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What year did the WWE become trash in your opinion? For me I couldn't stand to watch it anymore after 2006. I've tried to come back for the special nights, anniversaries, and just to give it another try. Only for each and every time to get extremely disappointed and feel depressed at what it has become.


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Very early 2000's for me. I checked in on it a couple of years ago, and I watched a 3 hours how that only had 3 matches in it. The rest was soap opera.

I watched Wrestlemania 35 this year, and was still disappointed. Though the crowd was huge, and the production was expensive, so it's still going strong. It appeals to a lot of people that aren't me.

Luckily there are a lot of other shows to watch that have good wrestling. Impact, Lucha Underground, AAA, Ring of Honor, NJPW…



Yeah, Impact has been on a pretty good roll lately.


OP here, I think you just sold me on checking out Impact. Also was surprised to see Scott Steiner and Tommy Dreamer on that video.

>soap opera
Bad soap opera at that.
I didn't even bother with Wrestlemania this year. I had went over to a friend's house for Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber this year he actually ended our friendship because I told him that I couldn't stand wrestling anymore and I tried really really hard this time to get back into it and just couldn't.

As I was saying above I was interested in that video for Impact. I've also been interested in NJPW ever since I found out JR was an announcer on there. However I just don't know where to watch it at.


Come to the irc on Fridays, we watch together in the evening.



Losing a friendship over wrestling seems dumb in my opinion.

Each friday we usually make a post on this board, and watch Impact together in the IRC. None of us take it serious. Impact has partnered with quite a few indies, so we get to see wrestlers from Lucha Underground, AAA, NOAH, etc.


What time? I definitely was too late checking back in tonight.

Yeah, I agree. It was absolutely ridiculous the way he acted towards me over it. Also, I'll have to try to check in next Friday.

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