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/dep/ - depression

Complain about your shitty lives here, we can all wallow together. It'll be fun!


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The rest of my life is ahead of me. Infinite possibilities and winding paths of adventure. I know at the end there is death, but the journey is the reward.


do you ever consider the fact eventually you'll literally be decaying? Like, that's such a fucked up thought. Or cremated, so ash. Equally as fucking strange.



But does it matter in a sense? If you’ve already moved on to whatever you think the next stage is, why care about the previous stages vessel?

I mean I can understand that for atheists that this is probably more fucked up, but any spirituality provides you with some solace. (Regardless of the merits of said spirituality)


Even the most spiritual people have doubts, man. Nothing can be proven or disproven about the afterlife, so there's a hint of uncertainty. I bet even the most devout are at least somewhat afraid of what's going to happen when they die.



Absolutely I’m scared shitless, but at the end of the day I do take some solace in the fact that I feel like I’ll go on to something more. I have concerns and doubts all the time, that’s being human. It’s still easier to swallow and rationalize with spirituality then without.

Thinking inward and meditating on your beliefs helps me tremendously.


I really don't think there's anything after death, your consciousness just stops existing. I still have doubts as everyone, but spirituality just opens up way more questions to me than believing there is just nothing. Maybe I'm just not a faithful person or whatever. It doesn't really scare me though too much though, it does give me some badfeels but that's mostly just associated with dying to begin with and the idea of leaving the physical realm in any sort of way whether its going off to another dimension or just ceasing to exist all together.



Totally fair thought to have. Thinking there’s more helps me sleep at night personally. Call me a pussy or whatever else.

If your beliefs work for you then so be it brother.


fucking valentine's day

time to wank


I know that feel. I considered hiring a hooker just to cuddle with one year.


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Anyone that thinks Valentine day is anything more than emotional manipulation has watched too many chick flicks.

There is nothing more "love" about February. Appreciate the people in your life all year long. Also, if you are a male that catches feelings over a designated day of the year, you need to sort yourself out. At least females have an excuse, since it's all marketed toward them.

Find natural ways to boost your testosterone and start feeling better about yourself, your life, and the possibilities available to you.

tl;dr even your cat doesn't need you to survive.


wow, you sound bitter as hell

we can wallow mate, it doesn't mean we have low test.


tfw can't wank thanks to whiskey dick


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I fucking had the opportunity to fuck a beautiful woman with no strings attached and pussied out. I could be getting laid by a 9/10 right now fuck my life


Might be the way you are reading it.

It's not natural to wallow between 20 and 50.



It is if you’re fucked in the head. Mental illness is a doozy brother.


Yes it is, everyone fucking wallows at some point motherfucker. Where on earth did you get the 20 number? That's prime college time, aka when people have no idea what the fuck is going on and face major changes in their lives. Pretty reasonable it could fuck with someone.



You must be underage, because no 20 year old (or even 18 years old) would ever fucking agree with you.



Or he’s just a colossal sociopathic faggot.


What? People are always wallowing. You wallow in misery anytime some thing happens to you where the feeling you gives is more comfortable than fixing the problem. You wallow in anger after a bad day. You wallow in sadness after you lose love etc. It's a perfectly natural thing to expirience, unless you've never experienced any failure.


>prime college time
You're an adult. Stop being pampered. College isn't children. You have the mindset to make deductions and find solutions. Use that instead of your emotions. Wallowing isn't synonymous with experience. Everyone experiences failure, letting it consume your thoughts is just stacking failure on top of itself.

>Mental illness is a doozy
If it's mental illness, then it isn't normal, is it?

The CDC has published that Millenial males don't consider themselves adults until 27 and 25 for females. Emotional growth is stagnating and that's a serious issue. So although most current 20 year olds wouldn't agree, it is true that most 20 year olds are experiencing stunted growth, so still consider themselves children or transitioning into adulthood. Why is that? Maybe there are causes that keep young people from learning to cope and we should look for those solutions to that.

Just the last part.

Same with the response above. Wallowing in misery is not interchangeable with experience. Everyone loses a love, has a death in the family, and experiences failure. You shouldn't be wallowing in it after a point of maturity. Being disappointed with an outcome is not a reasonable excuse to focus heavily on despair or depression.

tl;dr get a hobby that produces something. completing tasks is a natural boost.


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it doesn't have to be a huge project, just something to help you center yourself



I grew up in a really shitty household and while I was able to get some associate degrees, I'm just now getting my life off the floor at 28.

I feel that for many, it's just easier to play vidya and not really give a fuck. Society is garbage. It's easy to get lost in escapism and have a difficult time finding your way out.

I think the problems my generation are seeing is only the beginning. I think it'll be worse down the road for others.

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