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Let's play with some balls
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unity's new gf(POKLEMON!)


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Poor unity


my mom making caek it her birthday


is your mom unity's gf ?


uh no




I'm the captain now

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Were in it now boys. Hows your team doing?
Yanks are back one game from the Sox. We've been chasing them all season and it all comes down to this series.
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This is not good. Baseball is a shit sport.



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I told you to STOP the Red Sox, not let them advance!


File: 1539964854035.jpg (28.76 KB, 395x317, fffuuu.jpg.jpg)

Dont have my photoshop handy, but a yankees hat and a jew nose onthis face

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hey i jus t headed to steve albini's studio and recorded this ditty for you guys, its an oldie but goldie and i took like 4 singing lessons unt il the coach said "coolbean s man you sing like geddy lee"


Drop that beat so we can beat our meat milo-boy


i love you guys this is the best webside on the hole internet





GTFO, Preston.

File: 1539463594326.jpg (7.12 KB, 238x212, images.jpg)




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Poke le money


another day another creme brulee


File: 1539534626120.png (105.48 KB, 600x600, wungill.png)

my foavorite poklemon is wungill

File: 1536349836737.png (105.81 KB, 500x671, get-the-fuc….png)


It's Friday! If you aren't in the IRC, you're a fucking normie.
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If anything, normie is a compliment.


'Normie' is a version of 'normalfag' that's acceptable to use on sites like reddit and ifunny.

You of all people should know what cancer means.


my apologies. I meant to say
>spotted the normalfag


wednesday clone wars reminder


you guys jockin my style

File: 1538577958520.jpg (112.29 KB, 1024x1536, hard-boiled….jpg)


How to perfectly peel eggs ???? I want my eggs FLAWLESS!!!!!


Shock them.

Fill a bowl with ice and water. When you are done cooking the eggs, transfer them directly to the ice water. Let cool for 10 - 15 minutes.

When peel the egg, don't use your fingernail or pinch the shell. Instead, push the shell off. It will glide away from the egg. The whole egg can be peeled and all you will have is one or two pieces of shell. Very simple, fast, and the egg looks pristine because you didn't damage it getting the shell off.


Paradise Lost - Tom Brady

File: 1538405899677.jpg (23.34 KB, 569x428, consider.jpg)


hey /b/ got a question

so ive been watching and learning alot recently from these customs shows for my country (uk) but I came up with a hypothetical situation about the whole thing.

lets say you travel from the uk to spain right
when in spain you get robbed and lose your passport and phone in desperation you decide to jump into the back of a truck destined for the uk with what little change you have.

or even worse you decide to do it as some kind of stunt to see what happens

so you make it to the uk port and then customs find you hidden away in the back of a truck what would happen?

you illegally entered but at the same time you are a citizen of that country which would nullify the illegal immigrant aspect of it but how would it be handled?
what laws have been broken?



they would take you in begrudgingly


I doubt anyone here is a British immigration lawyer, but youd probably be charged with crossing the border illegally and a bunch of other crimes. Irl if this happens, go to the embassy for your country, theyll help you out


>hey /b/

Where do you think you are?

File: 1537740931095.webm (3.36 MB, 320x240, Default Pr….webm)


Get down and boogie!


File: 1537742438623.jpg (108.53 KB, 960x954, damn-girl-a….jpg)

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