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add some of these pls

/news/ - current events
/sbw/ - sexy beautiful women
/r9k/ - robot9000
/x/ - paranormal


The policy here seems to be creating boards for topics that get a lot of traction on /r/.

Someone posted this tidbit from the rules page in another thread.

>If you'd like to make a board suggestion, please make a thread on /r/ about it (i.e, "/sci/ Thread!", etc), if it gets enough attention, we might consider making a board dedicated to the subject of the thread.



I don't see how this concept would work to get a board like /new/ added.

How would you post different news and happening events and have discussions about them without it being a clusterfuck in one thread?

File: 1451268810771.jpg (59.98 KB, 500x500, 14036336708….jpg)


anime and manga

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File: 1452085809244.gif (881.09 KB, 499x266, 14454964815….gif)

>I think /r/ is more than adequate to host anime conversations
>but right now it's a challenge to see more than a few posts on each board a day as it is

Maybe that's why there's barely any traffic because there's very little boards to choose from which gives this place an unappealing first impression.

>/s/ - Suggestions & Complaints
>Can't make suggestion threads about adding new boards

add an /a/ board pls


There is 1 anime conversations on this site aside from requests for an anime board.

>Can't make suggestion threads about adding new boards

You just did, and and the response hasn't changed. If you want to discuss anime, by all means do so and we'll see if anyone else chimes in.


The thing is, we're not just going to add boards blindly and have them flop. If you want an anime board, we need to see that the users want one to. We won't make a board just because it'll please one or two people. We need to know if the other users are willing to engage in conversations about whatever the board idea is. We are small, yes, and that's why we don't have many boards.

Another thing that you have to understand, is if we create a board blindly, not only will it have a pretty decent sized chance at failing at our current state, but it will also stretch our content thinner. We already appear to be a dead board even though we get 100 or more posts a day. Stretching our content thinner will just make the place seem even more dead, and therefore, more unappealing to new users.



>The thing is, we're not just going to add boards blindly and have them flop

But if there's a demand for certain boards, like the small demand here for /a/, it wont really be blindly adding boards. A chan without /a/ is like a chan without a random board. And you wouldn't know for sure if a board will flop without adding/testing it first.

>not only will it have a pretty decent sized chance at failing at our current state, but it will also stretch our content thinner.

>stretch our content thinner

I see it more like organizing the content instead of thinning it. I doubt many newcomers except maybe for neets will want to go hunt through 10 pages for threads on /r/ to discuss about common chan topics like /a/.

I've never ran an imageboard, just giving my opinion.


File: 1452134761039.png (237.71 KB, 486x562, ClipboardIm….png)

snoop demands /am/.

throw tha hoe a blunt and make an anime board. more specifically title it /am/ because legacy boards are shit y'hear?

File: 1452016448999.jpg (314.01 KB, 1920x1200, 14509033004….jpg)


we need a board creation system
just delete boards that have no content or admin logins relatively quickly and make a longer grace period for mod login and posting than a month.. for smaller boards
I'm sure there's fair ways to have that happen without a growing glut of ghost boards and without robbing small board owners of hard work for free

leave all major legacy board names off limits and let the cream rise to the top


Fuck off cripplechan


we arent reddit or 8chan. if you want a board, beg for it and talk about it


User created boards are a nice feature, and I like the idea. However, it's not for Finalchan.

Finalchan wasn't founded to be a competitor to the other more popular imageboards, it was founded to create a community. That's why we aren't running Tinyboard+Infinity or some other software that would be considered more "keeping up with the Jones'".

And with our current situation and stance on the creation of boards, it basically goes against what we think on the matter. Allowing users to create boards on such a small chan would only lead to a site that looks even more dead to new users.

File: 1429054738150.jpg (53.8 KB, 553x369, cAjz8.jpg)


[quote]we will accept almost all ideas into consideration.[/quote]
pls allow hurtcore cp loli toddlerfucker kill yourself you should be in jail fgt
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Lolicon is allowed, toddlercon however isn't (there's a difference, both in our eyes and the eyes of the law). Guro is allowed, but must be spoilered.


im not cachu, illu are you srs? dont call me cachu here. i dont know who this is.


