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What did you do today to be better than yesterday finalchan?
Are you stronger, smarter, or better at your job?
Post what your learning or trying to accomplish.

As long as you take a step everyday you'll make it.


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I'm trying to lose 100lbs, and I'm succeeding.
I started at 280, now down to 260
Before I started, I had no idea how much I should be eating. My family always had big dinners, and when I played football or worked construction, I was probably burning 5000 calories a day, and could eat absolutely whatever I wanted. I would regularly eat until I was completely full. After my physical activity dropped off, I put on 20lbs, then another when I went off most of my add meds that kept my appetite reasonably in check.
I realized I had to change when I literally wore all the chrome off the top of my belt buckle with my stomach.


Keep Exercising even i cant afford enough food


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What’s key to know, is that there is NO. SUCH. THING. AS A DIET. You must PERMANENTLY change what you eat, otherwise you will regain the weight. Your body burns a certain number of calories each day. When you lose weight that amount decreases. If your diet is not a permanent change, your body will go back up to the weight you’re eating for.
Use this to figure out your number. Put in no exercise. Eat less than that number to lose weight. The less you eat, the more you lose.

I’m using an app called My Fitness Pal to track all the food I eat. The app is the biggest single factor in my weightloss. It has almost all prepackaged foods in it so you just scan a barcode and it puts it in. Otherwise I got a kitchen scale and I weigh everything. If you cant do that, just estimate, or see what the app tells you is a reasonable amount. It gives you a goal to lose weight, but you can eat far less then the goal and see results much quicker. My goal to lose 2lbs a week is 2000 calories, but I eat at 1200 during the week, and 1600 during the weekend, all depending if my mom is cooking or not, if we go out, or if I have time. Im losing around 4.5lbs per week. Im a little hungry, but I don't starve.

Before I counted my calories, I had no idea what is even a reasonable amount of food for a person to eat, or how much calories were in any food. I've been using MFP for about a month and I'm already better at estimating portion sizes and calorie amounts. A healthy relationship with food is a skill I never had, and I'm learning it slowly.


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>>7865 (You)
The three components of changing your body are what you eat, how much you eat, and exercise.
>How much you eat
If you eat less than your tdee you will lose weight. Also reminder, spot reduction is a myth. You cannot lose fat from a certain area (belly, love handles etc). Fat distribution is entirely genetic. The only way to lose fat from somewhere is to lose it everywhere.
>What you eat
This is import for health and muscle retention If you eat 1500 cal of junk food a day, you will lose weight, but you will be bloated, feel like shit, have bad health effects, will lose muscle and will be starving all day. The bloating comes from the salt, which makes you retain water weight. Youll see if you eat really salty food, your weight will shoot up for a day or two. This can be pretty disheartening, but its ok, it will go away. The other key is the muscle. If you don’t eat enough protein, you will lose a lot of muscle along with your fat. I try to hit the protein goal in MFP everyday
Along with protein, exercise (lifting specifically) is very important to how good you look at the end of your cut. If you do not lift, you will probbaly end up as a skinnyfat. You know the guys that were always skinny, but got a gut as they got older? the guys that looks like a lowercase b on stilts? Those guys. Its better than being obese, but still not attractive. Lifting keeps you from losing the muscle you inherently have from hoisting your fat ass around. While on a diet you will not gain a lot of muscle when you lift, but you will gain strength, and you won’t lose much muscle you do have.

I will keep this thread updated.


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I went to Purdue for 2 weeks and took a class that was 13 hours long each day, plus 3 hours of team homework each evening.

Graduated from Construction Management. At the graduation each person that passes is awarded with a gold colored hard hat.

Partied with college girls on the last night. Was a good time. A++



I'm suddenly interested in Purdue athletics


post hard hat


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Watch these.


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Hit 40lbs lost today.

Holidays held me back like a month



Good on you man, in the process of doing my own weight loss. Keep at it!


I got the dishes done quicker today.

I'm a NEET so that's definitely a no.

I'd like to at least start doing something as well as trying new things and improving on them each day. That was my new years resolution for this year.


Trying to get my mile time consistently under 8 mins. I'm down to consistently under 9.

One more to go.

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