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Is this a good place for a 4chan refugee?

Sick to fucking death of dick rate,trap,furry,cut/uncut,wwyd, general 14y/o schoolboy horseshit threads and shitposting fuckwads. I can't believe it's taken me 8+ years to move on.

Only found finalchan last night, so give me some indication of what to expect guys, been on the hunt for a suitable alternative and maybe this is it??
I'll drop some OC and maybe throw open the discussion to the relative benefits of being married to a horny milf, as opposed to trying to score one nighters with young fitties.


Plus; She doesn't expect you to have a porn star body and horsecock.

Minus;she doesn't have a porn star body


Eh, you aren't alone with your image board history. There's no shortage of teenagers just learning to be edgy, so the content on 4chan is forever stuck in the mindstate of a 16-20 year old.

Welcome to finalchan, where it's slow as shit and people have actual conversations. Nice to come across another married person. How long have you been together?


welcome; feel free to join us in IRC


13 years together, 10 married next month. Gets better by the year too.

So, it's relatively shitpost free around here then? I've always used 4chan to stay in touch with youth culture, got 16y/ o boy living with his mum and when I get to see him it really helps to have an insight into his world, but fuck me you gotta wade through some shit to make any progress!

Anyway, to keep the thread on topic,
Plus;she knows exactly what to tickle, and when.
Minus;she can be much more about getting her jollies than mine


TY, will do.


I've seen this place described as "The Working Man's Chan" it's slow as shit and you may not get a response for days, weeks even months but it's comfy as fuck.


I've been married 13 years. No kids. We need to get started on that.

Pros: She knows what to do to get me motivated.

Cons: We're both getting fat.


Op here. First wife and I have a son, but new, better wife number 2 doesn't want kids for which I am eternally grateful.

Plus;doesn't want kids
Minus;will never see those fantastic tits full to bursting.


Ok. You're gonna need to talk me through this. I am black belt in coal and petrol powered technology, but computah is powered by white man's magic. How does one simply join you in IRC?


It's very easy, if you want to join IRC simply then you just click the "IRC" link in the boardlist at the top or bottom of the site. This'll take you to a page with an embedded IRC client in it so you can access IRC from your web browser (usually IRC is accessed through desktop clients).

If you don't know what IRC is, it's a way to chat instantly with other people. It's based around chat rooms, and it's one of the oldest forms of internet communication. If you have any more questions, the people in the IRC will be more than glad to help you. The IRC can be slow sometimes, so don't let that deter you from staying if you don't get a response for a little while.


>Sick to fucking death of dick rate,trap,furry,cut/uncut,wwyd, general 14y/o schoolboy horseshit threads and shitposting fuckwads

How the fuck did you stay on /b/ for that long without noticing those things?


>"The Working Man's Chan"
AKA Normiechan


I noticed them from the outset. It's just the sheer number of them over the last couple of years that's become too much. The place has always been riddled with schoolboy bullshit, but that's part of its charm. Time was you could filter it out easily enough by lurking in decent threads with interesting content but those days are now, in my mind at least, over. Once exif was scrubbed a rich vein of amusement was removed, then moot fucked off and a lot of the intelligent life went with his departure. Since then it's degraded into utter bilge but it's still tricky to drop it completely. I probably lost two hours there last night baiting US thickies into spittle flecked bouts of premium autismo rage regarding their appalling choice of president. Some habits are hard to drop, like wanking, picking your nose, and clown baiting.


Ok, I'm pretty sure my kindle browser (silk) doesn't want me to enjoy the delights of irc.
Have a phone with chrome but it's a works phone and nsfw stuff is nsfw, or so I'm lead to believe. Anyone know any swerves that'll get me in ?


What kind of kindle is it? If you can install android apps, you can probably install an IRC app onto it.


File: 1508547545699.jpg (15.8 KB, 398x384, 1472782899156.jpg)

I can always do with more of those tits



This, can't get enough tits

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