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Let's talk about IPFS (but also other distributed internet technologies).

>What is IPFS?

It's basically BitTorrent on steroids.

>why would one use it

* Same file is accessed with the same hash across whole IPFS and everyone you can reach who has it seeds it. You aren't stuck in one Torrent swarm. Let's say you download a folder, and then it turns out there are some issues with it. If you download a better one you don't have to dl same files again. Individual files you already dl'd are cached. You don't have to move anything, it'll just work. (Don't shove your shit in RARs faggot.)
* You can have an both immutable and mutable addresses, kinda like a Torrent that you can update on the fly.
* As a result you can host static websites (like in Freenet).
* Smaller files that traditionally "aren't worth a torrent" can be viably hosted with IPFS.
* Because it's like a 1 huge torrent, peers are found fast for new downloads. You don't need to wait that much to start a download.
* You can watch your animu while it automatically downloads and seeds. Just point your player to the local link. It's super-fast!

>how to upload a single file

$ ipfs add ./$file
Access it at$outputted-hash
>how to upload a dir
$ ipfs add -r ./$dir
Access it at$last-outputted-hash
>how to make the thing mutable
$ ipfs name publish ./$file-or-dir-hash
Access it at$output-hash-aka-peerid (it's ipNs not ipFs)
To update, publish another hash and it will be available at the same IPNS address.

>gateways (how to access IPFS if you don't have it installed)

https://gateway.ipfs.io/, https://gateway.glop.me/, http://ipfs.pics (just pics?)

Daily reminder to pin files that you care about.

IPFS now supports CRDTs and pubsub channels, making fully dynamic content on IPFS totally possible! Try out orbit.chat (#ipfschan channel) or check out the code at https://github.com/orbitdb/orbit for an example!

IPFSchan could be a possibility, with fully distributed operation. In principle, it should already be possible to port an existing chan to a fully distributed IPFS architecture (based on the orbit example above), except for captcha and moderation.

In the meantime, it is already very usable for filesharing/file storage.
Also, Filecoin is going to be released soon: a cryptocurrency to pay people to host stuff on ipfs and to move it to a requester as quickly as possible. This will allow people to host things in ipfs even if the content is unpopular.

Thoughts? I'd love to see interesting (perhaps finalchan-centric) projects based on it. With the blanket censorship going on out there and the inherent issues with centralized websites, it looks like the silver bullet we need.


I actually installed IPFS a couple of days ago and have played around with it a bit. It is a pretty fun thing. Here are a set of tutorial videos regarding IPFS that I watched and found very helpful:
If you want to view them before downloading IPFS, you can do so from a gateway, which translates IPFS into HTTP. Example that will work is

Regarding an IPFSchan, there actually is one as of a couple of days ago. You can find it at
It is still super new and pretty unpopulated. Most of the posts will probably be on /tech/ simply because, well, IPFS is pretty much a /t/ech topic.


File: 1504309845133.gif (740.63 KB, 400x400, anim.gif)

This shit's awesome. I made a gif from the website animation.


I have some bad news for you friend.


Checked, and also the animation doesn't real.
IPFS go client seems to have some issues: if you run it for too long clearnet sites start blocking you for "unusual traffic", and it murderizes your bandwidth. Known issues from 2015, too. But maybe they'll address it sometime.
At least it works quite well for what it does, it's very fast beside name resolution and name resolution speed is just about to be fixed by pubsub + CRDTs. After that, filecoin and shift (especially shift I think) are going to blow its popularity skyhigh. And with shift we'll have fully dynamic websites on ipfs.


It works on my machine (TM). Hope they fix that soon though. I love it as an idea and really hope it cathces on, at least among the tech-savvy crowd.


Definitely. And with ipfs-js (a js implementation of the entire thing), it doesn't need to be restricted to tech-savvy people at all. We'll see what happens. It's actually pretty surprising that there's no already-existing solution for this, honestly.


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o shit

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