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I'm getting some stuff working. I'm making some of the more statically themed pages (like recent, the frontpage, etc) dynamically themed. Just did it with the frontpage!


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godbless illy, praise be unto him


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  • Recent, Rules, Legal, and IRC pages are now dynamically themed.
  • Made a slight change to Nautical with the div.ban stuff.
  • Added a News/Frontpage link to the boardlist.


  • Fixed small Forced Anon duplication bug on /sp/
  • Updated slogan on News/Frontpage


  • Changed it so that stickied threads previewed 3 replies instead of 1


do much better than moot and kikewheels. long live illu



>yfw none of those were illu.

I'll accept your praise none the less.


You fucking what mate?


I did some cool stuff today!

* Added thread stats
* Added show own posts
* Added quote selection (doesn't work on chrome-based browsers for some reason)
* Added titlebar notifications
* Added /sp/ specific banners


can you make an /am/ yet? yes I know the policy of this place but we need an anime board. I'm trying to convince /am/ on 8chan to come here but they're not coming because there's no /a/.

let's put it to a vote: http://poal.me/aiaurh


File: 1452913725878.jpg (15.61 KB, 255x254, 570100813.jpg)

I was looking for more posts like this so I could take screenshots and laugh at you.

Anyway I don't think they want you (or us) here.


File: 1454353511080.png (10.23 KB, 180x200, Unavailable.png)

* Instituted "Orange" accounts (everyone is a member)

Not really, I made a dumb thing and made it the spoiler image. Pic related. So if you see that, don't worry, it just means the image was spoilered.


* Updating the original Yotsuba CSS's to be more modern looking.

Normal Yotsuba is already updated, check it out! I'm not 100% done with it yet (like 95%), I'll be messing around with the colors and fine-tuning tomorrow, but it's usable (especially since recents isn't broke on the theme anymore!). After that, I'll make the Yotsuba B one. If those two come out good enough, I'll probably redo Finalchan's default theme.


File: 1455052898609-0.png (112.12 KB, 1246x632, 1455052849.png)

File: 1455052898609-1.png (111.75 KB, 1246x632, 1455052858.png)

Both Yotsuba and Yotsuba B themes are done! I'll probably do Finalchan's either sometime later today or tomorrow.


both of those look worse than before.


* Enabled image identification on /e/

I'm probably going to add the old ones back for people who hate change.


* Added back the old Yotsuba's for people who hate change


* Added filters to combat CP spam.

I added some filters that should eliminate most of the CP spam, will probably work on other spam filters after this.

Filters don't always ban only the bad guys though, so if you get banned wrongfully due to our filter, please either send us an email at moderator@finalchan.net or contact us through IRC. Please make sure you have an image or some sort of copy of your post beforehand though so we can make sure you dindu nuffin.

Also, big thanks to everyone who helped report the spam!


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File: 1455957016598-1.jpg (291.72 KB, 1000x877, Iron_Giant.jpg)



I added some more filters. Unfortunately, some of these filters might be relatively easy to trigger due to the extremely vague terms I've had to filter out.

So, again. If you've been banned wrongfully, and aren't unbanned within 24 hours automatically, then contact us. I should notice if you've been wrongfully banned since I usually check all of the bans that the system automatically does to make sure the user isn't a legitimate user.

You can contact us through either moderator@finalchan.net or through the IRC channel (#finalchan on irc.finalchan.net).


* Added an FAQ. Privacy policy, text formatting, and file limits moved from Rules page to FAQ page.

* Added RSS feed link (I didn't install it though, that was torrential)

* Changed the board list a bit to accommodate for the new pages.


* Added some more CP spam filters.

* Changed the way some filters work.

I added some more filters, which will hopefully get rid of more spam. I also changed some of the more vague filters to just reject the post rather than immediately ban. This is so that if you happen to be posting something in the filter, you won't be wrongfully banned.


its impossible to report posts from /1984/, I want to report the spam but dont want to open 5 different tabs and hit report 5 times. Any chance of a fix?


