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In this thread we ask and give specific music recommendations.

I'll start. Please suggest songs that are melancholy about getting old and things not working out.


Frank Turner? He's a little on the punk/poet side but I like his sense of humour and reflection. Photosynthesis is quite the opposite on those lines but spurs me on to do stuff


It Was A Very Good Year by Frank sinatra. The music and lyrics match up really nicely to express the feelings of aging.

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Is there a search engine that always searches for the terms you type into it? All the search engines that I have used now don't search for the words you type in, they search for related words.


Look up "how to google" and you will learn the mysteries of how to search for the exact word that you want


yeah but it's a pain to put every word in quotes

I found this, it's decent.


What is your favorite band/musician?

I love Daniel Johnston and the Beatles. Their music is often trippy and it has actual meaning. Daniel Johnston is an intresting person aswell.
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I enjoy Kraftwerk a lot, especially the TEE/Man Machine & Computer World albums.
Also, there's GLWZBLL, sadly he stopped to make music but it's great stuff.


Classicalfag here. Bach will always be my favorite, I think. The more I look at it, listen to it, play it, the more there is. Just when I think I've found everything, something else pops up. It's music that I can get completely lost in, and music that makes the silence that follows it poignant. I don't want to speak after the piece is finished. I don't even want to start another piece, or the same one over again. I just want to contemplate in silence, and that to me is the mark of wonderful music.


When I was younger I really used to like the Beatles, we had a VHS of the animated Yellow Submarine movie? I watched that shit so much as a kid that the tape wore out. I kind of grew out of the Beatles and classic rock as a whole. Tomorrow though, I might be going to a concert with a ton of local Beatles cover bands, assuming it doesn't rain. Should be pretty good, hopefully.

As for my actual favorite band, I don't have one. I listen to a lot of different bands and musicians that it'd be hard to single one out.


Since late 2011 or around that time, my favourite has been Sopor Aeternus. Although I haven't really listened to much of it in a while, I still keep coming back to her stuff whenever I'm in the mood for some dark and sad music.
Fortunately, she just reissued both D.L.S. albums (her absolute best works, in my opinion) on vinyl, so I've been listening to some of her mid-late 90s stuff to get back into that kind of music. Her more recent material is okay, compared to the old stuff, but that's a matter of preference, I guess.


File: 1465180959280.jpg (30.12 KB, 560x640, 1803768-dea….jpg)

This is going to sound corny as fuck, but I really like Dean Martin.

The man crooned with some of the best, put more heart into his songs than Frank Sinatra, had more personality than most entertainers of his time (a time when entertainer were expected to sing, dance, joke, and act), and he was a complete lush. Even his singing voice sounded like a drunk man trying to woo a girl from the other side of the room.

Pretty much a reflection of real life.

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>be FreeBSD
>be backwards compatible to 386BSD and even 4.3BSD
>manages to let you choose between two of the most superior Filesystem such as UFS and ZFS
>Jails and Zones together makes a powerful combination for your Filesystemanagement
>has a clear structure and clearly seperates Basesystem from the rest
>/usr/local simply beats everything, doesn't bloat your system
>Lets you compile everything from source or lets you install binaries easily including its dependencies automagically
>the ports system doesn't bloat your system with unnecessary dependencies; maintainers get buttfucked if they include dependencies which aren't needed to run the application
>rc.init is simple yet more innovative than systemd
>does have a Linux Emulation and hence runs Linux binaries natively
>FreeBSD is not a GPL Slave
>Monolothic Kernel: no clusterfuck given

Why are you plebs not using FreeBSD?
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File: 1464717736483.jpg (6.49 KB, 120x100, OpenBSD_Jou….jpg)

i heard openbsd is based on netbsd, which has a somewhat large repository (17000 packages, link below). are such packages compatible with openbsd?



No, OpenBSD uses it's own stuff more akin to FreeBSD's ports tree.



Don't all the BSDs have a lot of hardware issues? I'd love to try it out, but I'm not going to purchase a different computer just to have something compatible.

That being said, GhostBSD (FreeBSD with a really nice MATE) was a lot of fun in a virtual machine. I was very impressed. I wish there was something similar for OpenBSD or NetBSD for those of us that don't feel like going through all the nerd crap and just having a desktop out of the box.


It doesn't have hardware issues, it's just a server distro. It's really not meant for desktop/daily usage. The hardware it supports is what most servers support, using it on a desktop/laptop and expecting it to have the same amount of support is just dumb. I'm not saying that's what you're saying, I'm just saying BSD is a server OS, not a desktop one, and that's why it doesn't support tons of hardware.


I'm not saying that it's bad for server usage. Obviously that's where it really shines. However, the hardware argument is something that I bring up a lot when people bring up all of the advantages of BSD. They don't support my hardware. This isn't a knock against them, but it is an important point that a lot of its proponents for desktop use fail to recognize.


Are you a hardware or software person?

I'm definately a software person. I know how to code, know all the best programs for specific tasks etc. but I have no idea what certain components do.

File: 1464268754126.png (41.13 KB, 580x459, fastcom-tes….png)


Well it looks like Netflix has taken their internet speed battle with Comcast and Time Warner to the next level.

