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File: 1476639685068.png (113.98 KB, 300x300, tmp_26547-0541157246631.png)


What sites you visit when doing internet? Im really bored




Judging by its name, its must be about final fantasy stuffs owo



this thread sums up my past 6 months


Yeah everyday just opening chan, even when working. Soo bored



feel free to join in with us at >>>/p/


File: 1476886545088.jpg (39.67 KB, 556x450, 81e9155c33b1d48c88eccf7ee0….jpg)

Damn me too. I remember when I used to to surf the internet and have fun visiting numerous websites. Now I do it out of habit and just browse like 3 or 4 sites and find no joy out of it.


Tbh my only ever read western comic is when planet hulk, ww hulk, civil war. I download it from torrent.

Yeah. The good ol times


File: 1476912506135.jpg (217.17 KB, 600x900, revival11.jpg)

Maybe you should update your pull list and read some new interesting stories. Stories like…




Rise of the Black Flame

With the exception of Watchmen, the others are all recent releases. Or pick up a tradebook like Old Man Logan or Revival.


File: 1482090578576-0.png (324.69 KB, 480x716, 1482012758091.png)

File: 1482090578576-1.jpg (738.87 KB, 724x7228, See ya later, space cowboy….jpg)

I browse:
And that is all. In all honestly, I should have stopped browsing 4chan in 2007 when it started going to shit, but I can't stop. Please send help.
One day, pic related will happen to all of us. I just don't want to live anymore, I am a slave to the chan.



For cars
4chans /o/


File: 1482103207226.jpg (483.78 KB, 770x800, ears.jpg)

Understanding new viewpoints doesn't mean forgetting your old ones. As long as there are posters it doesn't matter how the chan language is at the moment, the essence is the same.


File: 1482104426267.gif (49.21 KB, 200x200, 1468711202228.gif)

I get what you're saying, but that's not the problem. The 'essence' on 4chan used to be everything was for the lulz. Nobody really was seriously, everything was for fun.

Nowadays, after 4chan got so popular it started going downhill. For example, racist jokes. The racism was ironic, 4chan was actually pretty liberal. But then people came in and mistook it for actual racism, totally changing the 4chan culture. It's not about understanding new viewpoints, it's about the fact that the base concepts have totally changed. Now, it's always serious. I haven't had a good, unforced laugh on 4chan for years.


I agree. Understanding other viewpoints stops being valuable once those viewpoints disagree with you. Jokes stop being jokes once you realize the person saying those jokes thinks differently.


>For example, racist jokes. The racism was ironic, 4chan was actually pretty liberal
Actually, 4chan was apolitical, but when it came to politics, it would be "RON PAUL 2008!!!"
>But then people came in and mistook it for actual racism
More like that the jokes slowly became serious, as people realized they were based on fact, Thus, is called the Redpill.


File: 1482270396233.jpg (11.93 KB, 310x307, 1473504757371.jpg)

4chan was apolitical, but I mean they had mostly left leaning views on race and gays. It wasn't about being redpilled. Go on 7chan and make a racist joke, they'll call you a degenerate, and these are people like me that have been on 4chan since the beginning. Everyone on 4chan was accepting, and if you weren't you were basically ostracized. Then, after 2007, 4chan was so popular people came from all over the internet, including shitty sites like 9gag. It's the difference between posting an actual graph trying to show how blacks are inferior, and making fun of stereotypes through a graph saying "for every watermelon a black man eats, his lips grow 0.01 cm." The newfags didn't know it was a joke, and totally overwhelmed the actual people, but thankfully mods/moot would ban people that polluted /b/. You're part of the problem. I don't know if you go on /b/ or not, but most people on there are exactly like you, and try to call themselves oldfags by justify their degeneracy.



There is no one on finalchan old enough to have been a 4chan oldfag. Try again.


Trips confirm.


literallly me

also literally me

good post


holy cow, that's on point

4chan turned into the racist pedophile faggot it always pretended to be


nice trips

also that depends on who you consider an oldfag; tho that discussion is, and oldways has been, pointless.
the truth is that people heard about this hacker naemd 4chan and thought they'd found the place to let out their mental waste.

Just goes to show that cancer rests within the ordinary person's mind. /b/ used to offer a good mix of all ideas. Now it's only all the worst things. In part I blame moot for forcing the idiots from /pol/ into /b/.

Other than that, this was bound to happen. 9gag humanised the site; when's the last time you saw a proper, original gore thread on /b/? I'm personally repulsed by it, but it certainly served a purpose.

Now I come to finalchan to have somewhat of a pleasant discussion although at a turtle's pace.

Are there any good english speaking chans on TOR?


File: 1482333343810.png (4.93 KB, 200x200, img_logo_bluebg_2x.png)

go back.


>who is an oldfag
Isn't it obvious? All that matters is if you can triforce or not.
▲ ▲
Also, there's some nntpchan nodes on tor, though I'm not sure of the post quality, as I haven't checked in a while.




▲ ▲


>  ▲
▲ ▲


8ch /cow/


File: 1484499893959.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, tmp_11881-giphy-1197170273.gif)

>Everyone on 4chan was accepting, and if you weren't you were basically ostracized.
yes, this makes perfect sense


File: 1484725751069.jpg (270.09 KB, 610x403, usb.jpg)

>when's the last time you saw a proper, original gore thread on /b/?

