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Hey Finalchan, its Friday!
How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?
What are you:
Playin, drinkin, watchin, eatin?
Check in here!


File: 1505507568911.jpg (76.39 KB, 675x900, 1505316873051.jpg)

I'm going fishing tomorrow with a buddy from school.
Im going to try to hang out with this 70 year old toolmaker i know and see if he can teach me some shit. Hes one of those guys thats forgotten more about the industry im in then ill probably ever know.
Im probably gonna buy this bass for shits and giggles too.
This week was normal. Im gonna try starting to lose some weight and get a little fit, so far im doing ok. I think im really gonna do it this time. Im counting calories and shit. Im doing some body weight exercises now too

As for tonight, not sure if im going to stay at home and drink or go out for a drive, then drink. Will update when i figure it out.

Happy Friday!


File: 1505518950883.jpg (12.43 KB, 281x236, bah.jpg)

Horrible week. Stayed late at work every day and still aren't complete with the weeks tasks. Had to go to a meeting at 4pm on a FRIDAY (who does that shit?), and have to run around this weekend trying to get parts and pieces to get a project completed Monday morning before a city inspection that's already been scheduled.

Fuck this week and fuck this life.


my week was shit. i had job orientation and had to sit through 4 hours of safety training, along with having 4 assignments due.

it's friday though, and now i'm just shitposting and gonna make a coffee, so i guess it's getting a bit better.


Hey man at least you're starting a new job, congrats. What kind of coffee, anything good?


As it turns out I did neither, I watched the Yankees woop the oriels and ate soup and played with hank. Gotta be up early for fishin


Just a bag of Tim Hortons. It's kind of meh in the bag compared to actually buying a cup, but I don't mind.


File: 1505597302236.gif (2.96 MB, 390x400, 1477875924301.gif)

My week was mostly the same as all of the others are.
I'm a few weeks into the new semester, so I'm still getting most things into place. I had a German test on Friday, which frightened me, as I haven't taken a German course in a year, so I'm still rusty. I also fucked up on an assignment for another course, and ended up submitting the practise questions instead of the assigned ones.
The local art store was having a sale, so I got some frames and canvas rolls at a fairly nice bargain.
Added 5 more jobs to my list of places that I've applied to. The job market in this town is absolute shit.

Today, I went around to some bookstores to look for a gift for a family member. Other than that, I'm most likely to just work on the coding for my game, as I want to smooth out the mechanics as soon as I can. Unfortunately, the language I'm working in is no longer being supported, so any help I'm getting now is from archived threads.


Caught a couple fish, nothing special


It was just a week. Just another week, you know? A lot of weeks feel like I'm floating through life, not really living. Yeah, there were plenty of things I had to do. But I never feel really engaged, like any of it actually matters. I don't know. I'm glad for the weekend I guess.

All I want to do is play some Hentai High School Plus but my roommate is here and he can see my computer screen


File: 1506143474360.jpg (16.47 KB, 286x358, dontclap.jpg)

I had a nice bottle of wine this evening. It said "vintage 2016," which to me seems to be not vintage at all. However, it was alright. Also had some amaretto mixed with Mountain Dew green label, which was surprisingly good. Found out that surprisingly when I'm drunk I'm more pious. Almost looked up the Vespers Liturgy to recite it. Now I'm chilling with some easy mac as I usually do to stave off hangovers. God bless.

Pic entirely unrelated. It's just that when you have a pic you get more (you)s


i haven't done much. and though i'm pretty much a NEET once again i have realized how much time i have wasted. i have contemplated grinding more art fundamentals. it is perhaps what i am the best at the moment.
not watching or playing but listening to some music, embed related

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