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File: 1522632851770.png (203.74 KB, 375x430, balls.png)


What do you eat, finalchan?

Recently I've started just microwaving these and eating them plain or with a piece of cheese. They're essentially pizza pockets but cheaper and better for you.


File: 1522634222047.jpg (35.04 KB, 570x428, Snakmaster-2.jpg)

I have this 1980s snakmaster it makes the best grilled cheeses and it can make amazing hot deli sandwiches.


File: 1522634761742.jpg (413.7 KB, 1024x2048, InstantPotCollage.jpg)

I've been eating a lot of good meals made easy using the Instant Pot.

The thing is pretty amazing.


I eat mostly candy. Reeses, Raisinets, Skittles. I eat combos sometimes. Usually a little food once a day like a salad or something


File: 1522644562502.jpg (101.83 KB, 500x566, 2013_9_23_1178_001.jpg)

Lots of ramen

>Pic related

And lots of udon and sushi.


Do you eat ramen by choice?


I personally do (not who you're replying to). Shin is a good brand of instant ramen, I always have a 5 pack of Shin Ramyun red on hand.



Yeah, something to be said to boiling up some eggs and steaming some veggies with noodles. IDK why but a damn it's good.


File: 1522906909285.png (1002.4 KB, 625x586, img_3334.png)

I'm going to introduce /r/ to the food of the Gods. I'm 100% sure that the Olympians were referring to Roundas when they spoke about their ambrosia. Add BBQ sauce after every bite to ensure maximum YUM.


File: 1523153373373.jpg (11.52 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


These things are disgusting. The inside turns into hot lava that destroys your mouth. I shall not be tempted by your false proclamations!


Even worse mouth burn than pizza rolls or hot pockets tbh

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