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File: 1524537113742.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.03 KB, 920x879, 15245214051….jpg)


How does /co/ feel about the new Venom movie leak?


It looks /co/mical. Hopefully it looks better in motion. I'm not a fan of the color palette the film (in that snapshot) is using. Was hoping a Venom movie would have more of a Logan type look.


Not a "leak" anymore. Watched the entire trailer last night. I wasn't really impressed with much from it. I'll probably watch it once it's been released and uploaded in HD online. I thought Venom looked okay but they could have still done a lot better. I just don't really see much of quality in movies anymore.



Just watched the trailer and I'm with you. It looks more like an episode of a TV show. I didn't really like the look of Venom either. The back story looks pretty ridiculous also. There was no redeeming factor for me. A trailer is supposed to get you interested, and this did the opposite for me.

Nice to see Jenny Slate playing a role other than Jewish Slut. Hopefully this will help her get other roles.


We are Venom…

dat tongue. shut yo mouf.


File: 1524767909038.png (702.52 KB, 482x960, venommario.png)


File: 1524790323125.jpg (63.28 KB, 848x565, pondering-w….jpg)

this is a surprisingly accurate representation.

Is all media a formula to generate the most profit by playing with our preferred dynamics?

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