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So, /t/, I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas. I've been playing with it and quite enjoy it, and I was wondering, what do you all think I should do with it? Should I use it for emulation, as a file server, perhaps as a seedbox? Also, can anyone recommend a decent web browser that runs on the pi because it comes with >Chromium and Firefucks runs like ass. Everything else I've checked either doesn't run on ARM or else doesn't support watching muh YouTube.


Are you running android on it? If so I recommend Firefox Klar as a browser.

You can use it to make an occupied indicator for the bathroom. That way you don't have to get up and see if someone is in the bathroom, you can just glance and see if the light is on.


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Give up on using a DE on the pi. Reinstall with Raspbian Lite.

Use it as a network-wide adblocker:

Use it as a network-wide vpn:


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Those are some decent ideas. I may look into that. I do like having it as an emulation station though. I threw complete libraries for the NES, Genesis, and SNES on there. I also already have a VPN.
Nah, I just have normal Raspbian. I could, though I feel like that's more of a Pi zero job, I want to use its capabilities.


Oh neat, I threw a retropie together about two weeks ago. I've mostly been using it as a retro games console, but I'm actually considering getting another with an LCD screen and using it as a type of onboard computer in the equipment I'm putting together for a little 'project' I'm working on.

Does anyone know if you can reliably run wireshark off the pi? I imagine it doesn't have the RAM or processing speed to handle it but I'm not totally sure. It can definitely run metasploit though as there are kali distributions made specifically for devices like it.

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