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File: 1507242726831.jpg (Spoiler Image, 657.87 KB, 1860x1000, hmm.jpg)


Did Doctor Manhattan just save Superman's dad?


Why would he do that? Why Jor-El but not anyone else? When Dr. Manhattan reassembled and went on a journey across the universe looking for meaning, he concluded that everything is shit and went into an apathetic coma.

How are they going to explain this?


File: 1508362215712.jpg (976.98 KB, 1987x3056, Batman (201….jpg)




Good. I hope you read it and explain to me how they rewrite The Watchmen to make this work. Then I'll bitch again when they release an "updated" version of the book, and never release the original again, insisting that the Doomsday Clock story is what the author had always intended.

Also, does this shit take place in universe 9999999 ?


File: 1508731017599.jpg (8.12 KB, 214x235, manfried.jpg)

>"The Watchmen"
>"the Doomsday Clock story"
>implying DC would rewrite/stop releasing arguably the most well-known comic of the last 50 years
>saying "the author" instead of Alan Moore because you clearly don't know who that is
Why do casuals have to exist?


File: 1508774296835.jpg (71.7 KB, 710x455, riri-willia….jpg)

Ree! Ree!


I think he was being facetious m8

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