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when the fuck are you making an /int/ernational board? this will increase traffic/serious discussion as a whole for the site


File: 1478527422253.png (163.07 KB, 465x340, 13725608532….png)

take it to /s/


Feel free to post in any board. No one cares where you are from.


In the past, my experience with /int/ boards has been less than stellar. 4chan's /int/ is trash, 8chan's /int/ is very similar to 4chan's. 76chan's /int/ isn't trash, but it is riddled with shitposting.

If we do implement /int/, it won't allow shitposting. Since that'll be the case, it won't really increase traffic because most people go to /int/ to shitpost. I'm not saying the board idea won't be on /p/ in a few months, but I'm saying that it would be a vastly different /int/ than you probably have imagined.


>doesn't condone shitposting


File: 1478720602466-0.png (505 B, 16x11, italy.png)

File: 1478720602466-1.jpg (24.28 KB, 280x428, 13523787044….jpg)

The /int/ experience can be properly replicated by just including a country flag of your choice with every post you make.

Guy's probably got that 'tism in which things need to be in their properly labeled container.

Hold on, let me test somethin'.



Using a country flag should be bannable offense outside of /sp/


File: 1481210395812-0.png (55.93 KB, 300x100, banner-badc….png)

File: 1481210395812-1.png (4.35 KB, 1084x83, 14467449640….png)

My experience with /int/ boards is massive countryballing.
Russian posters really get abused the most.

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