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what is /t/'s opinion on blur?


Are they the ones that sang 'Buddy Holly'?


Blur = God


I love Damon Albarn's voice, even more now that it's gone deeper

(I get the "File Already Exixts" error when I try to embed)

File: 1458048573656.jpg (213.23 KB, 900x900, lastweek.jpg)


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Make the collage yourself?



Not a bad idea


File: 1459203574261.jpg (220.78 KB, 900x900, lastweek2.jpg)


File: 1459603571764.png (37.5 KB, 692x502, Screenshot_….png)

There aren't any cool collage generators for libre.fm or gnu.fm, so instead have a chart.


File: 1463188447306.jpg (217.63 KB, 900x900, collage.jpg)


File: 1459793785696.png (963.47 KB, 573x430, image.png)


Hey /r/ I'm going to be buying a chromebook soon anything I need to know before buying one?
>inb4 botnet
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install gentoo on it tbh fam


If I understand what you're asking, yes. The way you install crouton is through the command line, but it's a bit rigorous to get into the cli because it's ChromeOS.


It's hard to get to a terminal in ChromeOS, really? Doesn't ctrl-alt-backspace work or ctrl-alt-F1 maybe? No terminal in the applications menu? Is ChromeOS really that useless? I can't really tell, I don't have extensive experience with it.


You can open a terminal window in ChromeOS with ctrl+alt+T, I think.


Some cheap windows atom PC would probably be better, tbh. Take a look at this one, for instance:



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.dP' `Yb. .8P 88 ,dP 88 . .8P .8P 88 ,dP ,dP .8P 88 ,dP ,dP .8P bdP bdP .8P 88 ,dP .dP' `Yb. .8P .8P bdP bdP `Y88P`Y88P'88 88 .dP .8P .8P .8P bdP bdP `Y88P`Y88P'88
88 `Yb…dP dP' b 88 88 88 88 .88888888b. dP' b 88
88 `"""' Y. ,P 88 88 88 88 Y. ,P 88
.8P `""' .8P .8P .8P
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That's supposed to say "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" in Tolkien's Elvish script, by the way. Guess the font fucked up.


>That's supposed to say "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong"
Isn't this supposed to be /sp/ material then?


No, I just tried to find a good phrase to put into ascii art and it was the first thing that came to mind.

File: 1460005399036-0.jpg (105.45 KB, 660x583, samsung-gal….jpg)

File: 1460005399036-1.jpg (67.25 KB, 572x565, samsung-gal….jpg)

File: 1460005399036-2.jpg (116.65 KB, 600x516, samsung-gal….jpg)


with the plan I have I can upgrade with an offer to any of these 3 samsung phones, they would be no initial payment it just skips straight to me paying 50$ a month
I can choose from the
samsung galaxy grand prime
samsung galaxy s5
and samsung galaxy s5 neo

I kinda want to choose the s5 neo but im unsure pls help

also first thread made by me no bully
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Root dat bitch. Especially an S series older phone. Probably has one-click rooting on windows.


the fuck is this trash


File: 1460076798462.jpg (142.16 KB, 1167x732, moto-x-play.jpg)

after much consideration my phone provider fucked me so im getting this instead i have no clue if its trash but its in my budget

moto xplay

more like moto xgay


File: 1460727954526.jpg (59.87 KB, 500x430, s5.jpg)

Hey mate, if you are still looking, Amazon.com has the S5 on sale today.


This way you will own it outright and can switch to a better priced plan that offers you more.


Moto is always a good choice, they make great high and low end phones.


All right niggas, its Music Friday.

Post some grooves.
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File: 1459803088803.jpg (93.08 KB, 400x394, 14591135651….jpg)



WELL F@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@cK YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>B@@@@@@sterDS lmfaoooooooo SCAFF ya c*NT *pulls me trozzies aff n blews a onionripper in youree'r'e f*cboi faefae** LMFAOOO GAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!
(Take it to /sp/)


no bully


Since I can't find any non-live versions of their songs on youtube, here's their soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/palconudo

Nice stuff to just chill and jam to.



pretty damn good

File: 1459292297372.jpeg (235.63 KB, 800x600, uvTPK.jpeg)


I just bought these, they have shipped but I do not have them yet.

