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File: 1502720642854.jpg (28.35 KB, 710x407, dammit-bobb….jpg)


Dammit, Bobby. I'm gonna wipe the tanks with ya.


The Trashman is my favorite wrassler



File: 1499965862422.webm (3.67 MB, 500x332, Freight Tr….webm)


Wrestling gif/webm/youtube thread
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File: 1500557259432-2.gif (492.13 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mu9b….gif)

File: 1500557259432-3.gif (6.11 MB, 400x225, vXLEqk9.gif)

File: 1500557259432-4.gif (2.57 MB, 400x339, aj17.gif)


File: 1500584306685.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 568x320, paige.webm)



File: 1501078755115-0.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 245x220, WWE_HD_Paig….gif)

File: 1501078755115-1.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.79 MB, 298x278, AJLee_sexy_….gif)


File: 1501094763393.jpg (107.95 KB, 1032x581, paige.jpg)

Someone has a crush on Paige. Here she is without what she calls "a good bra"

File: 1499707082078.jpg (113.32 KB, 900x506, 20160304_19….jpg)


Anyone actually ever been to a WWE show?
Im going to summer slam, so I'd like some tips.



Nice trips. They sum up wrestling.

File: 1499172992867.jpg (59.05 KB, 630x315, hulkamania.jpg)


Hulk-a-mania lives, brother.

Mr. America coming to you from Washington, DC!

I'm fighting for life, brother. I'm fighting for all those people remolding their lives, man.



File: 1498861916825.webm (9.62 MB, 480x360, David & Go….webm)





File: 1499103585991.webm (3.87 MB, 900x450, iron sheik….webm)

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/P/roving Ground is a special board on Finalchan. Ideas that are given to us for boards will be tested out here before being added. Board ideas will run for one month (not 30 days, but one month), and from there we will decide whether the board is active enough to warrant an official addition.

Rules are dependent on what board idea is present each month.

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