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Orange text? It would be very simular to green text, however, you would end the line of text with < and the text would become orange. This feature was once on 4chan.


I don't necessarily see the point to having it? Greentext is used for quoting, red text is used for headings, so what would orange text be used for?




I might implement it on /sp/ then.


Admins, please add a feature "Preview post". You would click this before making a post to see how it would look. This would be useful to see if you used the correct syntax for changing text style, aswellas other minor things.


Suggestion will be taken into account the next time we discuss site planning.

In the meantime, I suggest reading http://finalchan.net/faq.html and lrn2imgbrd

File: 1463357298334.jpg (23.42 KB, 250x331, ede1273ce32….jpg)


I started a new thread on /v/ and it didn't appear, why is this?
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File: 1463357670818.png (312.58 KB, 398x400, 441d87263d8….png)

Yep, thanks fam


If you are on voat, make sure you give us an upboat at /v/chanlist


Sic transit gloria mundi.


File: 1463373003218.png (229.76 KB, 1024x643, tumblr_nk5u….png)

>being this triggered
>over le ebin meems


Issue has been resolved, thread os getting locked.



Im tipping most people use 1984 when browsing. Can we make it so you can force anon on all boards except /sp/?


That'd be a bit hard to implement, I can look into it, but don't count on it. Sorry.


Can't we have all the Linux and distro posting in a general thread in /t/?


>Admins upgraded to 5.1.2, no bugs and issues, no one noticed downtime
haha nice


Between 4.9.93 and 5.1.2 alot of stuff was broken. glat they waited out until 5.1.2


I was just on your site yesterday for the first time… how odd to see you here today.

small world.


I was on his site a few days ago. On there a guy called Young posted who I knew. I come here and I see Tom. I also saw one of Finalchan's mods on one forum. REALLY small world.

File: 1462235573542.gif (1.98 MB, 379x213, 13746606189….gif)


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Considering that it's happening across multiple platforms with different browsers indicates that it isn't a browser issue. It's the site. I know what it is, exactly, it just sucks that I have to change it since it had to do with some stuff. (Visit IRC if you want more details, there are reasons why I won't reveal on the site)


I think I fixed the issue, I'm having a couple people who aren't me testing.


I didn't fix it, but at least I know what it is so I can figure out how to fix it.


I think it's been fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience.


>multiple platforms
Eh, I doubt that'd be very relevant. I'm certain parser, DOM-builder and everything else like that have exact same logic across different platforms for the same browser.

>different browsers

I didn't know it happened with anything besides Pale Moon.

>there are reasons why I won't reveal on the site

Yeah, I figured. Couldn't stay online yesterday, sorry.

File: 1461610965728-0.jpg (36.12 KB, 500x375, 4yvsb.jpg)

File: 1461610965728-1.png (5.91 KB, 184x98, 1461610920.png)


>mfw we hit 10k posts globally


If I recall, that doesn't include posts on /e/


nah, it doesn't. we hit 10k a while ago because of /e/, but still, it's officially official now!


>~10 posts per ip

If anything you guys are loyal <3

File: 1461485324137.png (39.91 KB, 800x815, 1r5z1ujx.vi….png)


vichan 5.0.0

Now available, a security update for how passwords are hashed/salted. Currently using it after updating from 4.9.93 & spoke with czaks, the only bugs seem to be:

Need php 5.6 for the newer hashing function(the install.php only says 5.4)
Dashboard says 4.9.93 is newer (its not)

He said he will look at fixing the second one (and you could probably even do that yourself).
But for now in the interest of security, is finalchan going to update?


Finalchan has always updated.


Cool, I guess I wont be disappointed then.

File: 1461287864234.png (270.65 KB, 740x800, 108.png)


Oh my God. Please put up some kind of warning that 3D is allowed on /e/
I never EVER want to see a 3 dimensional female ever again.


>I never EVER want to see a 3 dimensional female ever again.
Unless you are living in a monastery that's unlikely to happen.


Everything on /e/ is 2D moron.


File: 1461341054472.webm (563.84 KB, 716x404, ElderlyWin….webm)

Sucks to be you.




I came

File: 1457165362339.png (6.49 KB, 671x334, Untitled.png)


Just a post to let you know this is what my quick reply box looks like


Yeah, I know. I'm planning on redoing the main Finalchan theme soon. Might work on it today.


>Might work on it today.
>almost a month later
God dammit me.


>not waiting 1 day so you could've posted this exactly 1 month after it, right down to the minute
you dun goofed

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