File: 1451869299556.jpg (42.79 KB, 480x360, Wherever I ….jpg)

I demand my god given right to post babyfuck, you nigger


babyfuck is disgusting you nigger


I'll have you know that it is awwright

File: 1450893142453.gif (1.21 MB, 320x240, Meanwhile i….gif)


An embedded YouTube vid (http://finalchan.net/r/res/2612.html#q2647) looks correct if you go to the thread's page but a different one is shown when you go to the board page (the front page, at the moment). I remember something like that back on 8chan around a year ago, all dat nostalgia.
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File: 1451723355919.png (77.5 KB, 320x273, y.png)

didnt we used to have full screen youtube?



w-what? you don't have fullscreen?


That's a YouTube thing, nothing to do with Finalchan.



It's a browser thing.


Ah, okay. Well, still has nothing to do with Finalchan.

File: 1450467022308.jpg (23.2 KB, 650x366, shia lebouf.jpg)


The site says I can't post webms over 120 seconds.
There are a lot of good longer webms that will get left out if this isn't changed.
Can the length of webm allowed be lengthened?


Actually the limit is 3 minutes admin fags need to fix that, but yeah, I agree


I'll look into lengthening it, but what would you guys think should be the limit? Maybe like 5 minutes?



I like where it is (at 3 minutes) since that keeps the flood of shit at bay. Don't want to see this site become MusicVideoChan. Plus WebM's are stored on your own server, so watch out for that.


I'd say 4 minutes

File: 1449897468826.jpg (6.85 KB, 195x258, fonzy.jpg)


Please allow users to post the same image in different threads. Not allowing the same image in the same thread is fine, but certain images I like to reuse for certain types of posts.
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Get more images in your library. Lawd


Trying to combat spam is fair, but I still think restricting it to one of an image per thread makes more sense for the use of images. If I can't reuse them, why have them in the first place?

My library is decently large, but sometimes I like to post an image more than once.


Pls leave as is. We don't need avatarfags.


Also as far as I've seen I'm pretty sure you can post the same Image twice.



Shhh! We have him fooled.

File: 1449379961401.gif (3.15 MB, 200x150, benoit.gif)


Basic suggestions, I'd like features such as
Expanding threads:
Putting a catalog at the top of the page and when viewing threads when you reply.
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Done! I also added quick reply by request from someone on the IRC channel.


The front page and catalog both don't match and both aren't updated at the same time too, especially on /r/ and I think on /sp/ too. On /v/ and /s/ it is fine, haven't checked the other boards.



Part of the problem with /r/ and the catalog is that threads get moved from there so often, usually to /sp/. That's why those two boards seem to be so out of sync. Once the influx of shit posters calms down, and people stop seeing whatever link brought everyone here, you will get a better experience in that regard.


This is pretty much the case. So many things are getting moved to /sp/ that it's getting confused and slow. I've been rebuilding the catalog a lot so, if you see a moved post in catalog (or a deleted thread in catalog), just ctrl+shft+r.


File: 1450297260405.png (5.29 KB, 329x123, Screenshot_….png)

Gonna put little tweaks and stuff i find here.

Right now the [play once] and [loop] options dont match the rest of formatting size wise, they should be the same size as the filename.

File: 1449355818597.webm (221.06 KB, 640x360, AAAAAtrump.webm)


Make three more shit-posting boards please. One is not enough.


File: 1450003972748.webm (5.51 MB, 1280x720, Kitchen Gu….webm)

Why has this not been implemented yet? The three kingdoms will be a containment board for fags that get banned for making shitty posts on legitimate boards. When users see a well thought out comment they may vote for them to level up to the next board. If democracy fails (it will) then hot-pockets can do it insead. This will give us great content and OC. As a result it will drive more quality traffic.