This is a great suggestion and we will look in to it. There's a potential issue with the method the report button grabs the information (since /1984 isn't an actual board) but I will definitely work on it and see what can be done.

Also, thank you very much for using the report feature.


>There's a potential issue with the method the report button grabs the information (since /1984 isn't an actual board)
You're generating custom pages anyway - just add hidden elements with board name (or even relative path to a post, like "/s/524") while creating those pages in your controller or whatever it is in the back-end.


RSS is a great idea, but as it is now it's not very useful, beyond just letting know there are some kinds of new posts.

First, board names are used for title - I suggest moving it to category. I guess that leaves post number as title? Or maybe a compromise: /s/500.html etc.

Second, description is too small. I'm not asking you to put an entire post's text up to max character limit inside, but ~30 characters often tell pretty much nothing about the post.


actually the issue that I am having is that because the next page automatically loads when I scroll to the bottom, the report button is then pushed down to the bottom of the new page. It is like chasing the dragon


It's easier said than done, especially with Ukko. It's a very weird theme, and works very oddly and very very different from other boards. It took a bunch of hackish workarounds to even get ukko running. Also, see >>527.

I'll look into implementing your suggestions! Thanks!


>It's easier said than done, especially with Ukko. It's a very weird theme, and works very oddly and very very different from other boards. It took a bunch of hackish workarounds to even get ukko running.
Sounds like it's a good thing I didn't try looking at it's sources (I don't remember if you publish your sources, but I've seen this Ukko thing on other small chans).


We're just running Tinyboard + Vichan. The source is on github, we're using a mostly vanilla branch of it so there's no real need to create our own. The only differences we've had are minor UI tweaks, and implementing dynamic theming on recents, and the frontpage.


File: 1459457513257-0.png (139.56 KB, 1286x673, 1459457413.png)

File: 1459457513257-1.png (82.28 KB, 1286x673, 1459457452.png)

I redid the old Material theme. Frankly, it was fucking awful. Sorry to the people that might have liked it, but it really was bad. This new one is more compliant with Material design, actually does things right, and isn't a complete fucking mess! :D

Pics related.

The comment field expands, so don't freak out that it looks small in my screenshot (it expands when you focus on it).


>Sorry to the people that might have liked it, but it really was bad.
Now they can discover the magic of userContent.css.


Updated the Material theme a bit. Made things comply more with Material.

Lowered the delay with button animations significantly (it's still there, but very, very small).

Shadows are now more correct and look more Materialish.


Added dice rolling on >>>/sp/.

An email field of the form "dice XdY+/-Z" will result in X Y-sided dice rolled and summed, with the modifier Z added, with the result displayed at the top of the post body.


I realized that there were some missing js dependencies, fixed that.

Fixed catalog search
Fixed local time


Nevermind on catalog search, I don't know why it isn't working.


Raised the WebM length limit to (what should be) 15 minutes. It still can't exceed 10 MB in file size, though.


Changed the markup for superscript. Is now similar to code, except change the 'code' with 'sup'. Example will be on the FAQ page in a little bit. This allows for more than one character at a time.

It works!


It would be kind of useful to add dice to /r/. This if someone wanted to do some roleplaying on /r/.


Probably less than an hour new here, but didn't see it in a faq.

you on github scrub? or are you doing all work yourself?


/r/ is for discussion, that'd be a thing for /sp/. People think that /sp/ is only for shitposting, but it's also for things that don't fit in /r/ or the other boards (like roleplaying or other shit).

Finalchan isn't on github, we maintain a mainly vanilla branch with less than 10 patches. There's really no need for us to be on github right now.


Added SSL/HTTPS support.


Thank you so much! Been waiting for this.


* Added more spam filters. Spam should be minimal now until the next wave of new links shows face.

* Fixed double catalog links in some places.

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