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OOTP thread


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My first time managing a Japanese team; managed the Hiroshima Carp to the 2nd Round of the Central League play offs while my rookie catcher had a break out season


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It is the year 2022. The Hiroshima Carp have just won their second straight NPB title and Mr. Dogg is the perennial Manager of the Year winner. Rival players resort to alternative means of income


I'm really happy to see Japan becoming more progressive, and allowing work visa's for individuals from the LBC.


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getting OGs off the streets and into the dugout


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Morbid curiosity has brought me to the 'Create a Fictional League' section of the game


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Did you name the characters? Did you use a Key and Peele name generator?


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Randomly generated names


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Random French guys living in Madagascar


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The first Afriball League draft is over


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And the very first game in Durban River Bandit's history is a no hitter


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The standings and stats after the first month


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this is a very intense playoff series


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Your 2018 Afriball League MVP

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