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File: 1513691317471-1.jpg (245.3 KB, 915x1388, 718013_dark-nights-metal-4….jpg)

File: 1513691317471-2.jpg (753.74 KB, 2246x3496, 718014_dark-nights-metal-4….jpg)

File: 1513691317471-3.jpg (326.82 KB, 914x1388, 718015_dark-nights-metal-4….jpg)

Dark Nights: Metal #4

>DC Comics: December 13, 2017 Writer: Scott Snyder Art: Greg Capullo Cover: Greg Capullo

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76194134892600411 Diamond ID: SEP170248 GCIN: 983054

>The Justice League has been broken and scattered to the far corners of the DCU, each member forced to face their worst fears alone?and the fears are winning. When an unlikely ally reveals a glimmer of hope, they must seize their chance, or risk their window of opportunity closing for good!


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File: 1513691592340-1.jpg (744.53 KB, 2750x4175, 718049_marvel-two-in-one-1….jpg)

File: 1513691592340-2.jpg (318.66 KB, 990x1503, 718048_marvel-two-in-one-1….jpg)

Marvel Two-in-one #1

>Marvel: December 13, 2017 Writer: Chip Zdarsky Art: Jim Cheung Cover: Jim Cheung

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 75960608816400111 Diamond ID: OCT170834 GCIN: 984063

>The Fate of the Four Part 1 THE FOUR ARE NO MORE, SO TWO MUST DO! Something is very wrong with THE HUMAN TORCH and only THE THING can help him! It's the Marvel Universe reunion you've all been waiting for (well, HALF of it, at least!). Plus: What monumental secret has DOOM been hiding since the end of SECRET WARS, and how will it completely change the lives of Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm? PLUS: Includes 3 bonus MARVEL PRIMER PAGES! Rated T


File: 1513691675770.jpg (1.65 MB, 1200x1822, 712688_7f700549cf987fadb65….jpg)

Venom #159

>Marvel: December 20, 2017 Writer: Mike Costa Art: Gerardo Sandoval Cover: Gerardo Sandoval

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 75960608626915911 Diamond ID: OCT170882 GCIN: 984121

>VENOM INC. Part 3 Venom Inc. is weaving its tendrils through New York's criminal underworld, and Maniac's got himself a cadre of symbiotically subdued, super-powered lieutenants–and they're all bearing down on Spider-Man! But Venom is in no shape to provide an assist for his unlikely ally? Rated T


File: 1513691918368.jpg (2.47 MB, 1200x1847, 712815_c846530f3f671f4a91a….jpg)

Hellboy Krampusnacht #1

>Dark Horse: December 20, 2017 Writer: Mike Mignola Art: Adam Hughes Cover: Adam Hughes

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76156800220100111 Diamond ID: OCT170021 GCIN: 984291

>The only thing more exciting than pitting Hellboy against this Satanic spin on Santa is the team-up of Mike Mignola and Adam Hughes.


File: 1513705974003-0.jpg (3.37 MB, 1186x1800, 712675_43aaeca2c08666c4502….jpg)

File: 1513705974003-1.jpg (242.09 KB, 1000x1519, 718008_superman-37-variant….jpg)

Superman #37

>DC Comics: December 20, 2017 Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Art: Doug Mahnke Cover: Patrick Gleason

>Cover Price: $2.99 UPC: 76194134192703711 Diamond ID: OCT170312 GCIN: 984101

>'SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW' part one! The four-part crossover between Superman, the Super Sons and the Teen Titans starts here! The Batman of Tomorrow travels to the present to prevent a cataclysmic disaster before it happens, revealing that Superboy will soon be responsible for the death of millions. But Superman will do anything to protect his son… and the Batman of Tomorrow is unwavering in his resolve to take down the Boy of Steel. Don't miss a clash of titanic proportion in the opening chapter of this game-changing story! RATED T


File: 1513706048082-0.jpg (288.64 KB, 1000x1518, 718011_super-sons-11.jpg)

File: 1513706048082-1.jpg (258.33 KB, 1000x1537, 718012_super-sons-11-varia….jpg)


Super Sons #11

>DC Comics: December 20, 2017 Writer: Peter J. Tomasi Art: Brian Ching Cover: Jorge Jimenez

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 76194134460701111 Diamond ID: OCT170314 GCIN: 984144

>'SUPER SONS OF TOMORROW' part two! The Super Sons are on the run after discovering Superboy's dark destiny. Will Robin be able to protect his friend from the Batman of Tomorrow? RATED T


File: 1513706178420-0.jpg (3.89 MB, 1200x1821, 712836_24f537455c465aaf088….jpg)

File: 1513706178420-1.jpg (2.67 MB, 1200x1822, 712837_b3f0bf223fa01d6d829….jpg)

File: 1513706178420-2.jpg (2.96 MB, 1200x1821, 712838_d1d53b9789402ea43cf….jpg)

X-men Grand Design #1

>Marvel: December 20, 2017 Writer: Ed Piskor Art: Ed Piskor Cover: Ed Piskor

>Cover Price: $5.99 UPC: 75960608587300111 Diamond ID: OCT170956 GCIN: 984323

>From Eisner award-winning creator Ed Piskor (Hip-Hop Family Tree) comes a thrilling new series chronicling all of X-Men history! X-MEN: GRAND DESIGN stitches together the most important moments in mutant history, creating a comprehensive narrative celebrating the X-Men's past, present, and future. The first in a trilogy, GRAND DESIGN returns to Charles Xavier's assembly of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, and Beast! A must for fans looking to brush up on their X-Men lore or as jumping-on point for Marvel's merry mutants. Rated T+


File: 1513706336690.jpg (1.78 MB, 1215x1800, 712845_f5831e697c7cac6dcd8….jpg)

