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The stores near me have had the 30% off signs up for a month now. I haven't been in to check and see how empty the shelves are. Might check it out. It's a shame really, because Toys R Us is the only box store you could still get a bucket of army men for cheap. They also have awesome foam dart guns from companies other than NERF. Bought a gun from there that fired 40 darts without needing batteries. It was great.



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Ha, looks like Toys R Us rejected his offer. Wooo!

Swung by mine today, almost bought a 28" tall barbie to rub my dick on. Or an 12" DC Super Hero Girls doll, or a Monster High doll.


>that batgirl




My store has a %40 Off Everything sign on the front doors, with "some exceptions apply".

Go inside and everything is marked with 5% or 10% off stickers.

Worst capitalist liquidation ever.

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Mewch.net says hi
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me on ur spam list!


Went to Mewch for the first time today, I've got to say it'll be one of my favorite altchans in no time.


File: 1516145150764.png (224.2 KB, 500x281, finallychan….png)


how did that happen? wuts u do?


Glad to here. Finalchan pretty cool


I lik this oc

File: 1523137326098.jpg (832.34 KB, 1365x2048, 15175965627….jpg)


Okay I think you guys really need to do something about these bots, it's basically akin to vandalism at this point.


We're trying our hardest to keep the spam under control. I'm probably going to start logging the links again to make filters out of, which should help a lot. Remember, if you see spam, please report it or send a message to us on the IRC (link at the top) or FC telegram chat (@finalchanofficial).


Good plan, I'm not totally sure what tinyboard is equipped with but if you can filter them out that would go a long way towards making sure the threads don't get 'shuffled' every week.


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holy fuck check those digits


Oh wowx I didn't even notice.


Do you guys have any interest in watching this? I literally just found out about this group tonight but apparently they're going to be streaming a bunch of footage from old found VHS tapes and do commentary on it.


Sounds like an interesting concept. You have links to more information? I used to like MST3k and I enjoy Riff Trax, plus I watch/listen to people watch a bad movie and then review it (The Flop House or Half in the Bag).

A show like this is entirely dependent on the people doing the narration. If they have no chemistry, or no interest takes on the material, it will be incredibly boring. Luckily it's the internet and we can immediately switch to something else.


I've never seen them before so it could very well be terrible, but their comedy videos looked fine.

I don't really watch RLM anymore aside from plinkett reviews, and I've never been a big fan of MST3K but if that's the kind of thing you enjoy I'm sure it's what they'll be doing. Apparently they've trolled multiple morning news stations as well with various acts.

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God Tier Soda Thread





File: 1522786386981.jpg (917.12 KB, 3648x5472, kutztown-bi….jpg)


I like fresca.



Literally the best of all citrus pop drinks.


File: 1523192093672.jpg (76.2 KB, 450x595, arm-hammer.jpg)

File: 1505428060140.jpg (12.42 KB, 680x251, 4chan-logo.jpg)


ITT: We pretend we're on 4chan
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Fuck soyboy XD




>ITT: We pretend we're on 4chan

Pedos must KYS.


but i am clovergender

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What do you eat, finalchan?

Recently I've started just microwaving these and eating them plain or with a piece of cheese. They're essentially pizza pockets but cheaper and better for you.
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I personally do (not who you're replying to). Shin is a good brand of instant ramen, I always have a 5 pack of Shin Ramyun red on hand.



Yeah, something to be said to boiling up some eggs and steaming some veggies with noodles. IDK why but a damn it's good.


File: 1522906909285.png (1002.4 KB, 625x586, img_3334.png)

I'm going to introduce /r/ to the food of the Gods. I'm 100% sure that the Olympians were referring to Roundas when they spoke about their ambrosia. Add BBQ sauce after every bite to ensure maximum YUM.


File: 1523153373373.jpg (11.52 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


These things are disgusting. The inside turns into hot lava that destroys your mouth. I shall not be tempted by your false proclamations!


Even worse mouth burn than pizza rolls or hot pockets tbh

File: 1521074636103.jpg (304.04 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_6985.jpg)


I have an instant pot. Ask me anything.
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Pot-In-Pot, or PiP, cooking is actually how you cook certain foods. It allows you to not only keep specific foods from getting overly saturated, but also gives you the opportunity to cook multiple items at once.

For instance, I cook my rice in main pot while I use a smaller pot inside the appliance for steaming vegetables simultaneously.


What's your favorite color?



It used to be green. My father's favorite color is green and I think the natural desire to be like our fathers influenced my decision. Green would remind me of nature. Mostly leaves and grass, which may play a role in my constant desire to be outdoors. My father is a smart man, and I've always looked to him for guidance, and felt that if green is his favorite color, there must be a reason for it and I wasn't going to make a bad decision, so I went with green. After all, the smartest man I know was affiliated with the color. He's in the twilight of his life now, past his prime and living out his days taking care of others and meandering around his home in the middle of nowhere. My favorite color is purple.


My favourite colour is Green too :))


My favorite color is also green

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"Hoppy" Easter finalchan!
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Hey baby, should i bite the ears first or go straight for the butt?


haha whatever you want pops

slide it up my rabbit hole ;)


Happy Easter


I found 5 Easter Eggs with 20 bucks in each one.

Got fed and came home $100 richer.

It was an Easter miracle.


I swear next year I´ll get out to find eggs and try my luck


Our greatest responsibility is to serve our communities.

MSM in action.


This is extremely dangerous to our democracy


File: 1522630759021.jpg (9.95 KB, 530x278, unnamed.jpg)

People laugh at weaponised autism, but how do you explain someone taking the time to cultivate that many sources?

I'm amazed and simultaneously disgusted.


This is extremely dangerous to our democracy


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