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So I found this guys website and he legit has his address just sitting there and he wants people to send him shit lol. https://dark3n1ng.party/stuff.html = If you hate my blog or whatever send me whatever old junk or whatever you have.
My Address
1175 Lincoln Dr N DeKalb, IL 60115 New Hall West 109B1

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niceguy cringe thread
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Protip, you can't be in love with more than one person at once. That's how you know it's love.


wew lad. Love is just an adjective. You can love many people at once.

Joy. Pleasure. Happiness. All of those are possible with more than one person.

wew. lad.


Loving someone and being *in* love are two different things though


Being *in* love is make believe.

Love isn't an emotion. Love is something you do to someone. Just like you hit someone, or kick someone, you love someone.

Don't let movies mess with your emotions. Joy, serenity, admiration. These are emotions. Love is an action that elicits these emotions. Loving someone is what you do so that they experience positive emotions. You want them to associate these emotions with you, and that's why you do the things you do.

Being *in* love is non-existent. It's what people say because they don't understand the fluctuating range of emotions a single person can influence. Therefore we chalk it up to this single mysterious force that is magical. It doesn't work that way outside of film, novels or music. There is no almighty force that brings two people together, it's a collection of selflessness and sacrifices by one or more people for another. You can love anyone, or anyone can love you, if they are so willing to perform the tasks that warrant positive emotional reactions.

Being *in* love is what marketers use to prey on everyone that has ever been confused by their emotions (you, me, and the rest of the world) and is also used by shitheads to let a friend down easy. "I love you, but I'm not IN love with you."


I wasn't disagreeing with you, I guess I just didn't make my point clear. There's a difference between romantic and platonic love. You can love many people at once, but not everyone can love multiple romantically at the same time.

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this is nice site :^)
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It's hard as shit to flip an ambulance. Were you going Initial D on it?


gotta go fast


Thank god




>tfw confessing my love to my oneitis sometime this week
>she's probably going to take me back but the alternative is that I make a fool of myself and (possibly) ostracize myself from my entire group of friends
>couldn't get to sleep last night until 5 in the morning
>going insane with worry about what's going to happen, and feel constantly sick to my stomach thinking about her with the person she's currently half-dating
>she's moving soon so I'll never see her again in a few months if she still won't talk to me
>have to tell her because I'll live the rest of my life regretting it if I don't
I am probably going to move to Indonesia and just be a farmer or some shit if this doesn't work. Maybe I can learn kung fu as well. I promise I'm not in High School, I'd be on 4/8chan if I were

Are you with anyone currently, finalchan? Do you love them? Do they love you?
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I promise that's not the case, all of her roommates have the same opinion on this. She's pretty naive and has consumed a lot of tumblr kool-aid.

She's absolutely getting played here, her friend and the guy both want to fuck her and I think it's not a coincidence at all that the friend moved in with her, and that the guy had her do it so she could convince her to join in this 'relationship' focused entirely on them getting to fuck her. I saw her the other day and she seems to be under the impression that this is some kind of 'free love' thing where they all go on innocent group dates, and not that she's been tricked into joining a drug dealer's harem. I really need to do something about this now, if it ends with us not being together then so be it, but I refuse to watch this happen to her.



Anon, I'm telling you this with your best interest at heart here. You are trying to pull someone who is toxic out of the deep. I've tried the same thing and failed twice.

To give you some background my two best friends (talking known them since we we're little kids) we're like brothers to me. I tried to help them out any chance I got. Got them on where I worked doing digital design and video editing. They both ended up spiraling into drug abuse and fucking me over. I had to cut both of them off. I had to move on and take care of my self.

You have to do the same because if you don't you're going to kill your self trying to save someone who does not want to be saved. Anyone who is willing to submit themselves to that is no thinking with anyones best interests at heart, and has no desire to do so. You will be brought down, you will not bring this person up.

> tl;dr don't hand yourself for this person it's not worth it.