Also can we PLEASE get an /edu/ board? PDFs are a must though.

We can't post mp4's either sooo…


The first idea may be good in theory, but won't work in an actual setting. Too many people will be butthurt that their post didn't make it up to the next level.

>Also can we PLEASE get an /edu/ board? PDFs are a must though.

"If you'd like to make a board suggestion, please make a thread on /r/ about it (i.e, "/sci/ Thread!", etc), if it gets enough attention, we might consider making a board dedicated to the subject of the thread."

Read the rules.

PDF will most likely be a no, mp4's as well. PDFs can have embedded malware, and mp4s can open us up to some copyright stuff. Not saying it won't be a possibility in the future, but it probably won't be currently.


>vote for them to level up to the next board

Do you literally want this to be reddit?


This is another reason it'll be rejected. This is an imageboard. This means that every post should be on an equal playing field. Voting leads to not only vote manipulation, but butthurt, possibly more samefaggotry, and extremely inflated egos (which would lead to more tripfags, probably).

File: 1449797701680-0.png (188.45 KB, 500x200, research_L1….png)

File: 1449797701680-1.png (127.11 KB, 400x300, finalradio.png)


ITT: we discuss new functionality we could add that would make Finalchan better. This is thread is for larger proposals rather than small fixes or improvements.

If you can, one idea per post pls. If you can put some thought in, give some potential benefits, and also some issues, and ways to combat those problems.

Some previous Finalchan Labs projects:
It was through a lot of discussion that the current /r/ and /sp/ system was created, and seems to be working well.
Another project was FinalRadio, which would have been a user DJ'd online radio. We got it working and everything, but after we went 0/4 for hosts streaming, we realized it wasnt going to work. You can find its decaying corpse here: http://finalchan.net/rip/radio.html

>If you'd like to make a board suggestion, please make a thread on /r/ about it (i.e, "/sci/ Thread!", etc), if it gets enough attention, we might consider making a board dedicated to the subject of the thread.


We could have a movie night.
We'd stream a movie possibly on the /irc/ page with the chat underneath. There would be a thread to decide a movie and advertise the night and time, then we could enjoy that together.

Im fairly sure we have the server space/power/ability to do that.


Another idea we were discussing was a way to fix the only big problem of the image board format, and that is that when it gets popular, new threads posted bump old ones off.

Now this is fine and dandy on a board like /sp/ where no one is putting any effort into the posts. However on a board like /r/ Its hard to justify taking the time and effort to write a long quality post, when its going to be bumped off the page in a week or so anyway. An example of this is the stories in the stories thread on /r/. Those were posted in other threads, but got bumped off with the most recent wave of bread.
So the idea I had is /hvn/ - Heaven, where good threads go when they die/to live on.
Im not entirely sure how it would work, but the basic premise is that posts threads with a lot of content would either be voted on, or decided by the mods, to be marked to go to /hvn/ where either they could continue to be contributed to, or the board would basically act as an archive of good shit. That way if you type a 15 paragraph explanation of the life of the universe, you know its not going to be unceremoniously bumped off the page.

Understandably this may go against what an image board stands for, and that is that is once a thread is bumped off, the slate is wiped clean for new threads.
The other option we could have is to add like 15 more pages to /r/

Let me know what you faggots think, id this is a good idea? What you think the best way to set up the board would be?


We could also try a random board of the month like 7chan's /777/.


I don't think Finalchan is at a capacity right now to be able to handle a /777/. I feel we might need more users


I really like the idea of a /hvn/ as an archive. Adding a whole bunch more pages to /r/ just seems to 1. delay the problem and 2. make it less likely people will see the threads, as I tend to stay near the top of the catalog unless I'm searching for something specific.

I'm in favor of making it mod's choice as opposed to a vote. Democracy is hardly the most effective or efficient system. Setting up a vote for threads seems to be a pain as well. Better to just let a mod decide what's worthy of going.

I like the movie night idea. We'd just have to make sure it's legal. Don't want copyright infringement shutting it down.

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