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Does anyone else feel like we shouldn't add any more boards? It would divide the traffic, and /r/ fills the same role any supposed boards would.



I can agree with this. Especially with how dead some if the other boards here are. Ever tried posting on >>>/a/ it's deader than a door nail.


If we could relocate old threads then having only /r/ and one or two other boards would be a good idea. If I remember correctly 4chan originally only had /a/ and /b/.


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Our /an/ board is shit though. No one wants to be a weeb anymore. Pretending to be a faggot is no longer cool. Now we all pretend to be Chad.


Actually if we could move every thread that's currently up to /r/ then we wouldn't need the rest. Just maybe have that and /sp/.


we should probably keep the current /p/, remove /an/ and /v/, and honestly maybe even /e/.



do you really want /co/ mixed in with your /r/ ?

remove /an/, /v/, and /t/


There isn't enough content for it to be a problem, /r/ is just random.


you misread my friend, i said we should *keep* /co/


And I was disagreeing? They hardly get any posts aside from the new comics threads, and like WWE they can be confined to a single general.


It's just the way you said
>do you really want /co/ mixed in with your /r/ ?
you're asking me if i want /co/ mixed with /r/ when i suggested the opposite.

Anyways, i see your point


File: 1525610970009.gif (1.99 MB, 480x292, op.gif)

Hey dummies, there's more than just two of you in this thread. You're both arguing over my comment, not each others.

Welcome to image boards.


Yeah, I was somewhat confused, I don't know if this is this guy's >>9132 first day on site or what.

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