I get what you're saying, and I honestly agree. A good chunk of my family arw drug addicts and alcoholics, including my brother. But the thing with her is that she WASN'T toxic. So if there's a chance then I have to try, but I won't go beyond that.


Your tenacity is admirable anon. Everything about this situation sounds unsalvageable though.
If you really do go through with this, I hope you have the courage to bail when things go south.


God's speed, but this sounds like a train wreck to me. Regardless I wish you the best and send good vibes your way. Sounds like you're going to need them.

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So every once in a while I find myself wandering back here wondering what the fuck is up. You guys still exist? It's a goddamn miracle. I don't even know that anyone will recognize me, but congrats to all involved.

I remember this being Openchan, and I started the irc when the faggot mods on 4chinz went crazy. Good fucking times.


visit our IRC, it's still active as ever, especially compared to other networks.


is dat JolkyB ?

Man, we still talk about you from time to time. Hit up the IRC link at the top of the page. Surprisingly, there are mormons in there.


Ho-lee sheit. All of the originals remember you. Although, in terms of originals it's pretty much only torrential, shoop, and I that are the most active in the community. Pls join the irc


Eyyy. Yeah, I'll download a client and jump on. I don't really know if Mormons will like me considering I'm a black sheep in every single Mormon community ever. I almost got excommunicated from the church. That's a long story.

You guys don't hear from notlily or fifths? I text fifths every once in a while to make sure he's alive.


File: 1521898778999.jpg (92.94 KB, 605x423, hidden-mean….jpg)


We thought Mr5ths had died again. notlily hops in once every great while, but not often at all. illu claims that pac is still alive, but it seems unlikely. Shoopdawoop is here daily. He introduced us to his little brother, so you might meet him too. We also have some pretty legit doughs.

File: 1521517037082.jpg (52.33 KB, 300x350, Tyler-Durde….jpg)


Is it just me or has the site's traffic increased?
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>eventually becoming a golden age 4chan for this new era.
While I'd be happy for this site to build a stable community, I hope it won't be known for such.
I'd rather it built it's own identity rather than "X but better".







This guy has the right idea. IDK so far the board is pretty chill which is nice.


Y'all niggas watch hotwheels

File: 1521318304613.webm (3.57 MB, 640x358, imdrunk.webm)


Happy St. Patrick Day, finalchan.
Enjoy a ditty.
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That "St. Patrick" just feels a bit off


>Christian Saint


Listen, mate. All I'm saying is that Forward wouldn't be wrong about something.



That's okay, there has been a movement to #EndPatricksDay because it's considered to be a celebration of whiteness.

Of course, this is being perpetuated by people that are too dumb to look into their hashtags, as Paddy was a slave.


That might be the most retarded thing I've read in a while. You've been on /pol/ a bit too much, m8. St. Patrick was a Christian saint who evangelized Ireland. The only way I could even possibly imagine someone thinking it's Jewish is if they're a Varg tier LARPagan

File: 1521216463139.jpg (200.68 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_….jpg)



Why is it dated for March 15th 2018. That happened a long time ago.


Yeah I remember as well that but think is because she is already sentenced

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File: 1508347361023-1.jpeg (66.63 KB, 510x680, CJQvXt1VEA….jpeg)

File: 1508347361023-2.jpg (54.29 KB, 427x679, 15077866554….jpg)


Is she nice?
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Tits are worthless if they're attached to an insufferable cunt.



Not particularly. They look good in the one photo where they are supported and pushed into an attractive shape, but otherwise they look like teardrops that have been abused by her misuse of food.


File: 1520987883851.jpg (266.55 KB, 960x721, IMG_2018013….jpg)

Look fine to me


I'm starting to think you're trolling or your eyes are broken.


File: 1520988477638.png (534.79 KB, 453x683, Untitled.png)


wew, anon. dat gut.

>imagine having huge floppy tits

>now imagine your waist till being bigger than them

File: 1519859958451.png (106.69 KB, 495x274, Spyrdo stic….png)


Helo were the menes at?


Moved to >>>/sp/5441.

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