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>tfw confessing my love to my oneitis sometime this week
>she's probably going to take me back but the alternative is that I make a fool of myself and (possibly) ostracize myself from my entire group of friends
>couldn't get to sleep last night until 5 in the morning
>going insane with worry about what's going to happen, and feel constantly sick to my stomach thinking about her with the person she's currently half-dating
>she's moving soon so I'll never see her again in a few months if she still won't talk to me
>have to tell her because I'll live the rest of my life regretting it if I don't
I am probably going to move to Indonesia and just be a farmer or some shit if this doesn't work. Maybe I can learn kung fu as well. I promise I'm not in High School, I'd be on 4/8chan if I were

Are you with anyone currently, finalchan? Do you love them? Do they love you?


>Half dating
That alone concerns me anon.


It's sort of a long story
>she's roommates with my friend, his gf, and 2 other guys
>she was groped by a tinder date and now doesn't really trust men, has never had sex as well
>end up going out with her, best date of my life, pretty sure i'm in love with her at this point
>a couple days after this we end up getting into a bad argument because she misinterpreted something i said as me pressuring her into sex
>she stops talking to me altogether
>apparently she got drunk and started crying in front of her roommates because she liked me a lot and it had turned out i was some kind of rapist
>barely even makes eye contact with me anymore, and I don't do anything out of fear of makimg things worse
>this continues for a year, with me basically living in hell and being hopelessly in love with her, regretting what happened more than anything I ever have in my life
>she doesn't date anyone for about 8 months, until last november when she went out with a guy from the internet
>they break up, presumably because he tried to sleep with her
>saw her with some pothead the last time i was over there and felt like i was going to throw up
>he's obviously trying to fuck her, and even though I know she won't sleep with him I realize I have to do something
And now I've resolved to explain myself and tell her i love her like I should have done last fucking year. I know she at least felt the same way I do about her once, and I can only pray she still does.

I'll report back once I do, I'm only really posting about this because I feel I need to talk to SOMEONE.


Godspeed anon.


Let us know what happens my dude. Godspeed and Good luck



Any updates?


I saw her but wasn't able to talk to her because reasons, I'll try again on saturday and we'll see how it goes.

I think she wants to date the other guy and he's trying to fuck her, but it's not going to happen, and if it does they won't have sex.



Honestly anon, sounds like you need to move on.

You can analyze and find reasons for the events of life all you want, but it doesn't make them true for anyone but yourself. The world is compilation of experiences and hers is likely to differ from yours.

Love isn't a one-shot thing. I know it currently feels impossible, but the sooner you accept it is what it is, the healthier you will feel.



Consider moving on dude. Plenty of women out there and emotional connections can't be abone sided thing. It would be healthier to find someone else than try and swoon the one who has eyes for someone else.


I still haven't been able to talk to her, but yeah I'm going to have to move on after this, but it'll probably just be sex. I can't really see loving anyone but her, again I PROMISE I'm not 15 so I'm done romantically.

Don't get the wrong idea here though, she may have already told that other guy to fuck off. And if anything I'm the one interfering in HIS relationship with her, since the only reason we aren't together is that she kind of thinks I'm insane now due to the misunderstanding I mentioned earlier. When our relationship fell apart it kind of fucked her up emotionally, and that was after only one date. Also she's a virgin who's afraid of physical contact with people she doesn't know well enough, due to a tinder date sexually assaulting her. So she's not having sex with ANYONE


Grab your nuts together and at least talk to her dude.


You hesitated a lot, only say her, maybe she is ashamed after the argument because she misinterpreted you and she can't acept her fault and avoid you.


File: 1521071208961.jpg (33.19 KB, 617x455, 224230.jpg)

My suggestion would be straight forward truth. But not in a creepy way. It should be common sense, to speak about your problems with the person that is partially (or fully) responsible for the reason why you feel like that. Maybe she will understand you, maybe she won't, or she will be weirded out by your sudden approach. Women operate by following their own and other people's feelings so keep that always in mind.
Observe her reaction once approached, and act accordingly to how she responds. Just keep your spaghetti in your pants and man up for the girl that you like. It will feel better for you, to get that problem out of your mind
A year is a long time. A lot might have changed. Ask her out for a coffee or something. Chat with her about her life, how she has been doing lately. Keep calm, let the conversations flow naturally and you'll be fine. You can do it, anon. And even if she says no, it's not the end of your life.


>She's apparently now in a polyamorous relationship with three people, the guy, her manipulative and parasitic friend, and some other girl
>they haven't had sex but they're probably going to get her high and sleep with her
>currently calling the cops to get them arrested


Okay I'm sorry if this isn't of general interest, but I've gotta make another post because it is SO much worse than I thought. She has a friend who's a really, really bad influence, and said friend made up a story about being raped so she can live with her out of 'safety'. The friend and the guy have been fucking, and now they've basically brainwashed her. She gets high all the time and spends basically every waking moment with at least one member of her 'relationship'. So they're absolutely going to get her high so they can fuck her.

I am in fucking hell.


File: 1521807377247.png (139.21 KB, 272x546, 1400353111564.png)


you know what you must do



Pretty much this. Sounds like you didn't know the girl as well as you think you do, made up a complete backstory in your head, and feel like you knew the her "on the inside".

Apparently you didn't know, and don't know, anything about what she's really got going on. You are an acquaintance, not even in the running to be a romantic interest. Time to cut your losses. She's trash and trashy people bring you down. Don't morn for too long, it's a learning process. A lot of people go through a very similar experience. Chalk this one up to wisdom.


I promise that's not the case, all of her roommates have the same opinion on this. She's pretty naive and has consumed a lot of tumblr kool-aid.

She's absolutely getting played here, her friend and the guy both want to fuck her and I think it's not a coincidence at all that the friend moved in with her, and that the guy had her do it so she could convince her to join in this 'relationship' focused entirely on them getting to fuck her. I saw her the other day and she seems to be under the impression that this is some kind of 'free love' thing where they all go on innocent group dates, and not that she's been tricked into joining a drug dealer's harem. I really need to do something about this now, if it ends with us not being together then so be it, but I refuse to watch this happen to her.



Anon, I'm telling you this with your best interest at heart here. You are trying to pull someone who is toxic out of the deep. I've tried the same thing and failed twice.

To give you some background my two best friends (talking known them since we we're little kids) we're like brothers to me. I tried to help them out any chance I got. Got them on where I worked doing digital design and video editing. They both ended up spiraling into drug abuse and fucking me over. I had to cut both of them off. I had to move on and take care of my self.

You have to do the same because if you don't you're going to kill your self trying to save someone who does not want to be saved. Anyone who is willing to submit themselves to that is no thinking with anyones best interests at heart, and has no desire to do so. You will be brought down, you will not bring this person up.

> tl;dr don't hand yourself for this person it's not worth it.


I get what you're saying, and I honestly agree. A good chunk of my family arw drug addicts and alcoholics, including my brother. But the thing with her is that she WASN'T toxic. So if there's a chance then I have to try, but I won't go beyond that.


Your tenacity is admirable anon. Everything about this situation sounds unsalvageable though.
If you really do go through with this, I hope you have the courage to bail when things go south.


God's speed, but this sounds like a train wreck to me. Regardless I wish you the best and send good vibes your way. Sounds like you're going to need them.

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