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Anyone else feel empty? Suggestions for how to feel again or things to do.


It is as simple as doing something.

Go for a walk and pay attention to the small things. Ants, architecture, flourishes. It will activate your brain matter.

Build something. A productive hobby releases dopamine in levels not matched by passive entertainment. Video games don't count as a hobby. Collect bird feathers if your are poor. Try to id's tify their source.

Exercise greatly reduces depression and boosts self worth. Even if you are a fat fuck, exercise gets your body to trick your brain into thinking life is good.

Take a break from porn and the internet, especially any type of social networking site. Both are designed to overload your senses. A constant barrage of stimulation lowers your ability to take joy in stimulation, deadening the world around you.

Good luck faggot.


Look at qui-gon queer over here trying to deepen someone's life.


cough we already have a /dep/ thread cough


easier said than done anon when you can't even talk yourself into eating since even that takes too much effort. your advice, when it can work, does help. doing things helps, but mostly because you're just distracting yourself. exercise does have a proven effect, and diet as well. the best advice though is to seek medical professional help. sometimes this doesn't help either as the medication isn't effective, or they refuse to prescribe the medicine to you, or healthcare won't cover it, or your psychiatrist is a nutcase themselves, or you slip up on your wording and end up in 72 hour hold (in US at least).

depression is hard. best to just try and take things day by day and realize that everything is temporary, at least that's how I do it.

also >>11273 this


id also like to add on and say that video gaming is very much a hobby and not just passive entertainment. there is interraction, there is puzzle solving (brain workout), there is a lot of executive functioning involved in playing a game. that being said, video games can be addictive in certain peoples and that is not to be ignored.


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Fresh air, exercise, food, water, company, everything this guy said >>11270. But if you're really in a hole then all you can do is wait it out, your brain will eventually go back to "normal" depression that's more manageable.


drugs maybe

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