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So, now that /t/ has been assimilated, I think we should bring back a proper browser thread, here on /r/. What browser are you using? Why? Why does it suck less than all the alternatives? Any addons you can't live without?

I'm currently on palemoon. Very excited that there's still a way to run ublock origin on here, and I also started using a user agent spoofer called "Secret Agent" on here that seems pretty good.


Also using Pale Moon. It's better than other browsers because there is no WebRTC support, no telemetry, it's using the goanna engine, menus aren't hidden, smaller footprint, and it's not bundled with a bunch of junk most people don't use.

Extensions I use with it are uBlock Origin, Decentraleyes (runs api's locally, ie google), NoScript and a tool that's similar to HTTPSeverywhere.


You can run noscript on palemoon? I didn't see it in the addons list. Big if true.



Using Firefox proper because I’m a lazy shit and don’t wanna fuck around with loading another variant onto my laptop. It’s less of a botnet then chrome or the other companies browsers so it’s got that going for it.

I’ve grown to love the container tab features and ghostery for ad/tracking blocking.

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