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If this had been a real emergency details of the emergency would have followed as well as official information as provided by civil emergency outlets.

Interchan warning system is an anonymously run form of online EAM/EAN civil emergency message relay service, not affiliated with any government agency. Interchan warning system relays information in part based on alerts from the DEFCON warning system

Interchan warning system is tested only in advance of or during times of extreme strategic military tension or buildup globally. The system is only tested if evidence suggests a real defcon number of between 4 and 2 exists due to a strategic crises. The last time interchan warning system was tested was during the syrian chemical crises after russian surface ships took offensive positions in the Mediterranean sea during the obama administration.

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File: 1505908267960.jpg (23.88 KB, 300x225, under.jpg)


>threat of nuclear war
This was a good test

File: 1505534535970.webm (692 KB, 720x404, Dejected cat in a truck.webm)


I need to know… where did everyone go? Every year since the eternal summer of 2007 I just feel more and more lost. Is there any other chan left that isn't dead, or a trap to have suits knocking on your door?


Stay here with us anon. We love you.
Unfortunately, being popular and being a honeypot are related it seems. I think they all grew up, and it's just us left.


File: 1505778770854.jpg (43.66 KB, 648x365, dazed_confused.jpg)

Know what my favorite part about high school chans is? I get older but they stay the same!


Sorry anon, you just grew up. Growing up = more meaningful conversations.

More meaningful conversations tend to be with people who have experience.

Experience means doing shit besides sitting on the computer all day.

Image board culture is kind of dependent on sitting at the computer all day.

Welcome to our forum.

File: 1505176183157.jpg (594.4 KB, 2102x2835, IMG_20170820_141401672_HDR.jpg)


Regardless of what you believe happened, 9/11 was a defining moment in American history. Rest in peace to the victims and the heros on that day.


File: 1505281699711.webm (1.2 MB, 480x270, allahkbar.webm)


File: 1505405581898.jpg (26.6 KB, 480x290, uvvzicxn3zjlemhja3ej.jpg)


File: 1505683189053.gif (1.39 MB, 300x165, 1439683070378.gif)

File: 1505523158006.jpg (178.26 KB, 736x1036, halp.jpg)


Caught my wife with one of these scaly niggers.
What do?


File: 1505532373788.jpg (28.59 KB, 500x333, 676.jpg)

Call George, think he's good with this kinda shit.
Fuck tho man. Cucked by a dragon.
It might be too late for your wife tho man, have seen the dildos they make?



File: 1505012906096-0.png (568.12 KB, 1439x2284, Screenshot_20170909-225549.png)

File: 1505012906096-1.png (455.01 KB, 1439x2229, Screenshot_20170909-225535.png)

File: 1505012906096-2.png (618.97 KB, 1440x2291, Screenshot_20170909-225539.png)


Hello Finalchan.
A few days ago, I began to receive messages from my own number. I figured it was messages i sent to my self years ago that just finnally went through. Thats the kind of luck I have with technology. It then took a strange turn.
What do? I will update on any further messages.


File: 1505013012315-0.jpg (143.08 KB, 1444x1440, FullSizeR_02.jpg)

File: 1505013012315-1.jpg (30 KB, 236x1440, FullSizeR_01.jpg)

File: 1505013012315-2.jpg (143.08 KB, 1444x1440, FullSizeR.jpg)

File: 1505013012315-3.jpg (30 KB, 236x1440, FullSizeR_04.jpg)

File: 1505013012315-4.jpg (75.41 KB, 2448x485, FullSizeR_03.jpg)

These were the attached images


File: 1505014633121.jpg (102.49 KB, 368x457, gaymafia.jpg)

This is definitely the Gay Mafia.
A quick primer for those in the dark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCNF5J8L9m8

1 & 3 are the same, 2 & 4 are the same, and 5 is 2/4 flipped horizontally.
There are nine dots in the second quadrant of 1.
Since 1 == 3, 3 == 1, eg, 11.

Next, take 5. Since there were 4 quadrants in 1, the first four 'sections' of 5 are significant.
Look at what they represent. First the arrows point inwards, then they start filling out, then the fill to the bursting point, then they explode.
This is the cycle of the universe.

Watch your back OP. Something ominous is prepared for the 11th.
Of September.

File: 1504923256411.jpg (1.83 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20170908_133301542_HDR.jpg)


A mouse apperently got its head stuck in my wheel. It's neck is now 4 inches long.
How does this even happen?

File: 1504217563475.jpg (16.35 KB, 296x170, download.jpg)



Are you the same fellow from >>7672? If not, I suggest you go read the responses there. There is no reason for us to really raid anyone, and your sort of overly aggressive attitude is concerning. If you are the same anon, then I have to question your motives a bit. Of all the places to come and ask for a raid, you chose a very small and out of the way imageboard. For what purpose would you do that when there are plenty of places where you would be more likely to provoke a response? Do you really want a raid, or is it just a feeling of power? The idea that you were able to tell people to do something generally considered destructive and they followed through, no matter how small the force. I have to also wonder about your home life. I know that many within the imageboard community often have warped ideals of masculinity to where they feel they have to bully and generally be mean in order to be perceived as masculine. Was your father often at home as a child? Was he a good role model to you and your siblings? I am genuinely curious and concerned as to your well-being if you consider raiding a Youtube channel as a good use of your time. Please, let me know. I have decided to put sage in the email field so that this topic is not bumped to draw some sort of embarrassment to you.

File: 1503953410570.jpg (6.82 KB, 195x258, ha.jpg)


Found some small minecraft channel. Raid, have fun, do whatever. Don't hold back.

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Why? Just some kid playing minecraft. Dont drag George Bush into this.


If it were a server with no anti-griefing mods or admins, I'd do to it what Bush did to the twin towers.

But if it's just a youtube channel, who the hell cares.


>implying finalchan has enough users for a raid

enjoy trying to ddos a server via 2 users.


what if we fill the comments with inside jokes?


i barely even post to this site on a regular consistent basis do you really think i have the effort or energy to raid something? the answer is no

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