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This board is for the discussion of all types of technology, whether it be Google Glass, smartphones, OS's, musical instruments, etc. This board is strictly SFW, so unless VR and porn have become one (which it has), nothing of that sorts.

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post your desktop right now no cheating
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sadly, gentoo is extremely lacking in vnc libraries and anything used to gain remote access minus basic ssh, which i need, so I had to switch to Manjaro.

On the plus side, I saved my configs and made a couple changes.


File: 1523212857690.gif (1.3 MB, 165x115, e5e.gif)


post your config file already. geeeeeez


>i3 config
>i3status config

these work on manjaro i3 but idk how fugged they'll be otherwise. If for some reason shit doesn't work, I can post the unmodified Gentoo configs which i can confirm work on the most minimal of systems.


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genuinely surprised by this turn of events.


tfw i'm not even OP


Isolated vocal and instrument tracks thread


John Entwistle wasnt called "Ox" and "Thunderfinger" for nothing

“I just wanted to be louder than anyone else,” he once said. “I really got irritated when people could turn up their guitar amps and play louder than me.”

Starts around 1:15


Tom Hamilton is extremely underated



That David Lee Roth one is pretty awesome. Sounds like a cartoon version of getting kicked in the nuts.


Randy Rhoads on Flying High again
notice all the double tracking, with a different track on each ear, even on the solos. Theres probably like 6 guitar tracks in there.

Must be cranked to fully appreciate

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Redirector extension settings for having your browser go to Hooktube version of a video when you click on a YouTube link.

Bypasses ads, allows downloading of videos, and strips out all the google tracking.
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when is finalchan going to support hooktube tho


when is hooktube going to support finalchan tho


when is finalchan going to support hooktube tho


If you do add it, please consider sharing it so all vichan boards can benefit.


We're working on sharing our small changes with the vichan community. Not actively, if I'm going to be honest, but this is something we're doing stuff about, albeit slowly.

As for adding hooktube support, we're looking into it.

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Let's have a thread to share some cool things with each other that help replace garbage programs. As an example, Skype. Skype is garbage, but I've had a really hard time finding something better that's also easy enough to convince friends and family to use. This looks pretty promising: appear.in
What do you guys think? Are there any other neat places you have all found to replace shitty programs?


File: 1517580274968.png (108.31 KB, 500x281, Krita-brushtips-hair_01.png)

It looks like appear.in is using WebRTC to make the connections in browser. Be forewarned.

Krita is by far my favorite painting software. Works everywhere. No matter what computer I am on it's the same experience. A+


Krita is also good as a photoshop/gimp replacement too. really versatile program.

Discord is pretty good alternative right now, in terms of usability and friendliness. However it's not open source, so if you're one of those guys you might not like it. They're also getting video calls soon i think (if they don't already have it), so it's utility as a skype replacement is getting pretty good.


I never tried it since I don't like video calls but in the same ballpark as Skype there's also Ring, might be worth considering.
For IM I've been wanting to use XMPP+OTR but I don't know anyone using it and it seems too autistic to market it to my friends. Also tried Matrix which seems promising in itself but I hate Riot's UI and it probably won't get any better.



The Facebook messaging app used to be XMPP (probably still is, but not open to all other domains anymore). It was the most amount of normies ever using it. XMPP is fantastic though.


It's not XMPP anymore, at least open XMPP, they changed that in like 2012-2013. Unsure what it is now but it's a proprietary API.

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(name liable to future change)

There is a new imageboard-software concept in the works. Addressing the problem of powerful moderating positions being compromised and shitting up the board against the will of board communities and their established board culture.
(See: 4chan 8/b/, 8/pol/, 8/wx/ etc.)
>Nothing that isn't spam or illegal is deleted, ever. You can subscribe to different moderation teams (and bots) to have the shit filtered to your liking. There would be a default moderation team for each board but the default would change if the majority changed the moderators they subscribed to.
>To keep normies from freaking the fuck out a default profile of moderation subscriptions will be applied by default, the default moderation will be decided by an impartial algorithm that takes in to account the modoration most users in a board choose, weighting the chooses by activity.

Unfortunately there is a shortage of skilled /tech/anons who are willing to assist in the planning and development of this new imageboard concept, which is holding back development.

If you're interested in assisting in the development of this new imageboard concept, please go to
If the link is broken, try checking the catalog on
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File: 1491464698082.gif (1.78 MB, 200x150, raising dat eyebrow in sun….gif)

Wow, after reading this thread I can safely say that I have a good feeling I think promised chan will go down in flames.But hey, lots of websites fail. I'm actually impressed though about his ego about it.


Ever heard of nntpchan (from the overchan project)? It works on top of i2p or tor but has that feature builtin: each node duplicates the content from ALL other nodes, but also applies their own moderation on top, so most nodes remove CP but some are completely unfiltered. If nothing else this should serve as a good base for whatever you're building.
You might also want to look into distributed systems, like ipfs, eth, neo, maidsafe, etc. and build a user-weight moderation system on top of that.


imageboards will never thrive in the darknet


Why did you bump this corpse of a thread?


to give my hot take of the topic.

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Hi guys, today I wanted to start learning about programming, so I wanted to do that Hello World crap thinking it would be really easy, so I wrote the program:


int main()


printf("\nHello World!");



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


chmod helloworld 777


Oh… I feel kind of retard.



Don't. We all have done it. Glad you got it figured out.

