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checklist of things to do in order to become a resident in japan

1. find out how much a plane ticket to japan costs. (check)

2. learn by what means do you perchase a plane ticket once obtaining the money.

3. find a job that will support plane ticket fee.

4. learn japanese fluently.

5. learn japanese culture, customs, history and social norms.

6. establish a job and place of living in japan and how to obtain them before going.

checklist to follow once getting there
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Uh, get a Japanese driver's license, which is not easy.
Also get a job in Japan.


For 2 you can purchase a ticket from a major airline with ease.

For 3 it can be hard for forigners to get gigs. Had a buddy who was over there for 10 years after leaving the marines and he had a helluv a time finding work.

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did u like my pic? that's actually me in pic.


Disney doesn't own the reviewers in Canada?

wtf? I love Canada now.



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that was one of the best rants i have ever seen

also, Luke sucking alien ball-juice? I'm still scarred.


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Watching it again, that dude intros the segment like a pro (which he is), and then as soon as the goofy looking one starts talking about things he didn't like it just immediately went off the rails.

10/10 Star Wars fan. Tell us what you really think.

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Missoula, Montana has TWO EPA Superfund sites that are full to the brim of toxic waste. The trouble is no one from Montana (White or Indian) is dumb enough to clean that shit up themselves. That's why Mary Poole, the IRC, and the Mayor's office decided to "invite" refugees into Missoula. Those poor people moved out of the frying pan and into the fire. Why is this allowed to happen in a civilized country and a Liberal city?

Superfund sites:
Smurfit Stone

Milltown Dam
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Protect the Refugees. Send them back!

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tumblr feminazis are planning a raid on 4chan-/b/
cant let this happen
blah blah blah
join counterattack discord to help


no one here cares


It's not like /b/ can really get worse.

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