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Let's play with some balls
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File: 1524336918841.jpg (77.31 KB, 640x640, 15226017741….jpg)


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No. It's a cute autistic girl.


She is pretty cute to be honest. You guys just have a shit taste when it comes to girls.


>narrow soft jaw
>skinny fat
>brown hair and eyed
>big nose
Would not breed with. Not every girl who isnt obese is cute anon. Maybe you need better standards.


Even I think you have shit taste, and that's saying something


Man, that literally looks like me at 16 when I was going through my "faggot phase".

File: 1524181062576.jpg (12.35 KB, 255x243, buenos dias.jpg)


Seriusly, Fuck this fucking shit and fuck all you cucks

You niggers don't even SUCC
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buenos dias fuckboy


File: 1524274024207.jpg (83.5 KB, 664x656, be_patient.jpg)


Buenos dias fuckboy.




get on irc

buenos dias fuckboy

File: 1524230805883.png (199.56 KB, 318x556, 3.png)



Stripper has STD's.

What a surprise.

File: 1523953433164.jpg (34.84 KB, 399x399, TwNb1UeO_40….jpg)


who is the bully?


no bulli pls


*makes a rape joke*



File: 1523394718994.jpg (61.81 KB, 1192x670, windows_95_….jpg)


I made a website in basic html and wanted to share it with the world of Finalchan

I'm open to suggestion, but I think it's already perfect tbh


pic related, the lack of CSS makes the site look like something of the Win95 era (or worse)

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now that's a fly ass website


thank you for changing to a legible font/background combination



I like the moving pictures.




I made more changes, I trust everyone will be happy with them

File: 1522201291689.jpg (26.63 KB, 600x400, NO-ONE-TAKE….jpg)


You guys don't know what it's like to be me. Beautiful, smart, and popular.


File: 1523153789325.jpg (190.72 KB, 1199x994, 640fe10fad3….jpg)

I know that feel.

File: 1519872045311.jpg (22.95 KB, 600x402, 15119570741….jpg)




what does bronnen even mean?


Is this a pajeet chan?


no thxs jeff


File: 1520027160524.jpg (9.77 KB, 200x200, 14993549370….jpg)


Dat is Krautchan for hippies


File: 1521221657860.png (163.74 KB, 1365x804, bronnen.PNG)

File: 1519859958451.png (106.69 KB, 495x274, Spyrdo stic….png)


Helo were the menes at?
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re:DDDit haha


no u


Wouldn't this mean that black people evolved "better" than white people, because they were based in fucking africa as opposed to europe?



I don't quite follow your logic. Wouldn't being based in Africa mean the exact opposite?


I'm pretty sure the environment and wildlife in Africa are a lot more dangerous than Europe's, so they would have evolved in a harsher environment. The whole thing is retarded though since modern humans haven't really been around long enough for evolution to take place, it also likely never will as we're the global apex predator and as such don't have significant natural selection.




File: 1520129095732.gif (8.48 MB, 576x239, yamaha.gif)

File: 1519820246112.jpg (44.46 KB, 600x800, debe04f7e7e….jpg)


i lik sport budy
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Slim is nice :)!

Mod Edit: image was suspect


File: 1519940437722.jpg (4.83 KB, 321x272, BYBB0cqCcAE….jpg)

No thats a fit ass. An ass with no muscles looks like this.

Lazy thin girls have no ass.


File: 1519943749881.png (179.02 KB, 640x480, hank.png)


Dang it that is private photograph, how the hell did you obtain that?



File: 1520046488413-0.png (669.81 KB, 710x755, erinnn.png)

File: 1520046488413-1.webm (1.35 MB, 640x640, eirinnvaag….webm)

Strong ass



How much weight is that? I feel dat ass might break muh twig.

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