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Thank you Finalchan.

This isn't really a suggestion or a complaint, I'm just putting some thoughts out into the open. I've been here quite some time and love the fact I call this website, this community my home. I don't feel the need to specify who I am but I'm guessing you all can put two and two together.

Lately, some people seem disheartened with this place. "There's not enough people", "It's just not the same", whatever the reasons may be, people feel that the spark is gone. I'd like to counter that. Because as far as I'm concerned, it's not.

Through this place I've met some of the most important people in my life. I've met people I can confide in, people I can vent to, people I can rely on. People I care about. Through this place, I can truly feel like I'm a part of shaping a community. Through this place, even with my name set to anonymous, I'm somebody.

Thank you Finalchan. Thank you Illu, thank you Torrential, and Streetcar and Shoop and Palestrina. All of you. And thank you the most Anon, because you're what makes us one, the one community. The closest community. The best community. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this, and please, never stop. Never end, because there's somebody here who cares.

This is our final destination, but by no means is this the end.


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lol what a gay.


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Thank you. I can honestly say the same. I've been here a little over three years, and it's been a hell of a time. It's gotten me through some real highs and lows. There's a reason that I think of this place as /comfy/chan.

Here's to many more years, finalchan crew.


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Still haven't figured out what this is from.

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