMPIRE! Rated T+


File: 1503360774187.jpg (169.28 KB, 1185x1800, 702691_2f0c….jpg)

>Hard Place #1

>Image: August 23, 2017 Writer: Doug Wagner Art: Nic Rummel Cover: Brian Stelfreeze

>Cover Price: $3.99 Diamond ID: JUN170668 GCIN: 974673

>After five years in prison, AJ Gurney, a legendary wheelman in Detroit, has decided it's time to go straight. He returns home to work in his father's garage and disappear into anonymity. But during a visit to the bank, AJ is recognized by two violent bank robbers, and they demand AJ be their getaway driver. To ensure his compliance, they take a young female hostage; unfortunately, she happens to be the daughter of a Russian crime lord. AJ now finds himself pursued by a bitter police department and hunted by every asset of the Russian mob. Without a doubt, he's in a very hard place.

File: 1502986133381-0.jpg (55.7 KB, 984x518, jetson1.jpg)

File: 1502986133381-1.jpg (52.1 KB, 864x511, jetson2.jpg)


DC is rebooting The Jetsons. Look at that new design for Rosie the Robot! Vavavoom!

Then look at the other image and learn that Rosie now has a back story. She's Rosemary, George Jetson's mother… wowza!

Also seems like there will be a climate change explanation for why humans can't live at sea level anymore. :/


If it's anything like the flintstones, I have high hopes for this series.


I didn't read the Flintstones, but I heard good things. Checked out a preview and I was actually turned off by the amount of "adult" humor they put into it.

File: 1502973409579-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1988x3056, Superman (2….jpg)

File: 1502973409579-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1988x3056, Superman (2….jpg)


Looks like being a parent has given a new vulnerability to Supes; letting Parallax possess his body in order to save children


Wouldn't the logical solution be to call in the White Lantern Corps?


File: 1502983314212.jpg (36.43 KB, 498x280, banky.jpg)

What series is this from? I want to know who the inker is, because I don't like him/her. You aren't supposed to trace over every single pencil line. It looks like someone sketched in permanent marker, and the colorist was forced to work around it.


File: 1502995078987.jpg (955.18 KB, 1400x700, White-Lante….jpg)


Newest issue of Superman


Is there an entire corps now? I'm out of the loop on GL canon

File: 1502229407305-0.jpg (209.17 KB, 680x1050, 8492dac4ad8….jpg)

File: 1502229407305-1.jpg (212.8 KB, 680x1020, d98d1a03912….jpg)


My new favorite comic character.

Not a single issue has been published yet, but there is something promising to the art.


Nice bountiful plot


The tits are nice but that's a really awful costume


Patriotika kinda makes it sound like she's from the USSR


File: 1500763895831.png (487.93 KB, 480x853, 20246444_13….png)


ITT: Extreme 90's
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File: 1500942617263.jpg (485.88 KB, 1648x2466, 709158_edge….jpg)

A contemporary example


File: 1500961662638.jpg (141.28 KB, 600x607, bloodpouch.jpg)

You forgot "I don't need a jetpack. All I need is hate."


File: 1501026787108-0.jpeg (517.31 KB, 600x900, captain-am….jpeg)

File: 1501026787108-1.jpg (49.54 KB, 420x637, deadpool.jpg)

File: 1501026787108-2.jpg (50.56 KB, 420x643, youngblood.jpg)

The Extreme Era was so potent it had Marvel and DC both trying to create comics to match the art Liefeld made popular. Check out Armored Captain America.

People also forget that Deadpool was a product of the extreme era. Long before he was a cartoony, skinny sock puppet looking dude he was the Merc with the Mouth. Yeah, they still call him that, but he actually used to look like a mercenary.


File: 1501080886944.jpg (51.48 KB, 480x361, 20374354_13….jpg)


File: 1501896185780.jpg (224.04 KB, 400x608, 6a00d834515….jpg)

File: 1501544774698.jpg (828.13 KB, 3352x5089, 709450_gene….jpg)


So I guess this Marvel Legacy thing starts this week?