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Hey anons, there's a way to startx automatically on login? I've read that you have to modify /etc/inittab, but I don't have it. I also couldn't find ~/.bash_profile nor /etc/systemd/system/getty@tty1.service.d/override.conf.
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Thanks you anon, but unfortunately that didn't work.
I also read about installing gdm and then do
#update-rc gdm defaults
but I'm not sure about it, nor about:
"I think you should install and use nodm, “an automatic display manager which automatically starts an X session at system boot”. It is extremely lightweight and works like a charm.

Create the file /etc/sv/nodm/conf and add the configuration like this:
NODM_USER='{username}' NODM_XSESSION='/home/{username}/.xinitrc

Additionally, your .xinitrc has to be executable in order to work with nodm (chmod 555)."


Have you tried Ubuntu ?


I've installed a basic Debian.


Use a display manager such as sddm, or install gentoo.



you could try lightdm. this was helpful for me when i was getting it set up. systemctl enable lightdm is the command to enable the daemon, and subsequently an x session, all that you need to figure out is adding it to startup via systemctl

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current wallpapers and post other wallpaper you just like as well
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File: 1518050231894-0.jpg (1.01 MB, 5999x3253, wallhaven-149967.jpg)

File: 1518050231894-1.png (3.42 MB, 2560x1440, wallhaven-361801.png)

File: 1518050231894-2.jpg (824.04 KB, 2560x1707, wallhaven-623351.jpg)

File: 1518050231894-3.jpg (679.43 KB, 3000x2000, wallhaven-624046.jpg)


File: 1518050440359-0.jpeg (532.66 KB, 1934x1451, gasse.jpeg)

File: 1518050440359-1.jpg (1.28 MB, 3264x2448, haus.jpg)

File: 1518050440359-2.jpeg (263.02 KB, 1934x1451, photo-1497904413339-99e9d….jpeg)

File: 1518050440359-3.jpeg (564.03 KB, 2134x3198, photo-1498857006179-0ab79….jpeg)

File: 1518050440359-4.jpeg (617.87 KB, 1950x1300, photo-1508051520491-77aa4….jpeg)

>women for wallpapers
horny bastard


File: 1518050722456-0.jpeg (511.62 KB, 1950x1300, blatter.jpeg)

File: 1518050722456-1.jpeg (276.53 KB, 1950x1300, cafe.jpeg)

File: 1518050722456-2.jpeg (308.42 KB, 1950x1300, photo-1508162203686-62df0….jpeg)

File: 1518050722456-3.jpeg (398.84 KB, 1951x1301, photo-1508198161273-d14f6….jpeg)

File: 1518050722456-4.jpg (2.3 MB, 3697x2773, sebastian-grochowicz-24981….jpg)


File: 1518056549558-0.jpg (705.37 KB, 2560x1707, Pablo Garcia Saldana.jpg)

File: 1518056549558-1.jpg (1.91 MB, 4000x2657, kyb-eo4xs_c-jordan-sanchez.jpg)

File: 1518056549558-2.jpeg (584.11 KB, 1934x1451, photo-1496516801605-b1aff….jpeg)

File: 1518056549558-3.jpeg (336.81 KB, 2041x1887, photo-1481627834876-b7833….jpeg)

File: 1518056549558-4.jpeg (649.11 KB, 1948x1302, photo-1494440623026-31108….jpeg)


I like beautiful wallpapers… :D

File: 1517153559784.png (76.12 KB, 1680x1010, out.png)


Let's post some addons that you couldn't live without and what they do.

Browser: Firefox v58
Ublock Origin: Block ads
Lastpass: Password manager
Stylus: Change styles for sites. Favorite theme is gruvbox dark.
Vimium-FF: vim keybindings

Tree Style Tab: Display tabs in a tree rather than horizontally. Very useful for large amount of tabs. In the screenshot I have about 30 tabs open.
Tab Session Manager: Saves open tabs in intervals so you can go back to what you were working on days later.


dark mode on firefox is fucking wonderful, it makes everything look really nice. advanced dark mode for pale moon is a lot more feature-rich, though. i use twitter app to add a sidebar to firefox, and i also like greasemonkey for the ability to add custom scripts.


File: 1517170382528.png (181.87 KB, 1280x1440, Screenshot_2018-01-28_14-0….png)

Using Pale Moon 27.7.1 (64bit)

The attached image shows the essentials.

Decentraleyes (for intercepting api.google.com and running local instea)

Encrypted Web (HTTPS Everywhere)

NoScript (Essential. Will not use a browser if I can't control what scripts are being ran on a website)

Redirector (So that YouTube links automatically open on Hooktube.com instead)

uBlock Origin


File: 1517178124385.png (126.79 KB, 1366x736, out.png)

Dark mode is nice but it doesn't work on some sites like twitch.

You may like the extension flashgot. It's specifically a download manager, but you can config it to open videos in vlc or mpv if you have youtube-dl installed. So you'd be able to right click a video and send it to your out of browser video player.

Why play videos out of browser? You get better playback and you have the option to user shaders like sharpen or denoise.

Firefox quantum isn't compatible with flashgot because it's in the old extension format so I had to settle for 'Open in VLC'


Thanks for the recommendation, anon. I have gnome-twitch installed because the twitch website is shite. I'll give this a go the next time I have to watch something live.


File: 1517181131317.jpg (259.38 KB, 2560x1403, out.jpg)

I just use the twitch site to watch vods. I use streamlink-twitch-gui and chatty twitch client normally.

I find that streamlink twitch gui has better video search than gnome-twitch and use chatty to chat in the channel. I think the user experience is better to have chat in a separate program.

Chatty can be used on it's own to watch twitch streams but there is no search or ability to watch vods.

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