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I remember I used to look at people with the handheld shower heads as losers. I think it had to do with all the jokes about women using them to masturbate. They just look so silly with that stainless steel tube dangling there. Then I purchased one (attached) and can't imagine going back to a regular shower head. It's super convenient when washing soap of your body, rinsing your hair, and taking care of your beard.

Anyone else used to hate something and then changed your mind about it after exposure?



As dumb as this sounds, and legitimately is, apple and there phones.

Honestly comes down to me being too poor to afford one, and when I finally got to use one it was after google started being evil tracking cock guzzlers so it made it easy to switch.

Up until last year I was an android guy through and through with an irrational hatred of apple, and now I’m an iToddler.


You've become an iSheep, congrats. Say goodbye to your ability to tweak and mod, if you ever did in the first place.


But apple is hated for a reason. The OP shower thing was irrational but apple is overpriced and technically less versatile so there's a reason to despise it.
TikTok. I thought the app was only for teenaged girls but there's some goos content hidden on there. I like the community driven OC aspect of it. Since OC is now "cringe" on imageboards I'm glad the next generation doesn't give a fuck and still makes memes.



Never really tweaked with my phone, just wanted the damn thing to work and not track me. Very hard to do that on Android. With Apple it’s at least direct to cut most of that shit off and they don’t have the google properties to track you across the web as easily.

Not that they don’t track you. They do. They’re just not as good at it IMO.


Apple is hated by people who would never buy the product in the first place. All comes down to what you want from a phone. For me that’s outlined above. I’ve become more privacy conscious as I’ve aged.

At this point I’m pretty much self hosting everything from my cloud storage to my search engine.


I'm a NextCloud and YaCy user also. My phone is LineageOS without any of the Google stuff. F-Droid as my main package manager, with Yalp to fill in the blanks. Thankfully Yalp has settings where you only see the apps that don't require Google services, and also a setting where you can ignore apps with ads. Of course, if you use Blokada, then ads don't matter.



Nice setup, I went the Seafile and searx route. Running everything containerized on a box in my house.

Sounds like a lotta work to setup the phone. How’s everything work since you flashed after market firmware? I could never get a really stable build, mind you this was year ago.


>privacy focused
This can't be real.



Please enlighten me on how they’re worse then google.


Where did I say that?
If you value your privacy, delete your internet and cut the cable. As soon as you're connected, you're being spied on. Easy as that. No OS will protect you from this. Especially not Apple.


What if I am running iOS inside of a Debian container that's installed as a virtual machine within TailsOS through a unix emulator on a Base Lineage ROM ?


Then you still wouldn't be in control of the internet provider who's obligated to give the government everything they want.
When you install your own infrastructure and shoot some satellites into space you may have your privacy.



Don’t disagree. Still worth being a harder target then the guy next to you.


Snark aside


I do run a lot of private infrastructure for what I can. I’ve also contemplated buying into the back haul for my state and running my own ISP. Costs are relatively minimal to do so for a city where wireless infrastructure is tenable.


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Fortnite. I honestly though it was just another fad game that the kids were hyping up because it was free to play, and that it was a simple game with quick game play. I played it with my nephew, and couldn't believe how complex it really is. It's a game that takes a lot of practice to get good at, and even longer to master. I guess it's a case of just hating things that are popular.

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