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Mookie Betts and Kurt shilling left the bosox Orioles now best team
Breaking Baseball News!

June 2020 is the only time in MLB history where 32 teams have had a tied record this late into the season.
Damn I knew the Yankees were good, but going undefeated into June is nuts.
He's technically correct
(274.79 KB 1086x1396 sched2020.jpg)
(322.61 KB 1282x442 Capture.PNG)
Yeah, well....
posting feetball in a baseball thread
holy fuck there is baseball today
(2.67 KB 151x42 Screenshot.png)
That's fake baseball. Let me know when it counts.
Wew, how about them Phillies ?

I don't mind a bit of exhibitionism

Box score at the 7th inning stretch
(591.88 KB 1275x1650 30-Man Roster 072320.jpg)
it's opening day you fk'n nerds

Opening Day: West Coast Edition
(813.74 KB 1502x842 Screenshot-10.png)
(23.82 KB 722x331 Screenshot-9.png)
(23.91 KB 724x333 Screenshot-12.png)
(24.35 KB 727x323 Screenshot-11.png)

updated line up cards
(1.94 MB 1274x1649 DEADBEAT FATHER CARD.png)
DOX me like a HURRICANE!!
(29.55 KB 1186x225 Screenshot-16.png)
(23.84 KB 711x327 Screenshot-15.png)
Oh, you got him good. What are you gonna do, order a new a/c pump for his volt?
(24.66 KB 726x328 Screenshot-29.png)
(782.13 KB 1447x598 Screenshot-30.png)
(31.56 KB 1106x224 Screenshot-31.png)
(405.79 KB 719x611 Screenshot-38.png)
(368.74 KB 724x599 Screenshot-37.png)
(32.71 KB 1353x244 Screenshot-36.png)
(24.14 KB 722x327 Screenshot-35.png)
(24.07 KB 726x330 Screenshot-39.png)
(5.03 KB 288x44 Screenshot-40.png)
(9.84 MB 1280x720 itlj2djcagf51-itlj2djcagf51.mp4)
(30.22 KB 1124x240 Screenshot-44.png)
(432.55 KB 723x535 Screenshot-46.png)
(348.47 KB 733x606 Screenshot-45.png)
(24.25 KB 723x325 Screenshot-43.png)
(22.38 KB 721x340 Screenshot-47.png)
(5.33 KB 281x89 Screenshot-48.png)
(36.25 KB 480x468 Ee25krqXsAA4ov2.jpg large.jpeg)
(22.08 KB 1075x162 Screenshot-57.png)
(23.64 KB 728x339 Screenshot-59.png)
(433.90 KB 727x620 Screenshot-58.png)
Besbol memes coming hard and fast these days.
(26.18 KB 1088x225 Screenshot-77.png)
(23.84 KB 718x320 Screenshot-76.png)
(362.70 KB 737x604 Screenshot-78.png)


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