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Radiohead fans are superior in nature, we are the Alpha. The Chad. I can only feel sorry for those who reject the complex sounds of Radiohead and the spiritual vocals of Thom Yorke.


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Humans can only stand so much awesome, it's in our genetic code. Dragonforce, for example, taps into the unused portion of our brains and unravels a sixth sense to a new level of awesome that humans cannot normally experiance. When you listen to Dragonforce, you are not only listening to music, you are taking a journey to another place, another world that some can never hope to behold on their own. Like a scout sent into an unknown land, a voyager on a quest for the unknown, like a tribal Shaman on a spiritual journey…all society can hope for is that you bring back a piece of what you now have engraved upon your soul, and help free the repressed souls and minds of all civilization. And totally fucking rock out.


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despite what many may be thinking, this exceptionally bad shitpost is not my doing

kudos to you, sir.


Didn't know that Bob Ross was in a band.



Which of course makes it the best band.

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