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Was lurking 8/b/, found this poll. Finalchan is leading!


>you have already voted on N this poll.

I don't remember that. How old was the thread you found the link in. I think, This is from November's exodus.


Earlier today. Tho, the user said this was a pretty old poll.


34 now for Finalchan.

Though usually these things are just users of a certain chan voting for the one they use. I bet if you posted the poll to a larger imageboard, they could easily hop over us.


Please rename /s/ to Site. This board hostes more than just suggestions and complaints.


Images I post aren't appearing anymore. For example… I can post replies without files but when I post with one it never shows up/takes a very long time to appear. Can you fix this problem?


If you mean what I think you mean, your posts show up instantaneously as soon as they're uploaded to the server. It's just your end, which I can't do much about unfortunately. If your post doesn't show up on your end, the best thing to do is clear cache and refresh (keyboard shortcut: ctrl+shft+r).


very neat trick. Thanks for the info. Also I don't save anything into a cache for my browser. It's turned off.

File: 1463478197630.png (5.36 KB, 468x60, read the ru….png)


Since I hate the stickies that feature rules, I thought that maybe we could have banners under the post form that told you to read the rules and/or FAQ. If you clicked the banner, it would take you to the FAQ or rules page.
Made one we could use.
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You forgot the option for "gtfo"


>strawpoll now requires a captcha

What the fuck?


You can set there to be a captcha on your poll if you want, it's not required.


why would you set a captcha on a poll for a website that doesn't use it?


File: 1463512861807-0.jpg (30.77 KB, 680x383, polls-close….jpg)

File: 1463512861807-1.jpg (40.45 KB, 400x500, polls-close….jpg)

25% for your suggestion.
75% against.

Mods are fags but looks like they did this one right.

File: 1463500920710.gif (684.75 KB, 600x600, ajGo6O4.gif)


How come finalchan doesn't have a catalog or HTTPS support?

gif unrelated.


We have catalog, there are links at the top and bottom of the page to access it.

As for SSL, that's a planned feature. I'm not sure when we'll get it though.


You can post with out an image. Even the OP can w/o an image.


File: 1463501327871.jpg (160.56 KB, 500x353, noob_ville.jpg)

In other words, lurk moar.


Orange text? It would be very simular to green text, however, you would end the line of text with < and the text would become orange. This feature was once on 4chan.


I don't necessarily see the point to having it? Greentext is used for quoting, red text is used for headings, so what would orange text be used for?




I might implement it on /sp/ then.


Admins, please add a feature "Preview post". You would click this before making a post to see how it would look. This would be useful to see if you used the correct syntax for changing text style, aswellas other minor things.


Suggestion will be taken into account the next time we discuss site planning.

In the meantime, I suggest reading http://finalchan.net/faq.html and lrn2imgbrd

File: 1463357298334.jpg (23.42 KB, 250x331, ede1273ce32….jpg)


I started a new thread on /v/ and it didn't appear, why is this?
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File: 1463357670818.png (312.58 KB, 398x400, 441d87263d8….png)

Yep, thanks fam


If you are on voat, make sure you give us an upboat at /v/chanlist


Sic transit gloria mundi.


File: 1463373003218.png (229.76 KB, 1024x643, tumblr_nk5u….png)

>being this triggered
>over le ebin meems


Issue has been resolved, thread os getting locked.



Im tipping most people use 1984 when browsing. Can we make it so you can force anon on all boards except /sp/?


That'd be a bit hard to implement, I can look into it, but don't count on it. Sorry.


Can't we have all the Linux and distro posting in a general thread in /t/?


>Admins upgraded to 5.1.2, no bugs and issues, no one noticed downtime
haha nice


Between 4.9.93 and 5.1.2 alot of stuff was broken. glat they waited out until 5.1.2


I was just on your site yesterday for the first time… how odd to see you here today.

small world.


I was on his site a few days ago. On there a guy called Young posted who I knew. I come here and I see Tom. I also saw one of Finalchan's mods on one forum. REALLY small world.

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