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New board test on /p/! This month: /lit/ - Literature!

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I don't know what happened to the last rules sticky, but it's gone for some reason.

Welcome to /r/! This is NOT a /b/. This is a random discussion board. The board is NSFW, but porn goes to >>>/e/. If you want to shitpost, take that to >>>/sp/.

If this is your first time here, read the rules and the FAQ before posting (pls).

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I don't mean to shill blatantly, but there's a fairly new discord for imageboards around that is pretty nice, and I'd recommend it. It's not specific to any *chan, just sort of a general place to hangout.

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I really would rather not. I have seen nothing good come of that shithole.


I'm calling you a redditor, friendo.


Yes that isn't lost on me. That is the chan version of "everyone I dont like is hitler"


Uh, no. I'm calling you a redditor because you're trying to form a le secret club on an imageboard, purely for the sake of jacking yourself off. Reddit as a site exists for the purposes of sharing content made by other people so you can show your friends by which i mean other redditors who you will never meet in real life how hip and ebin you are.

It's very clearly what you're trying to do here. If there was a topic you wanted to discuss, you'd make a thread. But instead you're advertising a place where you can use a username and effectively get upvoted.


Uh oh you're retarded aren't you?
>doesn't see the benefit if real time chat and vc
>thinks discord has a voting system
I'll go pop in instead of whining like a faggot.

File: 1495858981541.png (9.02 KB, 570x533, 14478803013….png)


Made it past day 1 without fapping

Anyone else doing NoFap or have anything to share?


I keep failing after day 4


File: 1495883850761.jpg (25.94 KB, 295x400, Mr-Universe….jpg)

Working out will help you not jerk it


File: 1495886595209.jpg (55.22 KB, 640x480, lM2nP.jpg)

Check my blog busty girls http://pintient.com/EBz


Good advise anon. 3dpd has always killed the boner.

File: 1495782757541.jpg (6.17 KB, 200x200, 14948858632….jpg)


Is vaping really as much of a cringe to people as they talk about online?


Yes, it's also the most normalfag thing of all time, except mahbe golf.


vapes are mouth fedoras


File: 1495802921980.jpg (66.73 KB, 375x375, sanford_big….jpg)

If you are vaping to vape, you're a dumb-dumb.

If you are vaping to get your nicotine fix in a method that's safer than cigarettes, than you are fine.

The difference is that vapers do annoying things like blow huge clouds of vape, talk about vaping all the time, want to show of their gear to people that don't give a shit, and have nothing else going on in their life so they picked up vaping to give their personality something that might be interesting.

People that vape to get their nicotine fix treat it like a cigarette. No large clouds because they don't want to waste the drug. They hit it, get their fix, then move on.

So yes, "getting into" vaping is cringe. If you aren't an addict already, why fucking start?


Being addicted to nicotine is far more cringe than vaping will ever be.

File: 1495491934328.jpg (8.12 KB, 328x244, Quot no tha….jpg)


Has anyone here ever done anything successful in their lives?
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raided an online poll with da bros when i was only 15, it was to get my hot cousin to win a model contest in my town
internet was shit, loading times was long, i sped up the process a little by saving the page and taking out all the bloat, kept pressing f5 while we were fed delicious cake and soda
could make it absurdly faster if i knew a programming language but that would cancel the contest i suppose, she won and is pretty thankful to this day.
during this same time, my female colleagues had the habit of sharing social media passwords between them, sometimes they would pick fights against each other and then hand the password to the nearest nerd they could find to have fun with it, apparently that caused some lulz among them and shit never got to me. it was mostly stacies, their accounts did not have anything interesting to exploit so i just trash talked against her friends and deleted it afterwards once they found out it was someone invading the account, i was too socially retarded to do anything damaging against the owners of such accounts.
fast forward ten years or so and now im helpless sack of shit, maybe it is karma.



>hot cousin

I think you know what you have to do.


she is 32~ nowadays, it would not be worth it even if she was single. you also kinda learn to accept the lonely fate once you notice you are always pushing people away for no reason (yes, i've had tons of missed opportunities, i don't have any excuse on my hands).



You must post tits, not give a story about how sad you are you didn't get to bang your cousin.

Only a few of us get to do that.


File: 1495829783289.jpg (138.08 KB, 751x500, amidoingthi….jpg)

File: 1495751047702.png (100.91 KB, 519x497, Screenshot ….png)


>found finalchan
>wanted to be a poster that post about interesting stuff and contributes to the conversation
>over three quarters of my posts are on /e/


Nothing wrong with porn posting, anon


If you don't have anything meaningful to contribute, a titty is fine too.

File: 1495693375316.jpg (69.08 KB, 592x539, 14495617539….jpg)


What other anonymous imageboard sites do you frequent?
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There are no other imageboards worth viewing.


Jalopnik, oppositelock, pretendracecars, YouTube, Donald Trumps Twitter, some Facebook, my emails, some CNN, and that's pretty much it.

On a separate note, OP when you make threads, the best way to get the conversation going is to include your own answer. Thx.



I don't think you know an anonymous imageboard site is.


reddit is my favorite anonymous imageboard


Oh. Only finalchan.

File: 1495680494530.jpg (4.53 KB, 224x225, 34792847ima….jpg)


Does anyone else get off by sniffing their own farts?

File: 1495629895504.jpg (19.9 KB, 253x324, NH_smsh2.jpg)


I'm at jury duty.
There's way more lesbians here than I anticipated. Like 4 or 5.
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To the guy sitting next to him with a neck tattoo.
"are you a lawyer?"
During the jury video:
*walks up to clerks window* "my brother in law was in a civil case, but that was 20 years ago is that ok?"
In general:
"I'm on social security and I'm old and I've never been to New have before. Every one here is *so nice* . Does anyone know what's going on next? I'm just trying to find out what happens next."


Tbh it sounds like his plan to get out of jury duty is going very well


just say they're guilty and be done with it


There's a guy here litteraly named "Yaroslav"



I bet he sells great discounted electronics

File: 1495574779616.jpg (34.74 KB, 550x366, 23478lfa.jpg)


What's something you do that you think other people would find strange?
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Red Robin would be your personal hell.


Besides the shit that i post on imageboards?
Not much really.


What do you do that's strange op?


Well just to state one thing, I fap to scat porn.


have you fapped to tubgirl

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