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Let's play with some balls
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File: 1506653337920.jpg (24.17 KB, 200x370, 7c0497498cc576ae67a15b2b06….jpg)


my deR villager has had the pleasure of meeting Tabby.

you may worship her ITT. me-WOW!

she finds wolves scary. so refrain from posting any reference to that this hellaween


Wtf is that pigcat thing shit? Fucking disgusting


she may not be the prettiest (that's why she knows that to make it to the big screen she can do just fine as a comedian) but i am in love with her.
much to your dismay i am not bewildered by your rejection of Tabby's unorthodox display of beauty.
and though i believe your standards for beauty are unreleastically high it is a fact that they are not as high as your head up your fucking ass, nigger. though i have invited the average Finalchan™ reader to question her worship in a way, the sole purpose of this thread is to display my appreciation towards Tabby. while inviting with appellative dialog i believe i tried to lure readers into recognizing how much i indulge in appreciating Tabby.

>pigcat thing shit

go suck prepubescent dick with your asshole


Isabelle is also a dogshit tier waifu

other waifu i have is Lum from Urusei Yatsura but that's another story

i wonder if Tabby would like American Football (the band)


What big ears she has


so that she can hear you compliment her


What big eyes she has


File: 1507492662559.png (39.37 KB, 175x233, Fauna.png)


shit tier.

everyone knows Fauna is best mate.




so that she see you fall in love with her

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