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Black Friday is about to happen in the United States. Flipping through all the ads is a pain in the ass, and pretty pointless. Especially when others have already done the work for you.

Check out the spreadsheet below to find the best deals on video games, sorted by store, that way you can find something near you.



Wow, I don't really need a Playstation 4, but at $199 packed with Spider-Man, my interest is piqued.




I don’t know whether to be aroused, disturbed, or slightly disgusted with both my self, for the aforementioned comment, and the world for birthing this list.

I will now be buying some New games for my switch….


>No EB Games

literally the largest game shop isn't even on here. Correct me if I don't see it.



EB Games went out of business a long time ago. Current EB Games stores are owned by GameStop, which is on the list.


Never really been a Black Friday shopper. The crowds aren't worth it imo. I'd rather just go after Christmas when everything is on an end of the year sale. Celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar instead and call it good.


Mind you, EB is still referred to as EB in Canada. Unsure of whether GameStop owns that as well, but EB Games still exists outside the US.



EB exists in non-USA as the brand because it had more saturation. They’re all the same company now I believe.

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