From what I have experienced, /b/ seems to have quite many interesting waves of posting

For example, /b/ had proper guro threads going on for a while and they even managed to run a loli thread marathon up to 330 thread with all of those threads archived.

But yeah, it has been a while since good old rekt threads have been popping up. Last year, my friend introduced me into to this chan culture by 4chan rekt threads. Those were common back in 2015, but now a days they seems to have gone or they are considered too edgy so normies in /b/ will bump other threads instead


File: 1491224161490-0.gif (500.17 KB, 300x268, 8462fa4ba4159df56f1f8babd3….gif)

File: 1491224161490-1.jpg (55.42 KB, 863x534, chicago_crime_gang[1].jpg)

File: 1491224161490-2.gif (851.12 KB, 2970x2400, race.gif)

I will tell you my evolution:
>wow, what edgyness, forbidden fruit for my young mind
>venture into laughing at racist shit
>start not giving a fuck, and laugh my ass off and do lots of racist jokes.
At this point the internet was so fucking different. If I had to explain it to someone (and I never did, because it was my secret hobbie) I would have sworn it was all a joke! Even the concept of ironic shitposting didn't exist back then.
Stuff was seen as jokes, not irony.
>start growing up, in this context. I don't give a fuck, and racism and sexism and whatever is just background noise to me.
>start realizing that the concept of all races being equal holds no ground outside of the mind of idealists and the simple minded
>I embrace that races are significantly different. Wouldn't support genocidal regimes because they usually entail much more, but god I'd like to make so much demographic cullings.

so basically this pic >>6747 but applies to my perception of race (see my three pics)
>lol racism! (racism as a joke)
>>2011 >still acting like niggers >still crying racism and expecting affirmative action without taking a look at the damaging elements of your community (racism as cultural realism, but just cultural)
>get off my planet (pic speaks for itself, biological racism as perfectly sound scientific theory)


2011 was a mistake


File: 1491790808257.jpg (32.09 KB, 408x419, 1354805107072.jpg)

indeed, 2011 was when shit started hitting the fan for good

so yes, everything about 2011 was a huge misstep, I agree.


pic related, this is me in …. in 2011 actually


File: 1511999615965.png (842.46 KB, 1700x1700, kelly.png)

Greetings from https://mewch.net


File: 1512008684756.png (175.28 KB, 1920x1080, tough-guy.png)


File: 1517197375590.png (680.74 KB, 701x451, yidz.PNG)

> 4chan was apolitical, but I mean they had mostly left leaning views on race and gays

No they didn't

>The newfags didn't know it was a joke

Shills still trying to negate the appeal of white supremacy by pretending we're only joking.



You're the fucking cancer that killed /b/. Moot would have never sold had it not turned into such a shit show from people like you infesting the board.

Now its all just racist bullshit and porn. Everyone who was sensible is gone, and all you "red pilled" fuck tards pollute the dead corpse of what was once a cultural hub.


File: 1517233806008.png (480.6 KB, 824x631, smug.png)


Was on 4ch since 2005; The political chart threads were 90% left leaning libertarians. /b/ used to organize raids against Hal Turner

Btw; the "appeal of white supremacy" is blaming other people for your shortcomings


File: 1517359056683.webm (8.7 MB, 1484x1080, partyhard.webm)

chanology was a mistake


File: 1517376870971.jpg (521.75 KB, 1275x1317, 1024224-dark_avengers_ares….jpg)

I started there probably in 2009/2010 and it still wasn't primarily racist. The stigma was certainly there and everyone joked about it, but that stuff wasn't nearly as bad as it is today. There was subtle /pol/ overflow thanks to SJWs being a thing, and then it exploded once GG happened. Now we have 8ch, which was pretty great at first but is now filled almost completely with brainwashed underage /pol/tards.


8ch isn't the worst thing in the world if you know which boards to stick to (or really stay away from). /tech/ is an okay technology board (certainly better than 4/g/) and /christian/ is surprisingly an okay religion board, other than having shit moderation.

The real problem with 8ch (other than /pol/tards everywhere) is ironically enough the appeal of "make your own board," which causes a shit ton of community schisms due to shit moderation or drama and dead boards that make this place look like one of the more popular 4chan boards.


I'm ashamed to say I've started to frequent pleebbit over the past two years. It's like the opposite of 4chan: /b/ first attracted me back in 2008 but when it went to shit I actually started to look more into the other boards.
reddit offers such a variety of communities, I originally signed up for the sake of a few niche interests and to talk to people on a few subreddits specific to countries I have spent parts of my life in. The default subs that land on the front page on an hourly basis are pure, concentrated cancer. Unfortunately I do get sucked in sometimes and feel like a dumber person after each session. Trying to kick the habit now.

haven't been to 8chan in years, soudns like I didn't miss much



Reddit has its uses no shame in browsing.

Infinity is a shit show. Its getting spill over from 4ch4n.


File: 1517770735640.webm (2.14 MB, 1280x720, dog rp.webm)

yeah, same, despite how censor-heavy & upvote-whoring everything is there.

The 2016 election nuked 4chan bad.
The craziest ones kept getting themselves banned, and migrated to 8chan. Now, they ban anyone who doesn't buy their groupthink enough.

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