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Hollywood Reporter called Valiant the 3rd largest publisher. Is that right? Seems off… by quite a bit.


they are not even in the top 10,
but they have the 3rd largest shared universe.

Dinesh Shamdasani
is leaving unfortunatly.



That seems more accurate. Image is has been hovering around 10% market share for a decade, and that would make it the 3rd largest in that regard. I guess you can change the measuring standard to get the result you want though.


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so who has the 4th largest shared universe in comics?
If valiant dies who can i switch to?
does anyone else have a similar model?



That's a good question. I would think it's Zenescope. They have a large expanded universe in their Grimm Fairy Tales line. Belle, Cinderella, Three Musketeers, Robyn Hood, etc all slaying monsters in their own worlds but that tend to cross over for special events.

Action Lab is trying to create a shared universe, but all of the books are written by one guy and they are pretty bad, with tits and ass taking the place of any coherent storyline.

Other than that, I'm not sure. Image Comics used to share a lot of characters. Youngblood and Spawn for instance, but that hasn't happened in the regular series books for years.


is dynamite still trying to buy moonestone?
And I thought there was gonna be something from avatar press or dark horse.

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