Quantum & Woody (2017) #1

>Valiant Entertainment Llc: December 20, 2017 Writer: Daniel Kibblesmith Art: Kano Cover: Julian Totino Tedesco

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 85899200353600111 Diamond ID: OCT171904 GCIN: 984338

>THE WORLD'S WORST SUPERHERO TEAM RETURNS IN AN EXPLOSIVE NEW ONGOING SERIES! This December, deeply alarming and untrustworthy writer Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and eyepopping artist Kano (Daredevil) give the Valiant Universe the adjective-worthy superheroes it deserves: QUANTUM AND WOODY! Sometimes?you embrace your destiny. And sometimes?you and your troublemaking adopted brother find yourselves trapped in a scientific lab explosion that grants you $@&%ing awesome superpowers. As a result of their accident, Eric and Woody Henderson - aka Quantum and Woody - must 'klang' their wristbands together every 24 hours or both dissipate into nothingness. Which makes superhero-ing pretty awkward when you're not on speaking terms at the moment. See, Eric has been keeping a pretty big secret: He knows who Woody's birth father really is?and where he's been hiding all these years. With great power comes great sibling rivalry! This winter, you'll believe two men and one goat can split a one bedroom apartment and still be a credible threat to evil and injustice everywhere when QUANTUM AND WOODY make headlines and take names!


File: 1513706555424.jpg (2.74 MB, 1186x1800, 713024_1d237b4e2e79782d613….jpg)

30 Days Of Night #1

>IDW: December 27, 2017 Writer: Steve Niles Art: Piotr Kowalski Cover: Ben Templesmith

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 82771401429700111 Diamond ID: OCT170412 GCIN: 984597

>As the sun sets over an isolated Alaskan township-not to rise again for a month-a new evil emerges from the shadows to terrorize the town? But after a series of strange events and horrific killings, the question becomes, what lurks in the shadows? 30 Days of Night is reborn in an all-new reimagining of the series designed to titillate the mind and horrify the senses! As Fargo was reinvented for television, see the IDW classic reimagined for the modern era-keeping the frights while keeping you guessing! 15 years ago, IDW launched the original terrifying saga? now in 2017, 30 Days is reborn in a horrifically different re-telling! Series creator/writer Steve Niles is joined on interiors by Piotr Kowalski (Sex), and re-joined by creator/original artist Ben Templesmith and original cover artist Ashley Wood on covers! Steve Niles is getting critical acclaim for his book Winnebego Graveyard!


File: 1513706623003-0.jpg (134.45 KB, 1000x1519, 717993_batman-37.jpg)

File: 1513706623003-1.jpg (64.87 KB, 540x716, 717995_batman-37-variant-c….jpg)

Batman #37

>DC Comics: December 20, 2017 Writer: Tom King Art: Clay Mann Cover: Jo?lle Jones

>Cover Price: $2.99 UPC: 76194134182803711 Diamond ID: OCT170227 GCIN: 984091

>'SUPERFRIENDS' part two! The stunning conclusion to the two-part story. Torn apart by betrayal, Batman and Superman try to find a way back to friendship, to trust. Both understand that the future of the DCU depends on this relationship; both understand that without the help of the other, their lives will fall apart. And yet, one is still the spoiled rich boy, and the other is still the naive farm boy. Men from two worlds confront each other and try to see the hope behind the madness. RATED T


File: 1513706819816.jpg (2.25 MB, 1186x1800, 712839_eed84d8520f23d1092c….jpg)

Backways #1

>Aftershock Comics: December 20, 2017 Writer: Justin Jordan Art: Eleonora Carlini Cover: Eleonora Carlini

>Cover Price: $3.99 UPC: 75469798944400111 Diamond ID: OCT171090 GCIN: 984329

>There is a hidden nation. A nation of magic and madness, one that exists in all the forgotten spaces. Your basement, your attic, the haunted house down the street, anyone of those might be a part of the Backways. Anna Merrick lost someone in the Backways, and she'll stop at NOTHING to get them back. Even if it means unleashing something unimaginable. From Justin Jordan (STRAYER, Green Lantern: New Guardians) and Eleonora Carlini (Batgirl, Doctor Who) comes the BRAND NEW series of magic, mystery and mayhem that is sure to appeal to fans of Harry Potter & The Chronicles of Narnia!


File: 1513819932628-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1000.6 KB, 1988x3056, Batman (2016-) 037-021.jpg)

File: 1513819932628-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 747.64 KB, 1988x3056, Batman (2016-) 037-022.jpg)


This was actually a really fun and cute book.


File: 1513903571179-0.jpg (89.05 KB, 400x636, prime summit.jpg)

File: 1513903571180-1.jpg (57.95 KB, 400x608, OCT170330.jpg)

I picked up two books this week. Catalyst Prime Summit #1 and The Wild Storm #10.

Catalyst Prime Summit is published by Lion Forge Comics, and I've been purposefully trying to support more independent companies. The concept sounds a bit like if the Fantastic Four was instead The Fantastic One.

> Valentina Resnick-Baker is the only known surviving astronaut from a suicide mission that saved the world, and the media won't let her forget it. Now a social recluse, Val is seeing visions, hearing voices, keeping a very dangerous power inside her, and the cosmic gift she received from surviving a near-death experience is about to be unleashed.

The Wild Storm #10 get us almost to the half-way point of this run. The series has been pretty hit and miss, but there have been more good issues than boring ones. Now that we are getting to the middle of the arc, I'm hoping it kicks into high gear and rides to the end full throttle.

>The WildCAT and Jackie King at IO are planning elaborate heists. One heist could save the world. One could end it. And there's no guarantee that either the CAT or Jackie and her team will get out of their respective capers alive. And IO director Miles Craven is distracted by many troubles and questions, including: What was Project Thunderbook? RATED T+

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