>BRUCE BANNER. AMADEUS CHO. Both have carried the curse of the Hulk. Now they come face-to-face at last - but will they meet as friends or foes? Fan-favorite Hulk scribe GREG PAK is joined by red-hot artist MATTEO BUFFAGNI (X-MEN BLUE) for a time-bending tale that will finally answer the question on everyone's minds: WHO IS THE STRONGEST ONE THERE IS?


File: 1501547584521.jpg (50.03 KB, 444x526, 13713464949….jpg)

>It’s not a rebooting of continuity, or a relaunching of series > a RETURN to the shared universe storytelling and rich, icon-building world of the MARVEL UNIVERSE.

so there's an official difference between a reboot, relaunch, and return?


File: 1501550901034.jpeg (28.91 KB, 406x350, fooled.jpeg)


A reboot is a new story, origin, and direction.

A relaunch is when something comes back but starts from the origin story again.

A return means, "we are bringing back the characters you want but they are going to be injected into the current stories you hate. HA HA. gib shekkels"


A reboot is when they start over completely, often changing things and almost always making it worse.

A relaunch is when they go back to #1 and slap NEW! on it.

A return is what they call it when 'Rebirth' is already taken


File: 1501641210466.jpg (30.4 KB, 195x369, I WANT TO B….jpg)


File: 1501352982891.png (246.14 KB, 693x1539, dcb.png)


These are the comics that are in my shipment arriving on 8/01.


File: 1501353251074.jpg (233.46 KB, 1200x1821, 698518_9329….jpg)

Good to see people supporting indie books

Also interested in picking up pic related

File: 1500909947329-0.jpg (395.18 KB, 1200x1821, 701264_0267….jpg)

File: 1500909947329-1.jpg (226.58 KB, 1200x1821, 701266_c636….jpg)

File: 1500909947329-2.jpg (322.36 KB, 1200x1821, 701265_78aa….jpg)

File: 1500909947329-3.jpg (401.97 KB, 1200x1821, 701267_a6ca….jpg)


>Go Go Power Rangers #1

>Boom! Studios: July 26, 2017 Writer: Ryan Parrott Art: Dan Mora Cover: Dan Mora

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 84428400637801011 Diamond ID: MAY171212 GCIN: 973608

>The untold, personal story of what happens to Jason, Kim, Trini, Zack, and Billy following in the days after they first became Power Rangers. Fighting evil is hard, but surviving high school may be even harder-welcome to real life in Angel Grove.
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File: 1500942578405.jpg (261.67 KB, 1186x1800, 701255_2688….jpg)

>Edge Of Venomverse #3

>Marvel: July 26, 2017 Writer: Matthew Rosenberg Art: Roland Boschi Cover: Francesco Mattina

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 75960608738900311 Diamond ID: MAY170845 GCIN: 973598

>THE SYMBIOTIC SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE! Robbie Reyes was just an average, ordinary super hero with a flaming skull? ?right up until he found himself bonded with a dangerous extraterrestrial symbiote! Don't miss the first daring drive of the HOST RIDER! Rated T+


File: 1500961482938.jpg (75.6 KB, 864x1311, negative fl….jpg)


>Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON • Art and cover by CARMINE DI GIANDOMENICO • Variant cover by HOWARD PORTER

>“NEGATIVE” part one! It’s a bleak new day as the citizens of Central City meet Negative-Flash! He’s got a terrible attitude and volatile powers that leave a wake of destruction wherever he goes. Exactly the kind of person you’d want The Flash to put behind bars. There’s just one problem: he is The Flash! Can Barry Allen get his new powers under control before they kill him?

>On sale AUGUST 9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


I see these posts each week. Does anyone actually buy the comics that get posted?


I'm pretty sure people just post comics from their pull.


I am poster >>846 and those are books I will get at the end of the month. All my books come in one shipment at the end of the month (get them cheap this way) but I post each week because that's more fun than not participating.

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