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Let's play with some balls
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This oldie seems relevant again.


posting in an epic thread
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Did you include me?


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what's this, indeed.


I too enjoy blank white squares on my imageboards.


White square

Requires flash to view.

No file attached.



I enabled flash and didnt see anything but i figured it was a fuck up on my end, as it usually is


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For your reference. Before and after allowing flash.

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Tampa Bay Rays (53-50) vs. Baltimore Orioles (29-74)
TB- C. Archer (3-4)
BAL- A. Cashner (2-9)
>7:05 pm ET

Kansas City Royals (31-71) vs. New York Yankees (65-36)
KC- B. Keller (3-4)
NYY- C. Sabathia (6-4)
>7:05 pm ET

New York Mets (43-57) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (53-51)
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which one has a tail?


>no tail


Fucking Giants are garbage. Get used to disappointment boys!


3 Game winning streak takes the Giants to .505

Still 5 games behind the Wild Card, and in 4th place in their division. Typically they get hot after the All-Star game, so we will see.

Cubbies and the Brew Crew are battling it out to be the best team in the National League. Even more exciting since they are in the same division. Every game between these two teams are exciting and important to their position.

On the American League side of things, the Yanks are playing pretty good ball, having a .648 average. Typically this would be enough to run away with a League, let alone a division, but the Boston Red Sox are playing fantastic ball, and lead the Yankees by 5 games, with a .688 average.


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The rebuilding is officially here. The birds have traded away all of their all-stars sans the pathetic Chris Davis and eternal optimist Adam Jones. Knowing this season is dead in the water, O's fan can only look to the future with this assload of new talent populating the farm system. Of course it doesn't help when the Rangers use you for batting practice.

>inb4 30runs.jpg


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Now they're finally dipping their toes into international talent

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I need more excuses to WHINEING!!!!!!

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I hate shitposting !!!

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