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How long ago was Triggered Faith?

Is museum anon still around? He had some interesting gaming gear.

Whatever happened to that anon that was in love with his cousin? The last I remember she was getting married in a month, and then anon disappeared. Did he check out of life?



Can't imagine wanting to diddle your cousin is sane behavior. Maybe he an heroed.

Or it worked out and there just creating genetically unstable off spring.



Triggered Faith was a year ago


He's still around here lurking


You can marry your cousin in most states outside of the Eastern portion of the US.

When Brits first came here, the wealthy would marry their cousins to keep the money in their own family. Securing a future for their offspring. This of course created a class system that made everyone jealous, so laws were passed for the "good of the nation" that required a further distance between those betrothed.

It's one of the earliest cases of wealth redistribution in the United States. The increased percentage of having a child with a birth defect is similar to that of an 18-24 year old woman having a child, which is when a great portion of the population begins to reproduce anyway. The exception is if there is already a genetic mutation present in your family, and it's more likely to show up if the married couple are related on the father's side of the family.



I stand by my statement, though that may have more to do with my up bringing then anything else. Being from the south that type of thing js policed pretty sternly.

Plus the whole concept of inter family relations has always turned my stomach a bit due to my biases.


>jews wont let me marry my cousin.

Is this peak Alabama?



More like peak Louisiana. Bama are more pig fuckers than cousin fuckers.

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