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So finalchan, what did you learn today? Today I learned by just existing as a white male im contributing to the scourge of America and I’m the sole reason for all of its racial problems.


Just breathing and living is oppressive.

> The fuck am I supposed to do? Just die?


> The fuck am I supposed to do? Just die?

Why not?



I saw this earlier today. It's media grasping at straws to sell division/outrage.

Clicks = Traffic = Ad Views = Profit

USA Today is an entire newspaper dedicated to people who have short attention spans. They don't go into depth about any topic. They are basically the Reddit of Associated Press.



Doesn’t seem like too bad of a movement. Unfortunately I’m a selfish prick and already have two kids. And before you say euthanasia, I do actually love them and my wife.


The commoditization of our attention and the fact that the masses will allow themselves to be bought for so cheap is extremely disheartening. I really didn’t want to think people were that stupid, but I had a friend remind me of something.

“Imagine an average human being. The. Realize that literally half of all people are dumber than that guy”

Shits depressing.


>already have two kids

You are currently .6 kids behind what is necessary to maintain a society. Get on it!



Well if I absolutely have to go hump another one into my wife there really isn’t much I can do about it. After all, it’s required for society so I have to do it!


File: 1553005395711.png (108.82 KB, 600x360, ClipboardIm….png)

You already did your part, and we salute your patriotism. I'll take over from here and put that .6 in your wife.



Something tells me you aren’t quite up to the job. You should go find another person who’s contributed nothing yet and make it happen.

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