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I wanted to make this thread to discuss video games that have impacted you profoundly in some way. I know most games are just dumb fun, but I and I'm sure most have you have come across a game or two that changed the way you thought about the world in a very real way. I'll begin with one of the games that changed me.

Today marks seven years since the release of Katawa Shoujo, a game that was very meaningful for me. It taught me a lot about relationships and life, and helped me look at my own dealings with people in a different way. It taught me to be more compassionate, to never white knight. It also taught me that I'll never truly know what is going on in someone's head, nor will anyone else know what is going on in mine. It's free, and you can download it here: http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/

What are some games that changed you, finalchan?



Gotta agree with KS being an impactful one, but another game that influenced my outlook and perspective on things was BioShock.

The look into humanity at its most basic level is stark. The rich controlling everything and leaving the commoners as experiments in there games is a strange analog for how the real world is, sans morals.

Not to mention I was young at the time and going through a nihilist phase.


Morrowind for me.
When me mum died I fully escaped to Vvardenfell for 1500 hours.


I don't think I have ever had a game really change me. I know a lot of people that really got into the Bioshock games and that was basically their introduction into the themes of utopian paradise.

In my personal experience though, games have left me wanting more or are a reflection of things I already enjoy in the real world, so a digital version of it is also enjoyable. I suppose a couple of the Metroid games have left me questioning the purpose and directive associated with the game progression. Especially when the credits start to roll and you contemplate if it was really the right thing to do or not. Recently Breath of the Wild really brought me into it. Not the same kind of impact, but I enjoy the heck out of exploring the world, and seeing all the little tidbits the developers put around corners. A serene atmosphere is something that I enjoy in real life so it makes sense it would cross over into a game like that.



Morrowind is a helluv a game to escape into. Sorry you had to escape your mom passing. Must have been a hard time.


It was a hard time but that game really did help. You know everyone mourns differently and just escaping for some time helped me to let enough time pass.


I never really played BioShock. I've heard really good things about it though. Maybe I should pick up the first one and give it a shot. Is it heavily politicized/pushing an agenda or anything?
Morrowind is a great escape game. I've never really been able to find a character that I could sink a ton of time into though. I feel bad, because I can tell how good it is and I do like it, but I just can't get lost in it the same way I can other (worse) games in the series. Any recommendations for builds?



It’s one mans take on the world with only science and complete freedom to anything. No religion, no monetary limits, and no moral limits.

I thought it was a very thought provoking experience and to this day still consider BioShock one of my favorite games of all time.

Would also recommend you pick up infinity if you like the first one (2is not cannon IMO since ken wasn’t involved.


I played Morrowind so much that I just make more or loss random builds. Because of this thread I reinstalled and tried hand to hand for a change and it's fun just punching everyone to death.

Just don't make a pure mage build since Mana/Magicka only regenerates by resting or potions and spells have a chance to fizzle so it can be really really slow paced and frustrating early on.
Make sure to join the guilds and other factions. That's imo one of MW's biggest strengths. Where Skyrim now only has like 4 factions (mage, thieves and warrior guild and dark brotherhood) Morrowind has
3 guilds (mage/thieves/warrior)
3 noble houses
imperial legion
tribunal temple
imperial temple (cult of the 9)
3 vampire clans
merchant guild

and I probably even forgot some. All of these have full questlines that make you travel all over the island. And since some of these factions are exclusive to each other there's lots of replay value imo.


Silent Hill 2 its atmosphere really had me going.
If it wasn't for this game I wouldn't be aware of the existence of Jacob's Ladder nor Solaris.


The whole story from the original dark reign. Essentially a empire has arisen and injected poor people with a thing that makes them only live until 25.

All the surface water is poisoned, so the resource is clean water from springs.

Read story here https://archive.org/details/Dark_Reign_Manual


Sounds like a dark reality where governments put things in the water that make the frogs gay.


File: 1547439017104.jpg (43.32 KB, 840x960, 10162-rockb….jpg)

If I'm gonna be honest, Rockband 1 on wii. I maintain it is one of the best games of all time. When it came out I really did have much of a musical taste, just like whatever my parents had on Greenday and Bryan Adam's etc. I already played the drums then, but never with anyone. I could play the shit out of rockband drums. I would play all the time to the point I went through 2 of the drum kits. I played with my brother and whoever else would play.
Rockband introduced me to the dadrock I still listen to today. It's probbaly because of the game that Im into music and play guitar too.


File: 1547820819986.jpg (3.55 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_2018122….jpg)

I just recently threw away my drum kit.
Theres a chuck of wood on the left most pad.


File: 1549205871803.png (497.99 KB, 644x482, Screenshot-….png)

On the subject of VNs, a lot of games by Key really got to me and taught me a lot. Kanon taught me a lot about the importance of memories and what they mean to us. It also taught me about how our actions, even those when we were children, affect those around us for a long time afterwards. Clannad taught me about the importance of family and the struggle with change. It taught me about being an adult and not to look down on people who may appear to be wasting their lives. Planetarian taught me to never take for granted the beauty of the natural world and how to find joy in the happiness of others. Here's one of my favorite quotes from Kanon.
>But I don't mind predictable stories. I mean… When you’re halfway through a story, you want to be able to look forward to a happy ending, right? You don’t want it to be sad, life’s tough enough without that. I believe that’s where fiction came from… people dreaming about a world where things end happily.


The best works of fiction end on a sad not.

The American
The Good Earth
Moby Dick

What you learned from VN is that happiness is some sort of goal, as opposed to experience and growth. No one grows with a happy ending. That's the ending to chick flicks for a reason.



Everyone needs an avenue of escape at some point. Having a nice clean story that buttons itself up at the end has its own benefits.

If all you ever have is shit, eventually you forget anything else exists. You need balance and there is more than enough content out there to provide that.


For that anon, they take solace in there medium of choice, in this case VNs.


I have several thoughts about this post. So, first of all, re: sad endings, I think what's important is two things. The first is that the quote I posted is great because of the context of the character and situation. Obviously, this makes it less than ideal to post randomly in hindsight, but I think it is a valid point. Hamlet's "My thoughts be bloody or nothing worth" speech only works because of who he is and the context, not because it is necessarily always true. I'm not trying to compare Kanon to Shakespeare, but the concept is important. Obviously, a different quote probably would have worked better though. Secondly, I think that in many respects, sad endings are still happy for the reader. A good sad ending has some sort of catharsis and logic behind it. As a reader, I accept the ending and I understand why it happened. I can grasp it logically. This is already a huge step up from life, where so often things feel as if they are just random or do not serve any purpose. So maybe the better way to put it is that people dream of a world where there is justice and logic behind tragedy, but it's a bit more cumbersome, isn't it? It should also be noted that the VNs I listed do not necessarily have happy endings themselves. Planetarian has a tragic ending, and Kanon has a bittersweet one. Clannad has a happy ending, but only after much hardship and tragedy.
>No one grows with a happy ending
This is something I just can't agree with. Character growth can happen well with happy or sad endings. Take Lord of the Rings as an example. Do we say that there was no growth for anyone, even though they ultimately defeat Sauron? Of course, all is not totally perfect, but overall, the ending can certainly be considered a happy one. Or, to use another Shakespeare example, are Beatrice and Benedick the same people at the end as they are at the beginning? Of course not. Just because things end up well does not mean you lose whatever lesson you learned along the way. Let's say I'm unemployed, and my goal is to get a job. If I work hard, clean up my appearance, practice interviewing, make my resume better, and ultimately find gainful employment, does that mean I didn't grow in the process? I don't know of anyone who would come to that conclusion.

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