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File: 1517108758301.png (60.51 KB, 594x648, Screenshot_2018-01-27_21-0….png)


Ran a benchmark using the Unigine Valley software.

Download here and post results - https://benchmark.unigine.com/valley

As you can see I was running it in Ultra mode at 2560x1440 with 8x Anti-Aliasing.


This is for those of you who ask about this form factor every so often. I hope enough people join so that he makes beige ones.

The X500 Pro is the final product in a line of computer cases designed a few years back (the X500 Plus and later the Evo with a mechanical keyboard) as a tribute to the computers of the '80s and '90s (Commodore, Atari, Sinclair etc…). It's a wedge styled computer case with built-in, full size mechanical keyboard.



That's pretty cool. The keyboard will outlive the usability of the machine. Not sure about the angle of the keyboard though.

I remember havign to reach behind the Commodore to turn it on and off.


The keyboard it comes with is a budget Ducky one. Even though Cherry MX is advertised with the rating of millions of operations, key chatter is bound to develop sooner or later. So the case will probably outlive everything else. You can just replace the Ducky keyboard with another one. As for the keyboard angle, you could use keycaps with a different profile because Cherry MX stems!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVUeDakND1I shows the hidden power button on the back corner.

File: 1497469876485.png (256.81 KB, 1366x768, unitydesktop.png)


How does this make you feel?
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File: 1501130190493.jpg (95 KB, 1492x1080, disgust.jpg)

>using flash
>youtube scrobbler




File: 1501170727458.png (6.47 KB, 512x512, embed-close.png)


>expecting someone to copy/paste a link



File: 1514849776991.png (520.76 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2018-01-01_17-2….png)


Get on my level.


File: 1515027749933.jpg (67.85 KB, 533x960, 26229393_920302971458687_9….jpg)

File: 1514669964292.png (2.46 MB, 1824x984, 2017-12-30-153624_1824x984….png)


So, /t/, I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas. I've been playing with it and quite enjoy it, and I was wondering, what do you all think I should do with it? Should I use it for emulation, as a file server, perhaps as a seedbox? Also, can anyone recommend a decent web browser that runs on the pi because it comes with >Chromium and Firefucks runs like ass. Everything else I've checked either doesn't run on ARM or else doesn't support watching muh YouTube.


Are you running android on it? If so I recommend Firefox Klar as a browser.

You can use it to make an occupied indicator for the bathroom. That way you don't have to get up and see if someone is in the bathroom, you can just glance and see if the light is on.


File: 1514741220995.png (8.21 KB, 511x642, out.png)

Give up on using a DE on the pi. Reinstall with Raspbian Lite.

Use it as a network-wide adblocker:

Use it as a network-wide vpn:


File: 1514742864198.png (13.19 KB, 767x465, out.png)


Those are some decent ideas. I may look into that. I do like having it as an emulation station though. I threw complete libraries for the NES, Genesis, and SNES on there. I also already have a VPN.
Nah, I just have normal Raspbian. I could, though I feel like that's more of a Pi zero job, I want to use its capabilities.


Oh neat, I threw a retropie together about two weeks ago. I've mostly been using it as a retro games console, but I'm actually considering getting another with an LCD screen and using it as a type of onboard computer in the equipment I'm putting together for a little 'project' I'm working on.

Does anyone know if you can reliably run wireshark off the pi? I imagine it doesn't have the RAM or processing speed to handle it but I'm not totally sure. It can definitely run metasploit though as there are kali distributions made specifically for devices like it.


Lets get some Christmas music
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Clarence ripping on the sax makes it


File: 1514230287406-0.webm (2.31 MB, 802x1034, Deck the Halls.ogg.webm)

File: 1514230287406-1.webm (3.18 MB, 802x1034, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlem….webm)

File: 1514230287406-2.webm (2.92 MB, 802x1034, Jingle Bell Rock.ogg.webm)

File: 1514230287406-3.webm (4.45 MB, 802x1034, Jingle Bells.ogg.webm)

But wait, theres more! Favorite is Jingle Bells.


File: 1514230454911-0.webm (3.83 MB, 802x1034, Let It Snow.ogg.webm)

File: 1514230454911-1.webm (5.85 MB, 802x1034, O Holy Night.ogg.webm)

File: 1514230454911-2.webm (3.78 MB, 802x1034, Rockin' Around the Christ….webm)

File: 1514230454911-3.webm (3.01 MB, 802x1034, Rudolph the Red Nosed Rei….webm)


File: 1514230611521-0.webm (4.03 MB, 802x1034, Silent Night.ogg.webm)

File: 1514230611521-1.webm (4.88 MB, 802x1034, Twelve Days of Christmas.….webm)

File: 1514230611521-2.webm (3.01 MB, 802x1034, We Wish You A Merry Chris….webm)

File: 1514230611521-3.webm (4.89 MB, 802x1034, What Child Is This.ogg.webm)

File: 1456940383348.jpg (207.2 KB, 630x900, vs.jpg)


What is the future of P2P websites? ZeroNet or IPFS. Discuss.
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Too new? WTF, Freenet is old as hell.


