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Us mods and admins have been talking about making some changes to the current board scheme. There is a severe post disparity between the boards. Specifically /an/. We have also had talks about removing /t/, /v/, and /p/, while keeping /wwe/ as it's own board (/wwe/ is a working title, might be different in practice). /p/ might return at a later date, however, it hasn't been changed in months and nobody has really requested a new board idea recently.

As another incidental consequence, /an/ seems to be a hub for spam posting. We have a couple ideas as to why this is; either the bots are searching for common board names, or the bot is picking the first in the boardlist. If the latter is the case, it would unfortunately move the spam to /co/. However, if it's the former, removing /an/ would hopefully reduce spam by a decent amount.

This has been something under internal review for probably a couple months, and nobody has really done anything (lol). I figured we need to actually commit to this idea somewhat, so what do you guys think? Do you guys agree with any of these proposed changes, do you disagree? We won't make changes overnight, because Finalchan works slower than the U.S. government. You have ample time and opportunity to voice your opinions.


I don't ever browse individual boards. I doubt I would even notice.


The traffic is so low here that we should really just have /b/, maybe a news board, and probably /wwe/. Having all the different boards kind of discourages posting since the place looks more dead than it actually is.


Sorry, "/r/"


>working title of /wwe/
If I may, I would recommend just /w/, since it's all /w/rasslin, not just wwe. I won't lose sleep over /wwe/ though.
>removing /t/, /v/, and /p/
This might be okay, though I'd like to see some of the threads there moved other places first, just to preserve them. Threads like the desktop thread on /t/ or the FF LP from /v/ for the finalchan memes. Of course there's other threads as well, those are just two examples. If you can figure that out though, I'm all for board reduction. We have the same problem that pre-exodus 8chan did, except obviously we haven't had an exodus to here.
>/p/ coming back
I'd be in favor of this. It doesn't have to be community driven ideas solely as well. If there's anything mods or admins are interested in trying, that sounds great, too. Personally, I think maybe a cooking board could be interesting, though that's probably just because I'm an amerifat.


>This might be okay, though I'd like to see some of the threads there moved other places first, just to preserve them.

Yes, we would definitely do this. I don't know why I didn't put it in the main post, but this is what we had already planned on doing in the event of any of the boards being baleeted.


File: 1534879544571.webm (2.53 MB, 1280x720, 60fps_puss….webm)

Personally, I don't mind getting rid of /an/ but i think every chan needs a video game board and a tech board. I believe new users look for those boards and it would be odd not to have them, even if they aren't posted to that much. Besides, where would i post about that type of content if those boards were gone? /r/ is really more of a random discussion then home to any of those topics.
If you get rid of those boards, you for sure completely kill those topics for discussion.
Id like to keep /t/ because where else would linuxposting go? A chan *is* technology, so it should have a place to discuss tech on it.
I'd personally prefer to replace /v/ with a /m/edia board that could house pretty much anything you can consume, video games, books, tv, anime, movies, music etc. It would also fix putting music on /t/ which is weird. I would keep the wrestling and comics out of it, because the generals would push out the rest of the discussion.

I agree with making /w/ its own board, and only reviving /p/ if we want to trial new boards.
So the board list would look like [m/co/w][t][e/r/sp][s]
That could even be organized to [r/sp/e][t/m/co/w][s] If you wanted to.

To be fair, I mostly use /1984/ and use the boards more as tags then browse individual boards


> Besides, where would i post about that type of content

The boards are up for deletion because you aren't posting anything to them. cac


File: 1534989844210.jpg (2.86 MB, 2038x1471, Explosion-N….jpg)

nuke 'em all. start from scratch.


We should have /his/


Sounds sexist. What about /hers/ ?


will /wwe/ free 420chan of its communist dicatorship?


File: 1538187351201.png (381.1 KB, 720x544, gwen10.png)

Don't Remove /v/

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