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File: 1515361422351.png (38.86 KB, 328x328, nfl_playoffs.png)


Any other /r/esidents watching the wildcard weekend? Jags did gud, and I'm excited to see the saints corn hole carolina.


Yee, the games have been pretty good. I don't have a team, but as long as the patriots lose, I'm happy.



Gotta disagree there. I'm a Pats fan, but watching the jags play was great to see. And the saints carolina game did not disappoint.


File: 1515389157394.png (539.88 KB, 864x6616, 2018-01-05-BandwagonGuide2….png)



Been watching since Bledsoe. Regardless, great image right there.



>No reason to bandwagon the Patriots

Whitest team in the NFL. Their success is a pretty big statement, even if not meant to be.



Eh I don't think whiteness has much to do with it. More or less the culture they breed.

Look at blount. Dude was a washed up has been before he went there. Now he's a legit RB.

Should be thanking the Pats for reviving his career after Tampa.



Did you just imply that race has nothing to do with culture? Are you trying to strip away black culture from the NFL?

>current year

>right side of history


File: 1515688561502.jpg (25.19 KB, 500x361, 25158376_135568043818201_5….jpg)


Careful dude that's a mighty sharp edge you got there.

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