The reviews for them are really good, so hopefully it was a good decision. The removable cable is great for me, because I tend to run over the wires with my computer chair.

Here is one review, but they all seem to say the same thing. http://www.cnet.com/news/how-good-can-21-59-headphones-be/


>because I tend to run over the wires with my computer chair.
Just run all the cables around and behind your speakers and monitor. Leave some extra length dangling or curved (if laying on a surface) in some place between the case and peripherals themselves, so that if you accidentally pull on them you won't yank them out of their sockets or something.


I don't have computer speakers, so my headphone are plugged into my tower. None of my gaming headphones were long enough to do as you suggest. These ones come with a 10 foot cord, so I will definitely be routing it behind my desk and over the top.

File: 1457033226167.jpg (48.09 KB, 1024x640, image.jpg)


How viable is to host dynamic website on a free web hosting?

Of course i know you can't host there a big website, i'm not that dumb, but i mean small one or middle sized one.

I've made a simple textboard in PHP and i'm hosting it at one of these.


You can't upload files there, so i won't run out of limited storage space very soon, but i'm afraid that i will run out of limited bandwidth soon.

What are my options?


Different web hosts have different policies. There are a number of imageboards that are ran on web hosts. Hostmetro, DreamHost, etc.

Most also let you upgrade your plan, so as your website grows, your network can also.

Obviously you want to choose a webhost that offers PHP, which it seems your does. If you ever decide you want more control over webspace, you can opt to get a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which will share resources with other sites, but tends to allocate a minimum amount of them for you alone. Most VPS providers offer linux installations, so if you prefer a windows server, your choices will be much slimmer.


Dude, don't you have an old pc laying around? You can host a simple server for cheap. That's what I'm doing, and it doesn't cost much (around 0.60€ per month). As for the domain name, you can use freedns (google it).

Check out muh specs, the server's shit, but it runs fine:


This is pretty much correct, OP. While a free web host isn't really the best idea, you can use it for a startup. Once you get a decent amount of users, or need to upgrade, I'd buy a VPS.

VPSdime is good, and I use Beastnode for my stuff. Even though Beastnode is mainly a minecraft thing, they have pretty good VPS' at decent prices. Their support is pretty good, and they're pretty much good with anything so long as you don't get reported.

If you need a free domain, freedns is pretty good. If you need to buy an actual domain, don't use 1&1, they're god awful. Namecheap is pretty good though, it's what I've used for my site.


is the software available anywhere online?
i'd like to fork.


Most free hostings are shit. I used to host my chan on Hostinger, data often took 3-10 minutes to load.
I suggest you find a cheap one which's servers aren't shit and don't have strict policies or do like >>667 and use an old computer.
Use freenom for domains. .tk, .ga and others for free for a year.

File: 1457453366916.png (4.53 MB, 2560x1440, flyyyyyyyyy….png)


so my friend needs "help" on deleting system 32 on his asus windows 8 laptop. so he asked me for help. anyone want to help out?



Download, install, and the issue should be resolved.


>Not gentoo.org
Here's what will help the most, OP.

File: 1451542074182.jpg (15.21 KB, 425x600, really_nigg….jpg)


And VMware still can't keep aspect ratio when upscaling, so I thought I should try it under VirtualBox.
And once I had 98SE all nice and tweaked just like I wanted, I thought "why the hell not?"
So what's your excuse for still being sane on the eve of 2016?


File: 1456904516352.png (856.84 KB, 1415x1009, Screenshot_….png)

This is VM related so ill put it here.



It's OpenSuse, but congratulations! That linux desktop looks a lot more manageable than the windows one you are running it in.

Now you get to see how easy linux is to use and can shitposts with the elitists that make it sound like some secret club of gang signs and code talk. The downside is, once you're in linux club, there's no leaving linux club.

>google chrome


File: 1456926072782.png (272.68 KB, 1152x968, Screenshot_….png)

I'm doing this soley for the themeing and the memeing.

Id never use linux for my daily driver, I actually have shit I need to do.


openSUSE is great. Especially Tumbleweed.
Look at that finalchantm desktop!

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