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(81.59 KB 888x1024 EV0NfsSX0AEMw57.jpg)
sexting kate 05/07/2020 (Thu) 13:20:29 No. 13239
i want to see how big your cocks are on whatsapp ;) [MEdit: details removed]
Edited last time by torrential on 05/07/2020 (Thu) 13:52:46.
(13.65 KB 310x202 manem.jpeg)
A torpedo isn't big enough for that.
(270.79 KB 1920x1080 mpv-shot0118.jpg)
sorry i was playing ecco
(43.51 KB 296x177 Sonar.png)
Holy shit. What level are you on? I don't think I ever saw that jellyfish, but I did spend most of my time doing tricks out of the water and blasting every other sea life with sonic blasts.
>What level are you on? I don't think I ever saw that jellyfish
Tube of Medusa
Which Pi are you using? How hard was it to setup? What type of controller?


I've been interested in doing this for a while. I own a lot of hardware, but it's becoming hard and expensive to hook it up to modern televisions. How is the emulation?
(982.86 KB 1080x1080 image.png)
(319.98 KB 2048x1364 D-4si64WwAYqy43.jpg)
im not sure, im not familiar with retro pi i just use a usb converter for my ps2 controller
(840.94 KB 485x318 dark.gif)
Does the force feedback work if you play modern games?
(226.35 KB 891x1400 1456163002183.png)
(273.63 KB 859x1250 1468544255193.jpg)
(60.55 KB 746x439 boy of stud.JPG)
(6.25 KB 225x225 index.jpg)
(462.54 KB 744x743 ki.png)
(65.86 KB 746x439 study boy.JPG)
(73.32 KB 1200x675 1488951147100.jpg)
(51.96 KB 540x304 boost-mobile-pigs.jpg)
(383.79 KB 500x566 jesus-2.png)
(86.71 KB 269x708 0001.png)
(158.67 KB 426x900 0232.png)
(68.02 KB 1259x838 1548120255601.png)
(213.22 KB 930x1200 1562072298613.jpg)
(211.37 KB 800x623 1587919716820.png)
(459.54 KB 1646x2412 D7LVYm3UIAA7NQZ.jpg orig.jpg)
(42.82 KB 700x559 D7Uh0J0XkAAsi5R.jpg)
(338.47 KB 960x1616 1587919806813.png)
(278.65 KB 960x752 1587919843490.png)
(372.48 KB 875x2048 EAaP4iFXkAAWDv6.jpg orig.jpg)
(1.83 MB 3541x5016 1555928030492.jpg)
(37.91 KB 788x789 1560385267539.jpg)
(474.29 KB 1000x2700 1560674808096.png)
(357.17 KB 840x2048 1560874538411.jpg)
(306.68 KB 934x2048 1560874571156.jpg)
(765.05 KB 1564x3138 1590339040966.jpg)
(135.73 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
(347.44 KB 746x439 1577993836564.png)
(256.84 KB 1286x886 1557020979122.png)


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