Netflix has launched Fast ( http://fast.com ) and it's a speed test that uses Netflix servers for the results. The benefit to using fast.com is that since it's using Netflix, you can see if your internet is actually matching what you pay for. Providers in the past given unfettered access to Speedtest.net to make it look like you were getting great speeds, but by using Netflix servers, you can test your speed against the exact service that providers are trying to throttle.

Netflix makes up approximately 33% of all internet traffic. This is a great public move for Netflix. Now you can call up your internet provider and ask them why Netflix is loading so much slower than the package you pay for.


I usually use http://speedof.me/, it actually measures accurately and isn't influenced by ISPs like Ookla is. I'll try fast though, seems like a cool thing.



I use a collection of services, but I agree, Ookla became too popular so ISPs started gaming the system.

speedof.me is great because it's HTML5. I like that.


What is your personal defenition of a good song?

I define a good song as music w/ words that are sung that have meaning. So, imo, songs like 7 years, Hey Jude and Poor You are good songs. Stuff like Anaconda != good songs.


I've never really focused on lyrics too much. Every once in a while I'll run into a song where lyrics make or break it, but for the most part the instrumentals are what do it for me. For that reason, I don't really enjoy most non-classical music. A lot of the instrumentals are very repetitive, and a lot of the same chord progressions are used over and over again. I just find 95% of it boring, and the 5% that isn't boring isn't worth the time of wading through the 95% that is. That's why I usually stick to classical.


For me it's all about vocals. Individualism where you listen to a song and say, "Oh yeah, I can definitely tell that is X". Some examples for me include Radiohead, the Doors and the Drones. There is no confusing them for anyone else. My housemates listen to some R&B and other stuff which is broadening my horizons a bit, but a lot of it is hard to tell how much is voice changing software and how much is the original voice


I'm big on song lyrics and delivery of said lyrics. That being said, I feel that you can't get a good/great song without the music matching the tone that the lyrics are presenting.

For instance, there are a lot of pop songs that actually have pretty decent meaning/topics/similes etc, but are victim to the music accompanying those words. I think that's part of the reason why Post Modern Jukebox has become so popular.


Does Finalchan code? If so, in what languages what have you created?

I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Batch, C++ and some Bash.

I've mostly fucked around and created some scripts, e.g. a random hash generator. I once made a JS slot machine and a simple JS game. I made a trivia game in Batch. I edited Vichan heavily for my chan (b4 it died).


Learning java at university.
Also javascript is pretty similar.

HTML and CSS dont really count but I know those too.


I play around with qbasic and python. Don't use either one with any real intentions. Just like to write text adventure games from time to time. I've never had an idea for software, so I was never inclined to learn anything worthwhile.


zomg it's Tom from Fatchan


I know C++, PHP and GML quite well, but i've also used python and R. And as >>869


Posted accidentally…
However as >>869 said HTML and CSS doesn't really count but I know those two.
As project go, I've only really done basic back-end web development and the problems at projecteuler.net

File: 1459361062209.png (36.09 KB, 636x354, Screen-Shot….png)


Microsoft is hosting Build, and they're talking about a whole bunch of stuff including their public AI APIs, and whats next for windows, including linux? If nothing, they do seem to be trying to bring you botnet in new and exciting ways.


www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/ (you need an account for this of course

heres the keynote

Also buy Microsoft stock :^)
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Well, the person I was replying to made it seem like it would be quite soon. What's next won't be death, it'll be gradual degredation of quality due to knowing that their brand is so big that they can essentially do whatever the fuck and get away with it, then having people realize they're getting played for chumps, then finally, death.


That person meant that, on the global scale of things, this is the next big one.


Remember that twitter bot that got shut down some time ago, because of the nazi spamming? They now made the core behind that AI open source, Microsoft really is making efforts to push this open source movement.




MyCroft isn't a Microsoft product. Tay didn't use the MyCroft AI, as they had entirely different purposes. The MyCroft AI, from what I was reading, is for the MyCroft household product (mostly), and not intended for a chatbot AI. (If I'm wrong, correct me)

It seems that Tay was based on something similar to Xiaoice, another Microsoft project.

Of course, it could theoretically be possible to actually turn the MyCroft core into a chatbot. Since it is extensible, and open source, I could see someone using the current software (with the inflection parser, especially), to make a chatbot. However, this probably wouldn't be a text-to-text chatbot, but a voice-driven chatbot. It'd be very interesting if someone does actually create this, and I'd be very willing to try it out.


/t/, what is your prefered form of communication virtually?

I like IRC. Mainly because users can host their own servers, how easy it is to make bots, there is no cancerous voice chat and how there are no logs (undless a user logs the chat himself).


Well technically there are logs on the servers also, as they spit the information from one to the other. Some networks log certain channels, and many, many channels have a bot in them that logs everything to make the tools useful, or even to generate a "Stats Page" that shows you interesting things, like what the most used cuss word is, who is the most talkative, when the channel is most active. All that requires logging.

I am a big fan of newsgroups. Some of the oldest and most anonymous form of online communication there is. There are topics for every type of interest, and the people that know how to use them tend to be intellectual enough to engage in real conversations.

Yeah, there are trolls, and people with differing opinions (and sometimes they are idiots) but it seems to keep the blatant ignorance to a minimum.


are newsgroups plagued by spammers everywhere? that was my impression when i tried it, and found no way to filter those nor any report system.

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