I've tried IPFS and it seems cool, but it's really not super usable until there are easty to remember names for sites or a good search engine. The hashes are a pain to remember and it's hard to find things. Can someone give me the quick rundown on zeronet?


Zeronet is a literal honeypot. There's enough documentation thereof online so I won't bother looking it up again just for (You). IPFS doesn't do dynamic content yet, and the go daemon is buggy as shit. When it doesn't bug out, though, it works really fucking well, and for static content it's already far superior to zeronet even if you ignore zeronet's honeypot shit.

For the time being I think projects like substratum are more interesting. Substratum lets nodes in the networks act as full hosts, so you still have the classical client-server architecture but with a random host from the pool. Much easier to setup for developers, and figuring shit like sideeffects is a no-brainer. It's not quite as nice as fully distributed/decentralized sites but it's effectively close enough.


You can use IPNS and any DNS system to enable easy names like e.g. localhost:whatever/ipns/mycoolsite.xxx for example. There are more complete instructions if you look around. This has been a feature since almost the beginning. The point of non-ipns records is to be able to keep a content-addressed exact versionned copy of a chunk, e.g. if a site becomes compromised or if you just prefer the older version.


I don't know enough about any of these, but I'm completely on board for a large scale network that operates under different rules than the current one.

File: 1499139360822.png (9.72 KB, 600x527, windowsdesktop.png)


Let's have a fun little thread. Post in this thread and tell the person above you what distribution they should run. They have to run it in a virtual machine for a day or two and can then come back and share experiences or opinions.

I feel like it's easy to get caught in a rut of one or two distributions and I think it would be fun to do this. Also, I would recommend staying away from gentoo or something that will take too long to install.

Pic mostly unrelated.
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File: 1511105837434.png (432.59 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot - 11192017 - 03….png)

I'm testing out Refracta, a distribution based on Devuan. Only had it up and running for about 30 minutes, but there doesn't seem to be any issues. The two things I have noticed so far is that the repos are pretty bare, and that Hexchat suffers from a segmentation fault when connecting to a server, but this happens on most Live discs right now, so I think it's a bad version of Hexchat being packaged.

Ships with XFCE, is working on my AMD video card (R9 3xx series), Pale Moon installed with no problems, Neofatch compiled with no issues.

Seems like a complete and functional operating system so far. Might be a solution for those wanting to get away from systemd. Until applications start writing dependencies on systemd.


oh, hey, this looks cool. does it use nonfree drivers? my only issue with devuan is that my wifi card isn't compatible.


Just build the driver yourself, shouldn't be too hard


It has a wifi configuration tool and non-free drivers available. I use a wired connection so I can't attest to how well it operates.


that sounds interesting. I've never had any issues with systemd, but i know a lot of people do, so it's nice to see something that's relatively user-friendly that's not systemd-based.

File: 1509974226159.webm (421.67 KB, 1366x768, catboy.webm)


Fuck you, pussies, I got a cat!



One day you will discover the dancing VirtuaGirl for your desktop.

File: 1500070104221.png (131.59 KB, 1366x768, lxqt.png)


Has /t/ tried out LXQT yet? It's extremely well laid out and uses about as much memory as XFCE. Looks a lot like KDE Plasma but without the glitches/loads of RAM usage. All in all, I'd call it an 8.5/10.


I used it when it was called lXDE. Lost interest when it made the change. Did you use lxde?


lxde still exists, lxqt is a different project that will eventually replace it. lxqt is not too similar to lxde in function, it's much more aesthetic-based now.

Yes, I've used lxde. It worked and it had no real issues, but I preferred xfce.


tbh, I've never bothered to try anything that wasn't openbox, xfce or i3.
I might give it a try sometime.


>it's much more aesthetic-based now.

In what way? Isn't it still essentially just openbox with lxpanel?


LXDE still has components of GNOME and XFCE. I hope LXQt removes this.



If theres anything I've learned going through these, the cia is a bunch of fuckin nerds (THATS RITE U HERD ME CIA)

They have multiple exploits named after pokemon

there was a target file in a developer excercise called
C:\Users\User #?\AppData\Local\Temp\WhereIKeepMyNukes.pdf

theres a tool called philosiraptor


File: 1489000273774.gif (782.19 KB, 401x185, makeitrain.gif)

(Note I am NOT a security expert)

On a more serious note: to sumarize the more serious allegations

>The attack against Samsung smart TVs was developed in cooperation with the United Kingdom's MI5/BTSS. After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a 'Fake-Off' mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on. In 'Fake-Off' mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA server.

The TV exploit only seems possible through USB install and on firmware 1118 and older. Or at least it was in 2015.

>As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.


>"Year Zero" shows that as of 2016 the CIA had 24 "weaponized" Android "zero days" which it has developed itself and obtained from GCHQ, NSA and cyber arms contractors.

>These techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking the "smart" phones that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I cant wait for more of the stuff to be released, especially the MDB (mobile development branch) to be released


seems like a good idea

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