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So after a year of being on the same system, we've thought of something new to add to our current system. The changes won't be added until June 1st. That gives you guys exactly one week to give feedback and such.

We've taken inspiration from 7chan's /777/ and Uboachan's /wild/, and the idea is to have a new board called Probationary Period, or /p/. This board is going to be an addition to our current system. If you want to request a board, post a thread on /r/. If it gets enough attention, we'll do a trial run on /p/. That will run for a month, and depending on how active it is on /p/, it may be created into it's own board.

Little note though, we won't run it for 30 days, but for a month. So if it's February, it'll run for 28 days, if it's in May it'll run for 31 days. This is so that way we don't get super confused with how long it's been.

This new addition will allow us to try out more boards easily, as the reason why we didn't want to try out boards before, was due to the fact that if a board didn't do well, we'd have to delete it. Where with this idea, we just clear the board and restart. This allows us to be lazy and not have to fuck with the site configuration every time we want to add a board :^)

We already have two ideas lined up (possibly three):
/pd/ - Political Discussion. This board would be moderated, and shitposting would not be tolerated.
/wa/ - Wallpapers and Art. This board would be a haven for wallpapers, all types of digital art. Unsure if music or movies would be posted here. Leave feedback for this, and suggest a better name if possible.
/an/ - Anime (??)

This thread will be the only exception to our pre-existing system, as we will be accepting board discussions in this thread if they are liked. On June 1st though, this thread will be locked.

I understand this is a long post, so I'll try to tl;dr:

New changes to board system starting on June 1st 2016. New board /p/ will act as a trial board for board ideas. Trials run for one month (not 30 days, but one month). If trial goes well, board is officially added. Core system will remain intact, board suggestions should still be a thread on /r/. Exception to this rule applies to this thread only, board suggestions are being accepted in this thread. This thread will be locked on June 1st.


I think the lined up boards should be called

/p/ - Political Discussion
/w/ - Wallpapers & Digital Art
/a/ - Anime & Manga


I guess it's fine. I'd like to see /an/ board but I don't know if there'll be enough interest as of now. I guess we'll see.

/pd/ is something that I wouldn't be super interested in, but for the ocasional visit it'll be okay. Shitposting not tolerated is not something I like though, what good is a chan without some shitposting.

As of board suggestions, well, obviously /mu/ (music) and /fi/ (film/fiction)


Maybe remove the /a/ board from the line up and add /m/ - Media? That would be for general media (so music, films, TV, books etc)?


>/pd/ - Political Discussion. This board would be moderated, and shitposting would not be tolerated.

I really like the idea, I am a true student of politics. However, good luck trying to control the alt-right and shitposting that they will do/others will do against them

If it is a true board for discussion, take /liberty/ on 8chan as an example, and not a /pol/ board, then I will singlehandedly become the biggest poster on finalchan


Yeah, I like that idea, better than /fi/. Though, would you include anime on it?


If there are a lot of posts about a certain topic, will it get created w/o a wildcard?



I would think that a post with a lot of interest would become a wildcard and then see where it goes from there.


Yea, but if Finalchan becomes big, then there will be a long line up. Maybe two wildcards then?



You have your choice.


/pd/ is set in stone for the name, /p/ is also set in stone for the Probationary board.

By shitposting, I mostly mean /pol/ posting and obvious trolling. It'd be a discussion board for politics, not a /pol/.

That's honestly where I was thinking of taking it, except be more open to fascism/communism threads (so long as they're not bait/shit posts).

With /pd/, we'll have to talk over what is and isn't a shitpost. There are some obvious ones. As for keeping /pol/ out, you guys would have to help by not engaging with /pol/ posters.

If its unclear what I mean by /pol/ poster, I mean the shit posters who's vocabulary consists of "shill", "cuck", "jew", and "nigger". I mean the people who cannot actually discuss politics, but can only shitpost about them.

I like this idea.

No, that would be way too chaotic.


right and left fucking HATES each other, the center is the asshole between the two. it is impossible to discuss politics if one side sees that the other has more popularity. what one might call logical, the other WILL call it rationalization of hate, and in the mid of the fight, you WILL get A LOT of shit, and shame the entire chan because of your (the admin's) ideas and beliefs, meaning that people WILL pull the strings to subvert and bring this place down (read about COINTELPRO) and you will find yourself playing chess against such faggots all the fucking time.

i hope you think one thousand times before creating a politics board.


I think you're over-exaggerating just a bit. Look at 8chan's /liberty/, it's a political discussion board. It is pretty good in terms of actual discussion, and has minimal shitposting.

It will be hard to keep a balance, and that's why /pd/ will probably be the last one that we try since we do have to figure out ground rules and figure out how we're going to do it. It'll be hard, but it won't be at the same time. Finalchan's users are overall civil, and I don't think that'll suddenly change with the addition of a political discussion board. I have faith that the users will deter /pol/-posters and discourage fighting and/or immature discussion, especially considering the past with /r/ and the savagery that has happened to people who have /b/ posted in the past.

We will take a lot of time to think before we act, especially on a politics discussion board. We understand the risks. We have a good idea on how we'll run it, but before we do, we'll go over it one-thousand times.

TL;DR: Don't worry bae, we got this :)


rules will be very important. I hope it all works out for the best.


>more anime
Can it be just foreign entertainment? Even if anime is basically all that ends up on there at least I can have some chance of variation.


The changes will be happening in 53 minutes, and this thread will be locked. The first board idea will be:

/m/ - Media

More details about this board will be on /p/ when it's finished.


I should note that /m/ is the new idea for /wa/


Last minute change, the new board name will be "Proving Ground" instead of "Probationary Period". The board url will be the same though.


Tomorrow, the new /p/ test board will be:

/co/ - Comics and Cartoons

We also have a small thing going on the IRC for a Finalchan Comic Club. There are some very loose ideas, such as the book, but nothing else. The group will be ironing out some details, so be sure to check out /p/ in the coming days.

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